Katie Hill Wanted Out of Her Marriage. It Ruined Her Life. – The Daily Beast

| December 11, 2019

One day, Katie Hill was a media-savvy 31-year-old congresswoman from a swing district in California who'd arrived in Washington and immediately found herself in the House leadership. A few months later, she was a piata for the conservative mediaher life in tatters, her office resigned, her challengers delighted. Like so many of the women villainized by the right, Hills story is complicatedand hers more so because it has elements of #MeToo in the form of a relationship with a staffer.

The generous, supportive Rachel, Rabbi Akibas wife – Bryan-College Station Eagle

| December 7, 2019

The Book of Proverbs (31:10-31) ends with the famous poem known in Hebrew as Eshet Chayil. The term has no English equivalent, although we often imprecisely translate it as A Woman of Valor. The poem addresses the role of women, not only as the homemaker but also providers for their family and as psychological supports for their families and husbands

Young Israel of Teaneck to Host Rabbis Mondrow and Taragin – Jewish Link of New Jersey

| December 6, 2019

By Sara Kosowsky Gross | December 05, 2019 The Young Israel of Teaneck is pleased to announce that two noted lecturers will be coming to address the community as part of the Dr. Bertram J., zl, and Ann Newman Adult Education Program

The Case for Progressive Zionism – lareviewofbooks

| December 3, 2019

DECEMBER 1, 2019 WHEN I WAS a seventh grader in Queens, New York, an entire unit of social studies class was devoted to Israel. I remember reverently tracing the map of the young Jewish state.

Helena Bonham Carter: ‘My extraordinary grandfather saved thousands of Jews’ – Jewish News

| November 24, 2019

Helena Bonham Carter has praised her extraordinary family, after learning her grandfather helped thousands of French Jews escape the Holocaust. Bonham Carter, 53, who is currently starring as Princess Margaret in The Crown, is one of four actors and actresses exploring their grandparents wartime stories in a new series for Channel 4, starting next week. Sir Mark Rylance, Kristin Scott Thomas and Carey Mulligan also appear in their own episodes of My Grandparents War, which airs from next Wednesday.

Zionisms uneasy relationship with antisemitism – Mondoweiss

| November 22, 2019

I grew up with a deep love for Israel, the redemptive, out-of the-ashes, kibbutz-loving, feisty little country that could do no wrong, fighting for its life in a sea of hateful Arabs and Jew-haters. I learned that Jews were a people dedicated to worship and the study of Torah and this identity kept us alive during the centuries of antisemitism in Europe.

Anti-Zionism in the name of UMASS? – OneNewsNow

| November 22, 2019

Academic departments at the University of Massachusetts sparked outcry last April for sponsoring an anti-Semitic event, and now they're at it again with a similar affair. This time the UMass Resistance Studies Initiative is co-sponsoring an anti-Zionist event aimed at promoting the BDS campaign advocating boycotts against Israel. So a group of 84 pro-Israel groups has sent a letter of complaint

Inside The Synagogue Where Broadway’s Biggest Stars Used To Pray – The Australian Jewish News

| November 19, 2019

NEW YORK (JTA) On a recent Friday night, about 20 people gathered for Shabbat services at the Actors Temple, a synagogue just a few blocks from Times Square.

Former SS guard goes on trial over 5,230 murders in what could be last ever Nazi prosecution of its kind – The Independent

| November 17, 2019

In what could possibly be the last court case of its kind, a former Nazi concentration camp guard is on trial in Hamburg.