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Ashkenazi Jewish Genetic Panel (AJGP) What Is an –

Posted By on November 3, 2017

Articles OnAshkenazi Jewish Genetic Panel (AJGP) Ashkenazi Jewish Genetic Panel (AJGP) Ashkenazi Jewish Genetic Panel (AJGP)

An Ashkenazi Jewish genetic panel (AJGP) is a blood test that checks to see if a person is a carrier of a genetic disease that occurs more often in people of Eastern European (Ashkenazi) Jewish heritage. These diseases do not just affect people of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage but are more common in this group of people. Other racial and ethnic groups have genetic diseases that are more common in their groups.

An AJGP test tells parents if they have an increased chance of having a child with certain genetic diseases. Anyone who is interested in knowing his or her carrier status can ask for the test, but a doctor must order the test. Different labs may have different tests in the panel.

Talk to your doctor about which diseases are important for your family. Genetic counseling can help you understand the test and possible results so you can make the best decision for you.

WebMD Medical Reference from Healthwise

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Ashkenazi Jewish Genetic Panel (AJGP) What Is an –

About Us Congregation B’nai B’rith

Posted By on November 2, 2017

About Us2017-05-19T15:17:05+00:00

Welcome to Congregation Bnai Brith! We are the oldest and largest synagogue in Santa Barbara, a congregation rich with memories and tradition, constantly seeking new ways of engaging every one of our members in the ancient and marvelous Jewish way of life. We cherish and honor our elders, with their deep wisdom and varied life experiences, and we are passionately devoted to our children, working unceasingly to provide them with a satisfying and enjoyable Jewish foundation that will last them for their entire lives.

We strive always to welcome newcomers and also to remain a familiar and comfortable Jewish home for those who chose long ago to make this their Jewish community. Whoever you are, and wherever you come from, we hope that you will visit us, learn with us, sing with us, break bread with us, roll up your sleeves and work with us to help make this a better world.

Congregation Bnai Brith is a diverse, inclusive community of individuals and families building together a warm and vibrant house of living Judaism.

We envision CBB as a place where Santa Barbara Jewish people and our familiesfeel welcome and at home, where we are inspired to bring our gifts of energy and creativity, and where we connect to the tradition and community of our Jewish ancestors.

We aspire to be a congregation of knowledgeable and committed Jews, each individual expressing in their own unique way the seven circles of Study, Prayer, Acts of Compassion, Shabbat, the Festival Year, the Cycle of Life, and the Jewish People.

We are constantly growing as a Kehilla Kdosha, a sacred community of people whose lives are enriched with meaning, purpose, connectedness and relationship with God.

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About Us Congregation B’nai B’rith

Zionism – Facts & Summary –

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Since it started more than 120 years ago, Zionism has evolved, and different ideologiespolitical, religious and culturalwithin the Zionist movement have emerged.

Many self-proclaimed Zionists disagree with each other about fundamental principles. Some followers of Zionism are devoutly religious while others are more secular.

Zionist lefts typically want a less-religious government and support giving up some Israeli-controlled land in exchange for peace with Arab nations. Zionist rights defend their rights to land and prefer a government based strongly on Jewish religious traditions.

Advocates of the Zionist movement see it as an important effort to offer refuge to persecuted minorities and reestablish settlements in Israel. Critics, however, say its an extreme ideology that discriminates against non-Jews.

For example, under Israels 1950 Law of Return, Jews born anywhere in the world have the right to become an Israeli citizen, while other people arent granted this privilege.

Arabs and Palestinians living in and around Israel typically oppose Zionism. Many international Jews also disapprove of the movement because they dont believe a national homeland is essential to their religion.

While this controversial movement continues to face criticism and challenges, theres no denying that Zionism has successfully bolstered the Jewish population in Israel.

Zionism – Facts & Summary –

Everything About the Rothschild Zionism | Humans Are Free

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THEY DARE NOT SPEAK ITS NAME… ROTHSCHILD ZIONISM I have written and spoken extensively about the agenda behind the unfolding global fi…


It is widely known as Zionism or, as I call it, more accurately, I suggest…Rothschild Zionism.I add the ‘Rothschild’ to constantly emphasise the true creators of Zionism andits controllers to this day (seeHuman Race Get Off Your Knees).

This is why most researchers won’t go there evenif they are aware enough to know that theyshouldgo there.To uncover and expose what is happening in the world we need all the ‘bees’ -brain, backbone, balls – and never more so than now.Oh yeah, and add consciousness if you want to seehow deep the rabbit holereallygoesbeyond five-sense reality.

Racism is the ultimate ignorance in that itrelates ‘self’ to the body instead of the Consciousness – Awareness – animatingand experiencingthroughthe body.It is like judging a man by his spacesuit instead of the person inside it.

The world’s most extreme racists are, after all,the Rothschild Zionists, anyway. Israel is an apartheid state every bit as muchas were apartheid South Africa and apartheid America.

So let us get past the calculated smokescreen thatchallenging Rothschild Zionism and the horrors of Israel means you areanti-Jewish and instead look at the simple facts that they don’t want you toknow and acknowledge.Firstly, you don’t have to be Jewish to be aRothschild Zionist, as US Vice-President, Joe Biden, publicly said whilearse-licking his masters in Tel Aviv (ultimately his masters at ChateauRothschild).

Some of the most vehement Rothschild Zionists aretheChristian Zionistsin theUnited States and elsewhere, led most vocally by their ‘spiritual’ leader, JohnC. Hagee. Think of the worst kind of extreme Bible-bashing hypocrite and you’vegot him to a tee.Hagee is the founder and National Chairman of theChristian-Zionist organization, Christians United for Israel, he’s a regularvisitor to Israel and has met every prime minister since Menachem Begin.

Hagee – the voice, though not brain, of the ChristianZionists.

By contrast, a large number ofJewishpeople are not Zionists, someeven vehemently oppose it and support the Palestinians in their battle forsurvival against the onslaught of genocide from the Israel government andmilitary funded by the United States.

Jewish peopleorganizeprotests and call for boycotts of Israel in response to the Rothschild Zionistagenda for the Palestinians and yet how many people know that who glean their’information’ from the mainstream media?

How many people know, asportrayed in this picture, that many religious Jews abhor the demands by theRothschild Zionists for a US attack on Iran and have had warm meetings withIran’s President Ahmedinejad to give their support?

The Rothschilds have anetwork of organisations, including B’nai B’rith and its offshoot, the AntiDefamation League (ADL), that work with other Rothschild- controlled groups totarget anyone who gets close to seeing the elephant in the living room andexposing it for all to see.

I am going to take youthrough the personnel of the Obama administration that ‘he’ appointed after hiselection in late 2008 to give you an idea of how the very few dictate to thevery many via the Rothschild networks.

