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| January 10, 2018

Word by Word Aramaic / English DictionaryTalmud Study & Research English Translation ToolFinally… a software program that improves the way you study Talmud. It used to be that if you did not know the meaning of a Talmudic or Aramaic word, you would turn to your Jastrow Dictionary and eventually find the meaning.

Talmud and Midrash | Judaism |

| December 24, 2017

Opposition to the Talmud Despite the central place of the Talmud in traditional Jewish life and thought, significant Jewish groups and individuals have opposed it vigorously. The Karaite sect in Babylonia, beginning in the 8th century, refuted the oral tradition and denounced the Talmud as a rabbinic fabrication

On Talmud – TorahDownloads

| December 24, 2017

Speaker Filter Box: All Speakers in TalmudAustern, Rabbi Elkanah Baddiel, Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Balter, Rabbi Chaim Basser, Rabbi Yitzchok Berger, Rabbi Yosef Berman, Rabbi Yehoshua Bertman, Rabbi Gershon Biron, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Buckler, Rabbi Reuven Eichorn, Rabbi Eliezer Elyashiv, Rabbi Yosef Shalom Feinstein, Rabbi Moshe Frank, Rabbi Michoel Garfinkel, Rabbi Aaron Gelbfish, Rabbi Levi Greenberg, Rabbi Naftali Grossman, Rabbi Dovid Grossman, Rabbi Yitzhak Heber, Rabbi Yosi Hilewitz, Rabbi Chaim Kahn, Rabbi Yudah Kaplan, Rabbi Nissan Karmel, Rabbi Yaakov Katz, Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Kestenbaum, Rabbi Moshe Don Kilstein, Rabbi Avraham Krancer, Rabbi Dan Krohn, Rabbi Avrohom Langer, Rabbi Levi Levine, Rabbi Menachem Lieberman, Rabbi Yankel Lopiansky, Rabbi Ahron Mernick, Rabbi Moe Metz, Rabbi Yacov Perlstein, Rabbi Shlomo Pfeiffer, Rabbi Hillel Yosef Pransky, Rabbi Doniel Reich, Rabbi Eli Reingold, Rabbi Eliyahu Reis, Rabbi Baruch Rhine, Rabbi Mordechai Schechter, Rabbi Yitzchok Schorr, Rabbi Avraham Schorr, Rabbi Avroham Schorr, Rabbi Avroham Schorr, Rabbi Nachman Sherwinter, Rabbi Eliezer Shurkin, Rabbi Yaakov Moishe Sonnenschein, Rabbi Yosef Sorscher, Rabbi Aharon Sorscher, Rabbi Aharon Spira, Rabbi Yechiel Tanenbaum, Rabbi Ephraim Turin, Rabbi Mayer Turin, Rabbi Meir Baruch Walden, Rabbi Ari Winter, Rabbi Menachem

Babylonian Talmud [Full Text]

| December 23, 2017

Seder Nezikin (Damages) Seder Zeraim (Seeds) Berachot Pe’ah Demai Kilayim Shevi’it Terumot Ma’asrote Ma’aser Sheni Hallah Orlah Bikkurim Seder Nashim (Women) Yevamot Ketubot Nedarim Kiddushin Seder Kodashim (Holies) Zevahim Menachot Hullin Bechorot Arachin Temurah Keritot Me’ilah Tamid Middot Kinnim Seder Tehorot (Purities) Keilim Oholot Nega’im Parah Tehorot Mikva’ot Niddah Machshirin Zavim Tevul Yom Yadayim Uktzim 1.Tenanof the original–We have learned in a Mishna;Tania–We have, learned in a Boraitha;Itemar–It was taught.2. Questions are indicated by the interrogation point, and are immediately followed by the answers, without being so marked.3.

The Talmud |

| November 21, 2017

The Talmud (Hebrew for study) is one of the central works of the Jewish people. It is the record of rabbinic teachings that spans a period of about six hundred years, beginning in the first century C.E. and continuing through the sixth and seventh centuries C.E

The Oral Law -Talmud & Mishna – Jewish Virtual Library

| November 21, 2017

The Oral Law is a legal commentary on the Torah, explaining how its commandments are to be carried out.

What Is the Talmud? | My Jewish Learning

| November 21, 2017

Talmud (literally, study) is the generic term for the documents that comment and expand upon the Mishnah (repeating), the first work of rabbinic law, published around the year 200 CE by Rabbi Judah the Patriarch in the land of Israel. Although Talmud is largely about law, it should not be confused with either codes of law or with a commentary on the legal sections of the Torah. Due to its spare and laconic style, the Talmud is studied, not read.

The Choice to Make Choices – Algemeiner

| August 25, 2017

A Torah scroll.

Sanhedrin 33 and 35 – Jewish Link of New Jersey

| August 24, 2017

May these words of Torah serve as a merit leiluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk, ah. This week we learned Sanhedrin 33 and 35. These are some highlights

What Are the Most Important Values in Judaism? – Cape May County Herald

| August 23, 2017

I recently received a question on my Ask the Rabbi website regarding Judaisms most important values. There are so many good ones to choose from, but several that especially resonate with me as can be found in the Talmudic tractate of Yevamot 79a. The Talmud is part of Judaisms so-called rabbinic oral tradition and here is the verse from the Talmud: The (Jewish) people are recognized by three qualities: they are compassionate, they are modest, and they perform deeds of lovingkindness

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