Jews and Blacks – Arutz Sheva

| November 19, 2019

Like he succeeded in achieving the booming economy and strong employment numbers we see today, canPresident Trump be askedto improve the growing tensions between Jews and Blacks especially in Democrat Party-run areas? Almost daily, unfortunately, headlines scream of hate crimes as Jews are being physically attacked by blacks we have the proof from videos and surveillance tapes. As a New Yorker, it especially pains me.

She Grew Up on a Remote Italian Island. Then Came the Holocaust. – The New York Times

| November 19, 2019

Four years ago, while researching the war years in Italy, I was introduced to Stella Levi, now 96, probably the only New Yorker among the handful of remaining members of the Jewish community of Rhodes, a now Greek island with a multinational past. I went to her apartment on a Saturday, intending to ask her a few questions; several hundred Saturdays later, she is still answering.

Weekend Alert: Miss S.I. Pageant, Vic DiBitetto and a night of art at the St. George, disco, rock and much more! –

| November 17, 2019

From left, Lauren Molella and Sarah Lawrence of Eltingville, Miss New York Outstanding Teen, pose at Violette's Cellar, Grant City.