Obama appointed Rahm Emanuel(Rothschild Zionist) to be his White House Chief of Staff (handler). Emanuel,who has served in the Israeli army, is the son of a former operative with theIrgun terrorist group that helped to bomb Israel into existence in 1948 andcause some 800,000 Palestinians to flee their homeland in terror.

Axelrod now oversees the words on the teleprompterscreens to which Obama is welded for even the most minor announcement. Axelrod,like Emanuel, is the product of the Rothschild Zionist ‘political’ Mafia thatcontrols Chicago where Rahm Emanuel is now running for mayor.

Obama appointed a stream ofRothschild Zionist ‘advisors’ and ‘czars’ in various subject areas, includinginfamous Rothschild Zionist agent, Henry Kissinger, and one, Cass Sunstein,’Administrator of the White House Office of Information and RegulatoryAffairs’, has called for ‘conspiracy theories’ to either bebannedor taxed.

This is another Rothschild goal – to ban any viewor research that exposes the Rothschild agenda.Sunstein (Rothschild Zionist) says the opinionthat ‘global warming’ is a manipulated hoax could be an example of what shouldbe banned or taxed (see banned), and so how appropriate that Obama appointedCarol Browner (Rothschild Zionist) and Todd Stern (Rothschild Zionist) to takecharge of his ‘global warming’/’climate change’ policies.

Rothschild Zionists Browner and Stern – on message.

We can pick up the ‘Fed’story with the appointment of Paul Adolph Volcker to head the Fed during thepresidencies of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan (in truth George Bush senior).

Greenspan was ‘appointed’ byPresident Reagan (presidents don’t ‘appoint’ Fed chiefs, they aretoldwho it isgoing to be) and he remained head of the Fed and thus American economic policythrough all the Clinton years and most of Boy Bush before stepping down inearly 2006.

Bill Clinton’s Special Assistant to the Presidentfor Economic Policy in this same period and Senior Economist and Senior Adviseron the Council of Economic Advisers during the Clinton administration was PeterOrszag (Rothschild Zionist).Another Greenspan supporter of deregulation wasTimothy Geithner (Rothschild Zionist), the President of the Federal ReserveBank of New York, the most powerful in the Federal Reserve cartel.Without the collective demolition of financialchecks and balances by this cabal of Rothschild Zionists there would not havebeen the crash of September 2008 with its catastrophic consequences forbillions worldwide.But when Barack Obama became US President a fewmonths later, who was in the ‘economic team’ that he ‘appointed’ to ‘sort outthe mess’? Er, the very ones who created it and it was all done from a WhiteHouse controlled by Rahm Emanuel (Rothschild Zionist) and David Axelrod(Rothschild Zionist).

Geithner speaks: ‘I don’t know where the money’s gone -who cares?’

Summers,Orszag and Geithner: used car anyone?

David Millstone, a very active Rothschild Zionist,partner at Squire, Sanders & Dempsey and regional chairman of theAnti-Defamation League’s international affairs committee. His firm says thatpublic money can go to the Rothschild Zionist banks, but not to the innocentvictims of the banks.

The President of the WorldBank is Robert Zoellick (Rothschild Zionist), a big-time Boy Bushadministration insider who was a fervent advocate of invading Iraq long beforeeven 9/11. Zoellick took over at the World Bank from the disgraced PaulWolfowitz (Rothschild Zionist), another orchestrator of the Iraq invasion asDeputyDefenseSecretary.

The Managing Director of theInternational Monetary Fund (IMF) is Dominique Strauss-Kahn (RothschildZionist), the French politician who is expected to run to replace PresidentNicolas Sarkozy (Rothschild Zionist) at the next election.

The head of the EuropeanCentral Bank (ECB) is Jean-Claude Trichet (Rothschild Zionist), anotherFrenchman who took over in 2003 following his acquittal in a trial over’financial irregularities’ at Crdit Lyonnais, one of France’s biggest banks.

These include Goldman Sachs headed by LloydBlankfein (Rothschild Zionist) and created by Rothschild Zionists MarcusGoldman and Samuel Sachs who came, like so many of these people, from familiesthat settled in America from the country where the name Rothschild originated -Germany.Even more specifically, the German region ofBavaria comes up again and again – the home of the infamous Bavarian Illuminatiof Adam Weishaupt (who today I would be call a Rothschild Zionist). The Popeand Henry Kissinger are just two examples of ‘born in Bavaria’.

Goldman Sachs was fundamentally responsible forthe crash of 2008, but by that time its former Chairman and Chief ExecutiveOfficer, Henry ‘Hank’ Paulson, had been installed as US Treasury Secretary tobegin the bank bail out policy, with enormous benefit to Goldman Sachs, in theclosing weeks of the Bush administration.Goldman Sachs was also instrumental in the collapseof the economy in Greece that started the ‘euro panic’ that later engulfedIreland.

The symmetry is called Rothschild Zionism

It is impossible to becomePresident of the United States without support from the American Israel PublicAffairs Committee (AIPAC), a massive Rothschild Zionist lobby group currentlyheaded by Obama friend andfounder, Lee Rosenberg.

American political leaders may disagree on this and that,here and there, but on one thing they are all agreed …

As I write, the Rothschild Zionist-ownedNew YorkTimesandWashington Posthave been urging people to reject theleft and the right and support ‘centrist’ politicians – the alleged ‘centrists’and ‘moderates’ are often the most extreme of them all and need their’centre’ image to hide that. Barack Obama made claims to be a ‘centrist’ and sodid Tony Blair.New York Timescolumnist Thomas L. Friedman(Rothschild Zionist) endorsed two attempts he said were underway to create anew ‘centerparty’ in the United States and theWashington Postreportedthat a new grouping, known as ‘No Labels’, had been formed to occupy the’centerground’ of American politics (they did the same in Britain with thecreation of the Liberal Democrats who are now in an extremist coalitiongovernment with the ‘right-wing’ Conservative Party).

He is also a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of NewYork, headed until 2008 by Obama’s Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner(Rothschild Zionist). Yes, how very ‘moderate’ and ‘centrist’ you must be, Mr.Tisch.

The Tisch family, one of the wealthiest in America, tookcontrol of the CBS empire in 1986 with the intention, they said, to promote theinterests of Israel.

Two founders of No Labels, theWashington Postrevealed,were David Frum (Rothschild Zionist), the ‘Axis of Evil’ speechwriter for BoyGeorge Bush, and William Galston, a former advisor to Bill Clinton, who isclose to the Rothschild Zionist Zilkha family, founders of Mothercare. Galstonholds the Ezra Zilkha Chair in Governance Studies at the Rothschild Zionist’think tank’, the Brookings Institution.No Labels is also supported by one of its ‘CitizenLeaders’, Kenneth R. Weinstein, CEO of the Rothschild Zionist ‘think-tank’, theHudson Institute, founded by Herman Kahn (Rothschild Zionist), one of theinspirations for Stanley Kubrick’s character, Dr. Strangelove. The HudsonInstitute and the Brookings Institution are major strands in the Rothschild’think tank’ network worldwide.

In Britain and so many other countries around the worldwe have the same tail wagging the dog. The British version of the AmericanIsrael Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is the Friends of Israel network inevery major party.

This in a country where the Jewish population (with many not RothschildZionists) is around 280,000 in a national population of 62 million.

Lap dog Mandelson, on the right, with his owner, JacobRothschild. Wuff, wuff, Peter.

The Rothschilds controlled Blair as they controlled BillClinton and George W. Bush and this was the connection that led to Blair goinginto wars in support of both presidents who were being urged on by Israel (theRothschilds).It was the Rothschild network that orchestrated the invasions of Afghanistanand Iraq, the War of Terror and its justification, September 11th.9/11: The Rothschild Zionist ConnectionThe lease of the twin towers at the World Trade Center was bought just weeksbefore September 11th by businessmen, Larry Silverstein (Rothschild Zionist)and Frank Lowy (Rothschild Zionist), who both have very close links to Israelileaders, including current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who said that whathappened on 9/11 was ‘good for Israel’.The World Trade Center deal was struck with Lewis Eisenberg (RothschildZionist), the head of the New York Port Authority, vice president of theAmerican Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and a former partner at theRothschild-controlled Goldman Sachs. Eisenberg is also close to the Israelleadership.

The man pictured here who lobbied heavily for the NewYork Port Authority to sell the lease into private hands was Ronald S. Lauder(Rothschild Zionist) from the Este Lauder cosmetics family.

Buying the World Trade Center lease was a terrible business deal forSilverstein and Lowy because the towers were known as the ‘white elephants’given the state they were in and the fantastic amount of asbestos that neededto be dealt with. Asked why he had bought the lease Silverstein said: ‘I felt acompelling urge to own them’.I bet he did.When the deal was done Silverstein and co massively increased the insurance fora ‘terrorist attack’ and were awarded $4.55 billion after the towers were hit.The lease had cost $3.2 billion and Silverstein reportedly only invested $14million of his own money.

The judge who oversaw the litigation between Silverstein and the insurancecompanies was Michael B. Mukasey (Rothschild Zionist) who later became USAttorney General.

‘Lucky Larry’

Silverstein said he had a last minute ‘dermatologistappointment’ when in truth, as one his bodyguards has said privately, he had aphone call in his car telling him to stay away from the World Trade Center thatmorning. He then got on his car phone to tell his children.

‘Where’s Larry today?’

Building Seven collapsed perfectly onto the land on whichit stood – and that could only happen with a controlled demolition.

Rothschild Zionist-ownedICTS was also responsible for security at the Paris airport where the alleged’shoe bomber’, Richard Reid, boarded his plane to the United States and ICTSwas providing the ‘security’ at Amsterdam airport when the underpants bomberboarded his flight after paying cash for a high-priced last-minute ticket,boarded without checked baggage and, reportedly, even a passport. As a result,travelersare now being radiated in full-body scanners, of which more in amoment.

The CIA at the time of 9/11was headed by George Tenet (Rothschild Zionist) and the ‘investigation’ intothe attacks was overseen by Assistant Attorney General, Michael Chertoff(Rothschild Zionist), the son of an agent with the Israeli (Rothschild)enforcement agency, Mossad.

Zakheim also wronglyclassified squads of US F16 and F15 fighters as military surplus so they couldbe sold to Israel at a knock-down price (and bought with American ‘aid’ money,anyway). This and other military sales (often gifts) means that Israel, with apopulation of just seven and a half million, has one of the biggest air forceson the planet.

With love, from Dov!

The ratio topositions of power is simply fantastic and I am only highlighting here what youmight call a ‘headline list’. It goes much, much deeper -see for instancethis list of Rothschild Zionists controlling ostensibly non-Jewishorganisations …

The neocon leadership wrote to Bill Clinton urging him toattack Iraq before 9/11 and they then went into overdrive to advocate theinvasions of Iraq and Afghanistan after the World Trade Center attacks underBush.

Phillip Zelikow: ‘You mean it was supposed to be open,thorough and tell the truth? Henry didn’t mention that.’

Those that did demand an investigation or rejected the limitations of thecompensation fund were dealt with through a ‘special mediator’, Sheila Birnbaum(Rothschild Zionist).Feinberg (Rothschild Zionist) went on to become the ‘Special Master’ for TARPExecutive Compensation related to the bank bail outs, and is currently thegovernment-appointed administrator of the compensation fund for victims of theBP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Kenneth Feinberg (Rothschild Zionist) – busy life.

The Forward, a Jewish newspaper, said the FBI found that at least two of thefive arrested Israelis were Mossad agents and that Urban Moving Systems was aMossad front operation.The five were held for 71 days, but then released without charge and allowed toreturn to Israel where three of them appeared on television to say that ‘ourpurpose was to document the event’.

Three of the ‘dancing Israelis’ on Israel television.

Rita Katz is the Director of Site Intelligence, primarysource for intelligence used by news services, Homeland Security, the FBI andCIA.What is her qualification? She served in the Israeli Defense Force.

She has acollege degree and most investigative journalists believe the Mossad”helps” her with her information. We find no evidence of anyqualification whatsoever of any kind. A bartender has more intelligencegathering experience.Nobody verifies her claims. SITE says Al Qaeda did it, it hits the papers. SITEsays Israel didn’t do it, that hits the papers too. What does SITE really do?

They check the internet for “information,” almost invariablyinformation that Israel wants reported and it is sold as news, seen on AmericanTV, reported in our papers and passed around the internet almost as though itwere actually true.

Amazing.’But not quite so amazing if you have read this far and seen the extent to whichthe Rothschild Zionist secret society networks control and manipulate worldevents.

Rothschild Zionists Katz andVenzke provide ‘intelligence’ and Bin Laden videos for ‘security’ agencies andthe media, and Adam Gadahn, pictured at the top here, is an alleged spokesmanfor ‘Al Qaeda’ who releases videos of himself supporting terrorism. His name ison the FBI ‘most wanted’ terrorist list.

The Chairman of the US Homeland Security andGovernmental Affairs Committee is Senator Joseph Lieberman (Rothschild Zionist)who, like the Rothschild cesspit in general, is desperate to use the ‘threat ofterrorism’ to censor the Internet to block the truth from coming out.

Rothschild Zionists havekept exposure from the door, up to now, through ownership of the mainstreammedia. Shahar Ilan, a daily features editor with the leading Israeli newspaper,Ha’aretz, wrote:

Iemphasizeagain that weare not talking here about ‘the Jews’ owning the media, Hollywood, politics,banking and big business, but a tiny clique answering ultimately to the secretsociety that I call Rothschild Zionism.

Holbrooke served the Rothschild Zionist cabal inpositions of ‘diplomacy’ from the Vietnam war to the conflict in Afghanistan,taking in posts as a special envoy to the Balkans before and during the war inthe former Yugoslavia; as United Nations Ambassador; as the man givenresponsibility for selling the Aids agenda, and so much more.

It is the Rothschilds’ duelcontrol of America and Israel that has led to astonishing amounts of Americantax dollars being transferred to Israel in military and financial ‘aid’. Onearm of the Rothschilds is simply giving it to another.

I have set out here toreveal the true face of Zionism – the House of Rothschild and its networks -and how its agents in Big Government, Big Banking, Big Business, Big Pharma,Big Biotech, Big Media and so on, are working as one unit to impose a globalOrwellian dictatorship on the human population – including the mass of Jewishpeople.

There are many in the Rothschild family and its offshootswho have no idea what the hierarchy is doing and there are many ‘Rothschilds’who don’t carry the name itself.When I say ‘Rothschild’, I am referring to theRothschildbloodlinebecause,as I have detailed in my books, they have long had breeding programmes thatproduce offspring that are brought up under other names.

So when these people come to power, they carry theRothschild genetics and answer to their control system, but they are notofficially called ‘Rothschild’, and in this way the scale of the Rothschildinfiltration of government, finance and so on remains hidden behind an army ofoffspring known by different names.It is time to put the Rothschilds on publicdisplay because that’s the last place they want to be. They have operated fromthe shadows for long enough and we musturgentlyensurethat those days are over.

FormerDirector of US Army War College Says ‘Military Know Israel Carried out 9/11Attacks’

According to the article,an agreement between the two countries was signed during the last visit oVenezuelan President Hugo Chavez to Tehran on October 19, 2010. The previouslyundisclosed contract provides for the establishment of a jointly operatedmilitary base in Venezuela, and the joint development of ground- to-ground missiles.

She is a member of the Councilon Foreign Relations, the Board of Regents for the Center for Security Policy,the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting, New York Academy ofSciences, United Jewish Appeal/Federation, New York Psychoanalytic Research andDevelopment, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, and The Founders Association.

Palestinian land in green. 2011?

Israeli-born musician and writer Gilad Atzmon, who hasrenounced his Jewishness and Israeli nationality, explains Israel’s massacre ofPalestinians in Gaza in terms of Israeli culture, which is imbued with racismand a murderous hatred of Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular.

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Everything About the Rothschild Zionism | Humans Are Free

Holocaust Denial Timeline –

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WHAT IS HOLOCAUST DENIAL? The Holocaust is one of the best documented events in history. Holocaust denial describes attempts to negate the established facts of the Nazi genocide of European Jewry. Common denial assertions are: that the murder of six million Jews during World War II never occurred; that the Nazis had no official policy or intention to exterminate the Jews; and that the poison gas chambers in Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp never existed.

A newer trend is the distortion of the facts of the Holocaust. Common distortions include, for example, assertions that: the figure of six million Jewish deaths is an exaggeration; deaths in the concentration camps were the results of disease or starvation but not policy; and that the diary of Anne Frank is a forgery.

Holocaust denial and distortion are generally motivated by hatred of Jews, and build on an accusation that the Holocaust was invented or exaggerated by Jews as part of a plot to advance Jewish interests. This view perpetuates long-standing antisemitic stereotypes by accusing Jews of conspiracy and world domination, hateful charges that were instrumental in laying the groundwork for the Holocaust.

The United States Constitution ensures freedom of speech. Therefore, in the United States denying the Holocaust or engaging in antisemitic hate speech is not illegal, except when there is an imminent threat of violence. Many other countries, particularly in Europe where the Holocaust occurred, have laws criminalizing Holocaust denial and hate speech.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), a multinational organization with 31 members including the United States, has adopted a Working Definition of Holocaust Denial and Distortion.

This timeline lists some key events in the evolution of Holocaust denial.

19421944: To conceal the evidence of their annihilation of Europe’s Jews, Germans and their collaborators destroy evidence of mass graves at the Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka killing centers, and at thousands of sites of mass shooting operations throughout German-occupied Poland, the German-occupied Soviet Union, and Serbia, including Babi Yar, in an operation code named Aktion 1005.

1943: In a speech to SS Generals at Poznan, Heinrich Himmler, Reich Leader (Reichsfhrer) of the SS (Schutzstaffel; Protection Squadrons), remarks that the mass murder of the European Jews will be kept secret, never to be recorded.

1955: Willis Carto founds an influential, far right group based in Washington, DC, that eventually comes to be known as the Liberty Lobby. Led by Carto until its bankruptcy in 2001, the Liberty Lobby advocates a racially pure United States and blames Jews for problems facing the US and the world. The Liberty Lobby begins to publish Holocaust denial literature in 1969.

1959: American clergyman Gerald L. K. Smith’s antisemitic publication, Cross and the Flag, claims that six million Jews were not killed during the Holocaust but immigrated to the United States during World War II.

1964: Paul Rassinier, a French Communist who had been interned by the Nazis, publishes The Drama of European Jewry, in which he claims that gas chambers were an invention of a Zionist establishment.

196667: American historian Harry Elmer Barnes publishes articles in the Libertarian periodical Rampart Journal claiming that the Allies overstated the extent of Nazi atrocities in order to justify a war of aggression against the Axis powers.

1969: Noontide Press, a subsidiary of the Liberty Lobby, publishes a book entitled The Myth of the Six Million.

1973: Austin J. App, professor of English literature at LaSalle University in Philadelphia, publishes a pamphlet: The Six Million Swindle: Blackmailing the German People for Hard Marks with Fabricated Corpses. The pamphlet becomes a foundation for future claims by Holocaust deniers.

1976: Northwestern University engineering professor Arthur R. Butz publishes The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry. Butz was the first Holocaust denier to use the pretense of academic rigor to disguise his falsehoods. Northwestern responds by declaring Butz’s statements an embarrassment to the university.

1977: Ernst Zndel, a German citizen living in Canada, establishes Samisdat Publishers, which issues neo-Nazi literature that includes Holocaust denial. In 1985 the Canadian government prosecuted Zndel for distributing information he knew to be false.

1977: David Irving publishes Hitler’s War, arguing that Hitler neither ordered nor condoned the Nazi policy of the genocide of the European Jews. Irving distorts historical evidence and scholarly methods to lend legitimacy to his thesis.

1978: William David McCalden (also known as Lewis Brandon) and Willis Carto found the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) in California, which publishes material and sponsors conferences denying the Holocaust. The IHR masks its hateful, racist messages under the guise of valid academic inquiry.

1980: The IHR promises a $50,000 reward to anyone who can prove that Jews were gassed at Auschwitz. Survivor Mel Mermelstein submits an affidavit of his internment at Auschwitz and brings suit against the IHR when the institute refuses to pay. In October 1981, Superior Court judge Thomas T. Johnson uses “judicial notice,” which allows courts to recognize as fact matters that are common knowledge, to issue a ruling that the Holocaust was fact and that Jews were gassed at Auschwitz.

1981: A French court convicts literature professor Robert Faurisson of inciting hatred and discrimination for calling the Holocaust a historical lie.

1984: In a landmark case, a Canadian court convicts public school teacher James Keegstra of willfully promoting hatred against an identifiable group for espousing Holocaust denial and other antisemitic views to his social studies students.

1986: On July 8, the Israeli parliament passes a law criminalizing denial of the Holocaust.

1987: California-based Bradley Smith founds the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust. During the early 1990s, Smith’s organization places full-page advertisements or editorial pieces in more than a dozen American college newspapers under the headline The Holocaust Story: How Much is False? The Case for Open Debate. Smith’s campaign helps to blur the line between hate mongering and freedom of speech.

1987: Jean Marie Le Pen, leader of France’s far right National Front party, suggests that gas chambers were merely a detail of World War II. Le Pen runs for president in France in 1988 and comes in fourth.

1987: Moroccan-Swedish writer Ahmed Rami begins broadcasting on Radio Islam, based in Sweden. The station describes the Holocaust as a Zionist/Jewish claim. Radio Islam later posts The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Mein Kampf, and other antisemitic texts on its website.

1988: At the request of Ernst Zndel, Fred Leuchter (a self-proclaimed specialist in execution methods) travels to the site of the Auschwitz killing center. He later issues the Leuchter Report : An Engineering Report on the Alleged Execution Gas Chambers at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek, Poland, which is cited by Holocaust deniers to cast doubt on the use of gas chambers for mass murder.

1989: David Duke, a white supremacist, wins a seat in the Louisiana State Legislature. Duke sells Holocaust denial literature from his legislative office.

1990: After Illinois becomes the first American state to mandate teaching about the Holocaust in public schools, parents Ingeborg and Safet Sarich publicly protest by pulling their 13-year-old daughter out of school. The Sariches also mail 6,000 letters to public officials, scholars, journalists, and Holocaust survivors attacking the historical record as rumors and exaggerations.

1990: The French government enacts the Gayssot Law which declares that questioning the scale or existence of crimes against humanity (as defined in the London Charter of 1945) is a criminal offense. This act marks the first European statute explicitly outlawing denial of the Holocaust.

1990: In the course of criminal proceedings brought against Fred Leuchter by the State of Massachusetts, it is revealed that Leuchter never actually earned an engineering degree or license. Leuchter admits that he has no training in biology, toxicology, or chemistry, all of which are crucial to the claims of the 1988 Leuchter Report, which is often cited to support claims made by Holocaust deniers.

1990: A Swedish court sentences Ahmed Rami to six months in jail for hate speech and revokes the broadcasting license of Radio Islam for one year.

1991: The American Historical Association, the oldest professional organization of historians, issues a statement: No serious historian questions that the Holocaust took place.

2000: A British court declares David Irving an active Holocaust denier. Irving had sued Emory University historian Deborah Lipstadt for libel following the publication of her 1993 book Denying the Holocaust The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory.

2000: The Czech Republic enacts a law criminalizing Holocaust denial. The law is reenacted in 2009.

2001: Slovakia criminalizes Holocaust denial.

2002: The Zayed Center for Coordination and Follow-Up, a think tank of the League of Arab States based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), organizes a symposium on “Semitism.” At the symposium, the Holocaust is called a false fable. The government of the UAE closes the Zayed Center in August 2003 after external pressure about the Centers anti-American and antisemitic publications and lectures.

2002: Romania passes an Emergency Ordinance criminalizing Holocaust denial in response to a growing movement to publically rehabilitate General Ion Antonescu, a pro-Fascist dictator who oversaw the deaths of 280,000 Jews and 11,000 Roma during World War II.

2002: Swedish courts sentence neo-Nazi Fredrik Sandberg to six months in prison for re-publishing the Third Reich-era pamphlet, The Jewish Question.

2003: Wolfgang Froelich is arrested in Vienna and sentenced to three years in jail following his 2001 publication of a book entitled Die Gaskammaer Luege (The gas chamber lie). He is released after one year. In the years following, Froelich is re-arrested or has his sentences extended a number of times for continued instances of Holocaust denial, including in 2015 for writing to the Austrian chancellor claiming that the Holocaust could not have occurred.

2003: The Romanian government establishes an international commission on the Holocaust in Romania, headed by Elie Wiesel. It consists of 30 Romanian and foreign historians. The objective of the commission is to examine the history of the Holocaust in Romania to identify the facts that took place and to disseminate the research results in the country and abroad. The organization of the commission follows public statements made earlier in 2003 by then President Ion Iliescu who minimized the Holocaust in Romania, and by former Information Minister Vasile Dincu who denied the Holocaust in Romania.

2005: In a speech broadcast on live television on December 14, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls the Holocaust a myth.

2005: The Japanese magazine Marco Polo features an article written by freelance author Masanori Nishioka entitled “There Were No Nazi Gas Chambers.” In the article, Nishioka claims that the Holocaust never happened and that the gas chambers at Auschwitz were created by the Polish Communist government after the war.

2006: Iran’s government sponsors a meeting of Holocaust deniers in Tehran cloaked as an academic conference called Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision. In the same year, Farid Mortazavi, graphics editor of the Iranian newspaper Hamshahri, announces a Holocaust cartoon contest with gold and cash prizes for the winners. There are nearly 1,200 submissions from over 60 countries, including cartoons denying or minimizing the Holocaust. Later in the year, the Saba Art and Cultural Institute in Tehran opens an exhibition, sponsored by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, of a selection of 200 cartoons from the contest.

2007: On January 26, the United Nations adopts a resolution condemning denial of the Holocaust. The General Assembly declares that denial is tantamount to approval of genocide in all its forms.

2008: The European Union adopts a Framework Decision on combating racism and xenophobia (2008/913/JHA). It requires EU member states to punishthrough their criminal lawpublicly condoning, denying, or grossly trivializing instances of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, including those committed by the Nazis, when such conduct is intended to incite violence or hatred against a specific religious, ethnic, or other group.

2009: English-born Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson denies the existence of gas chambers and minimizes the extent of killing during the Holocaust. The Vatican eventually calls on Williamson to retract his statements.

2009: David Duke, the former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, is arrested by Czech authorities for denying the Holocaust and inciting hate. He had been invited to speak at Charles University by the Nrodn odpor (National Resistance) group. The Czech government orders Duke to leave the country the following day. The State Prosecutors Office in Prague later dismisses the charges due to lack of evidence.

2010: Hungary criminalizes Holocaust denial.

2010: Bradley Smith places his first online Holocaust denial advertisement, which appears on the website of the University of Wisconsin’s Badger Herald in February. The Internetbecause of its ease of access and dissemination, seeming anonymity, and perceived authorityis now the chief conduit of Holocaust denial.

2010: The Dutch appeals court fines the Arab European League (AEL) 2,500 for publishing a cartoon on its website in 2006 that suggested the Holocaust was made up or exaggerated by Jews. According to the AEL, the organization published the cartoon to highlight double standards in free speech after a Danish newspaper published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad. The court also imposes a 2-year probation period on the AEL.

2010: Lithuania criminalizes Holocaust denial. Later in the same year, the Lithuanian magazine Veidas publishes an article entitled [The] Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal – The Greatest Legal Farce in History by Petras Stankeras, a Lithuanian historian who also served in the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania. In the article, Stankeras highlights the application of double standards towards the Nazis and criticizes the International Military Tribunal. He also describes the Holocaust as a legend lacking substantiation for the killing of six million Jews. After international pressure, Stankeras steps down from his post in the Ministry of the Interior. The Vilnius County Prosecutor’s Office initiates a pre-trial investigation of the article, but closes the investigation in February 2011 without pressing any charges against Stankeras.

2011: The vice chairman of Egypts Wafd Party tells the Washington Times in an interview that the September 11 terrorist attacks, the Holocaust, and Anne Franks diary are all historical fabrications. The Holocaust is a lie, says Ahmed Ezz El-Arab. He continues, the Jews under German occupation were 2.4 million. So if they were all exterminated, where does the remaining 3.6 million come from?

2012: Nikolaos Michaloliakos, the head of Greeces far-right Golden Dawn party, denies the existence of gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust. There were no ovens, no gas chambers, its a lie, he states during an interview aired on television.

2012: Saudi cleric Salman al-Odeh tells Rotana Khalijiya TV that The Holocaust has a historical basis. Many stories about it are documented and well-founded. The problem lies, first of all, in the exaggeration of the Holocaust. It has been turned into a myth of tremendous proportions…. For thousands of years, the Jews were subject to persecution, deportation, killings, and accusations. Maybe much of this stemmed from their moral values, their treacherous nature, their schemes, and the ploys, which made other nations be wary of them.

2012: Corneliu Vadim Tudor, a Romanian member of the European Parliament and leader of the nationalist Greater Romania Party, denies the Holocaust on the talk show Romania a la Raport. Tudor states, In Romania there was never a Holocaust…. I will deny it till I die because I love my people.

2013: On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Fathi Shihab-Eddim, an aide to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, claims that the 6 million Jews who were killed by the Nazis actually relocated to the United States. U.S. intelligence agencies, in cooperation with their counterparts in Allied nations during World War II, created it [the Holocaust] to destroy the image of their opponents in Germany, and to justify war and massive destruction against military and civilian facilities of the Axis powers, and especially to hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the atomic bomb, states Shihab-Eddim.

2013: Gyorgy Nagy becomes the first Hungarian to be convicted of Holocaust denial. Nagy carried a sign during a 2011 demonstration in Budapest which read the Holocaust never happened in Hebrew. The Court sentences him to 18 months in prison and probation. Part of his sentence is also to visit either Budapests Holocaust memorial museum, Auschwitz, or Yad Vashem.

2014: Udo Voigt, the former leader of Germanys National Democratic Party (NDP) is appointed to the European Parliaments Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs Committee. While leader of the NDP, which espouses Neo-Nazi views, Voigt had praised Adolf Hitler and claimed that far fewer than six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust. He was convicted of incitement of the people.

2014: In his official 2014 Nowruz address, Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei remarks: The Holocaust is an event whose reality is uncertain and if it has happened, its uncertain how it has happened.

2014: Russia criminalizes Holocaust denial.

2014: Greece criminalizes Holocaust denial.

2015: Two government-sponsored Iranian cultural organizations, Owj Media & Art Institute and the Sarcheshmeh Cultural Complex, announce a second Holocaust cartoon contest, expecting to receive entries from cartoonists in dozens of countries.

2015: A German court finds Ursula Haverbeck guilty of sedition after she wrote a letter to the Mayor of Detmold, stating that it was “clearly recognizable” that Auschwitz was nothing more than a labor camp. She sent her message when the Detmold court was trying Reinhold Hanning, a former guard at the Auschwitz camp. In 2014, she had been on trial for saying that the Holocaust was “the biggest and longest-lasting lie in history.”

2016: On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei releases a video entitled Holocaust: Are the Dark Ages Over?” on his website, which includes his 2014 comments questioning the Nazi mass slaughter of six million Jews during World War II.

2016: An amendment adopted in Italy criminalizes Holocaust denial.

2016: An exhibition displaying 150 Holocaust cartoons from the 11th Tehran International Cartoon Biennial opens in Tehran in the art section of the Islamic Propaganda Organization. Two weeks later, an awards ceremony is held for the winners of the Holocaust cartoon contest. Majid Mollanoroozi, the director of Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art and the Head of the Graphic Arts section of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, takes part in the awards ceremony. Prizes reportedly total $50,000.

2016: The Polish cabinet approves a bill imposing prison terms on anyone convicted of referring to death camps operated by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland as Polish. Claiming that the Poles collaborated with the Nazis in exterminating the Jews would also be considered a criminal offense.


Holocaust Denial Timeline –

Charlottesville Police Refused to Protect Synagogue From …

Posted By on October 15, 2017

The Jewish community in Charlottesvillehired armed security to protectits synagogue for the first timeafterlocal police declined to provide a guard for the site despite hundreds of white supremacists congregating on the town over the weekend fora rally that resulted in the murder of counter-protester Heather Heyer.

Alan Zimmerman, president of the Congregation Beth Israel in the Virginia town, wrote a blog postpublished on Monday evening following the violent scenes on Saturday that resulted in a car-ramming attackthat took place just 200 feet from the place of worship.

He described the fearhe felt in the presence of white supremacists, who rallied aroundanti-Semitic slogans, as 40 members of the community prayed in the synagogue, withoutsupport from the local authorities.

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The police departmentpromised to provide an observer near the building but Zimmerman says it was not kept by the force, leaving the congregation vulnerable to assault as they worshipped.

For half an hour, three men dressed in fatigues and armed with semi-automatic rifles stood across the street from the temple, he wrote. Had they tried to enter, I dont know what I could have done to stop them, but I couldnt take my eyes off them, either.

Not only did armed protesters stand across from the synagogue, but neo-Nazis paraded past the building, shouting anti-Semitic slogans, a horrible reminder ofNazi Germanys persecution and mass slaughterof European Jews.

Several times, parades of Nazis passed our building, shouting, ‘There’s the synagogue!’followed by chants of ‘Sieg Heil’and other anti-Semitic language. Some carried flags with swastikas and other Nazi symbols, Zimmerman wrote.

This was before James Alex Fields Jr. plowed his car into protesters in the town, leaving a scene of carnage that has sparked outrage across the United States, and the wider western world.

The Jewish community has faced more incidents of hate crimes since the ascension of Donald Trump to the Oval Office. Jewish community centers have received bomb threatsmany of which turned out to be from a Jewish man based in IsraelJewish cemeteries have been desecrated and Trump himself has failed on several occasions to single out the white supremacists for censure, blaming violence on both sides, in reference to anti-racist protesters trying to stop Saturday’swhite supremacist march.

Zimmerman saidthe threat was not only on the ground, but online too. He learned that Nazi websites had posted a call to burn the synagogue after which the communityleaders took the precautionary step of removing our Torahs, including a Holocaust scroll, from the premises.

Zimmerman told the Jewish worshippersthat it would be better if they exited the synagogue by the back entrance, and to go in groups to protect each other.

This is 2017 in the United States of America, he wrote.

View original post here:

Charlottesville Police Refused to Protect Synagogue From …

Facebook, Google team with ADL to fight hate – CNET

Posted By on October 12, 2017

The Anti-Defamation League is creating a lab with tech companies to fight online abuse.

Some of the biggest names in tech are partnering with the Anti-Defamation League to thwart online harassment.

Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft, among others, are joining with the ADL to form aCyberhate Problem-Solving Lab, the companies and the civil rights group said Tuesday. They’ll exchange ideas and develop strategies to try to curb hate speech and abuse on the companies’ various platforms and across the internet.

“These companies have an added responsibility to do everything within their power to stop hate from flourishing on their watch,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement. “We look forward to tackling this pressing challenge together.”

Click to see our in-depth coverage of online hatred.

The cyberhate lab comes about seven months after the ADL said it was building a command center in Silicon Valley. And as online harassment continues to grow, tech giants including Facebook and Twitter have been ramping up their own efforts in response to trolling.

Though it’s hard to quantify how pervasive online assaults have become, experts say the number is increasing. Forty percent of internet users have experienced some form of harassment, according to a 2014 Pew Research Center report. The figure jumps to about 65 percent for those between the ages of 18 and 29.

The ADL has said that roughly 19,000 anti-Semitic tweets targeted Jewish journalists between August 2015 and July 2016 and that about 1,600 online accounts were responsible for 68 percent of those tweets. During that same time, 2.6 million anti-Jewish tweets may have been viewed as many as 10 billion times, the hate-monitoring group said.

As for Facebook, the world’s largest social network has more than 7,500 people monitoring what users post, including violent videos and graphic images. Facebook has also invested in counterspeech to drown out racist, sexist and bigoted rhetoric and has programmed its service to keep people from creating groups with hateful terms in their names.

Yet, Facebook still is relying on its 2 billion monthly users to point out online abuse, and messages that violate Facebook’s terms of use aren’t always removed when they’re reported.

Monika Bickert, Facebook’s head of global policy, said in a statement that “some of the best minds in engineering will work alongside the ADL to help us rise to the occasion.”

Twitter has said its efforts to fight harassment are improving in part because of work with groups like the ADL to identify abusive behavior and help people more easily report it.

“We believe meaningful progress in safety measures and policies can best be informed in partnership with others, so we’ll continue to collaborate with leading advocacy organizations, like ADL, to work towards solutions,” Colin Crowell, Twitter’s head of public policy and philanthropy, said in a statement.

Microsoft declined to comment. Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Solving for XX: The tech industry seeks to overcome outdated ideas about “women in tech.”

Special Reports: CNET’s in-depth features in one place.

Go here to read the rest:
Facebook, Google team with ADL to fight hate – CNET

Sephardic Recipes | Sephardic Bikur Holim Congregation

Posted By on October 4, 2017

NOTE: We are looking for new recipes. If anyone has a recipe they would like to share, we would really love to publish it. Please contact the Synagogue Office at (206) 723-3028, or by email atsbholim@gmail.comto share your recipe.

AhashooApple CakeApple CrispApple DulceApple Jam (Pareve)Artichoke Quiche

Three Bean & Macaroni SaladBerry CrispBlintz (Cheese) SouffleBorkeas DAroz (Rice Borekas)Borekas de Calavasa or PhylloBoreka Dough Recipe IBoreka Dough Recipe IIBorkeas DPishcado (Fish Borekas)Bread Pudding Old FashionedBrownies for PassoverBurmuelos Recipe IBurmuelos Recipe II

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Cabbage SoupCabbage Patch StewCalavasa Borekas deCarrots and CeleryCasserole French ToastCelery Root and CarrotsCheese Blintz CakeCheese Blintz SouffleCheese Mushroom QuicheCheese Noodle PuddingCheese Phyllo SquaresCheese and Tomato FrittataEasy Hearty Chicken Vegetable SoupChiffon Cake Holiday Chocolate MousseClub SaladCream Cheese Pumpkin PieCreamy Rice Pudding

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Date CakeDough Boreka

Egg FritadaEggplant Moussaka

French Toast CasseroleFritada SpinachFrittata Tomato and CheeseFritada EggFish Borekas (Borkeas DPishcado)Folares Hard boiled eggs

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Graham Cracker Pie Crust

Halvah de Bimbrio (Quince)HamantashenHamburger Stuffed VegetablesOrejas De Haman Moroccan Hamans EarsHanukah Sugar CookiesHarocieHoliday Chiffon CakeHoney Cake (Parve)Huevos con Domat

Israeli Summer Salad


Lasagna SpinachLentils and RiceLentil SaladLentil Soup (Sopa De Lentejas) Recipe ILentil Soup Recipe II

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Macaroni Salad Three BeanMandelbrot (Sliced Cookies)Meat PastelsMeginaMoroccan Hamans Ears Orejas De HamanMoussaka EggplantMushroom Cheese QuicheMustachudos

Noodle Cheese Pudding

Old Fashioned Bread PuddingOrange-Glazed Pumpkin CakeOrejas De Haman Moroccan Hamans EarsOvernight Refrigerator Cookies for Passover

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PanizikosPastels (Meat)Phyllo With Spinach (Pareve)Passover BrowniesPassover Cookies Overnight RefrigeratorPie Cream Cheese PumpkinPie Strawberry Ice BoxPot RoastPrasafuchiesPrassa Patties (Meat)Prehito (Wheat Pudding)Pumpkin Cream Cheese PiePumpkin Cake Orange-Glazed

Quiche ArtichokeQuiche Cheese Mushroom QuicheQuince Halvah de Bimbrio

Rice Borekas (Borkeas DAroz)Rice and LentilsCreamy Rice PuddingRosh Hashana Yehi Ratzones

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Salmon Patties Recipe ISalmon Patties Recipe IIClub SaladMacaroni Salad Three BeanCabbage SoupSalmon PattiesSesame CookiesSliced Cookies (Mandelbrot)Sopa De Lentejas (Lentil Soup)Chicken Vegetable Soup Easy HeartySoup VegetableSpinach FritadaSpinach LasagnaStrawberry Ice Box PieSpinach in Phyllo (Pareve)SufganiyotSummer Salad Israeli

Tomato and Cheese Frittata

Vegetables stuffed with HamburgerVegetable QuicheVegetable Soup

Wheat Pudding (Prehito)

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Yehi Ratzones Rosh Hashana

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Katherine Scharhon about this recipe I have a request for the Ahashoo recipe. If you dont have it, this will be an appropriate recipe for after Passover. Do you remember when, with the leftover matzos after Pesah, your mother made a sweet treat called Ahashoo. (No I didnt sneeze! This is what its called.) Some of you may have never heard of this treat and hopefully some may remember it. In any case, have fun preparing and enjoy eating this delicious treat.

6 cups farfel or 6 sheets of matzos, crumbled1 cup sugar1 cup water1/2 cup honeyjuice of 1/2 a lemon1/2 tsp. cinnamon1/2 tsp. ginger1/2 tsp. nutmeg1 cup chopped toasted nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc.)

Toast farfel or sheets of matza lightly in oven. Boil sugar, honey and water until sticky, approximately 25 to 30 minutes. Add the spices, lemon juice, nuts, and matzos and stir over medium heat for five minutes. Mix well.

Pour into an 8 greased square pan and spread with a spatula, or roll into balls and place into paper candy cups.

Double the recipe for a 13 x 9 pan.

With the availability of all these ingredients, there is no reason why Ahashoo cannot be made during Passover.

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Apple Cake

2 1/4 c. all purpose flour2 1/2 t. baking powder1 t. each cloves, ginger and baking sodapinch of salt3 c. peeled and finely diced tart apples1/3 c. raisins (optional)1/2 c. chopped walnuts3/4 c. butter or Nucoa (room temp.)1 1/2 c. packed dark brown sugar1 t. vanilla extract3 large eggs1/2 c. buttermilk1/2 c. applesauce

Using a fork, combine flour, baking powder, spices, baking soda and salt in a bowl.In another bowl combines apples, raisins and walnuts. Add 3 tablespoons of flour mixture and toss to coat. Set aside. Combine butter, brown sugar and vanilla in a mixing bowl. Cream until mixture is light and creamy. Beat eggs one at a time. Stir in buttermilk and applesauce. Slowly add the remaining flour mixture to the butter mixture, beating until blended. Stir in reserved fruit nut mixture. Pour batter into the prepared 12 cup Bunt pan and smooth the top. Bake at 350 degrees until a toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean (about 1 hour). Let cool in pan for 1 hour.

Syrup1/3 c. apple brandy or you may substitute apple cider2 T. sugar1 t. fresh lemon juicezest of 1 lemon

Combine syrup ingredients in a saucepan. Heat to simmer. When sugar dissolves, remove from heat. Set aside for 15 minutes. Unmold the cake onto a serving platter. Prick it all over with a wooden skewer. Strain the syrup (discarding lemon zest) and brush the cake with the syrup until it has been absorbed. Before serving, dust the top with confectioners sugar.

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Apple Crisp

2 1/2 lbs. tart apples1 T. lemon juice1 t. ground cinnamon1 t. lemon zest2 T honey

Topping6 T. butter, cut into 1/2 pieces1/2 c. brown sugar1/2 c. flour1 c. rolled oats1/2 c. chopped nuts1/2 t. nutmeg1 t. cinnamon

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Lightly oil a 9 by 13 inch baking dish.Peel and core the apples and slice thinly. Toss with lemon juice, cinnamon, zest and honey. Place in baking dish. Mix remaining topping ingredients until crumbly. Sprinkle over apples. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes or until apples are soft.

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Apple Dulce

5 apples, peeled and sliced (approximately depends on the size of the apples)2 c. sugar1 1/2 c. waterjuice of 1/2 lemon5 6 whole cloves

Boil water and sugar until slightly thick. Add lemon juice. Dip sliced peeled apples into the syrup until partially cooked yet still firm. Remove from heat, add cloves and let cool. Refrigerate.

Apple Jam (Pareve)

(This recipe is from Nancy Resnik)

8 medium or large tart apples(Granny Smiths or Braeburn, etc.)1/2 orange (remove seeds, grind with skin and juice)3 c. sugar

Wash, peel and core apples into quarters. Grate in a food processor or hand grate. Gently squeeze out excess juice and moisture. Place apples into a bowl and mix in the sugar and grinded orange.

Cover with plastic wrap and leave a vent on one side. Place in microwave on high for 10 minutes. Take out and stir fruit. Place back into microwave on high for another 12 minutes. Cool and keep refrigerated.

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Artichoke Quiche

1 unbaked pie shell placed in a quiche dish.

Filling2 cans unmarinated chokes1 c. mayonnaise1/2 c. grated cheese of your liking1/2 c. grated Parmesan cheese1/4 t. Tabasco sauce or to your taste

In a blender, add drained artichokes and pulse mix until creamed. Remove from blender and add the rest of the ingredients. Pour into a quiche pan and bake at 350 degrees for 30 40 minutes.

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Three Bean & Macaroni Salad

Makes 6-8 servings

1 package assorted colored spiral or shell macaroni1 can (14 15 oz) green beans, drained, cut into pieces1 can (14 15 oz) wax beans, drained or 1 1/2 c. fresh wax beans, cut into pieces1 can (14 15 oz) kidney beans, drained1 can (14 15 oz) garbanzos, drained1 c. chopped sweet onion or regular onion1/2 c. green pepper, chopped1/2 c. red pepper, chopped1/2 c. yellow pepper, chopped1 1/2 c. halved cherry tomatoes1 c. cider vinegar1/2 c. salad oil2/3 c. sugarsalt & pepper to taste

Prepare macaroni according to package directions, rinse with cool water. Meanwhile, combine drained beans, chopped onion, and chopped peppers in a bowl.

In a separate bowl, combine cider vinegar and salad oil. Slowly add in sugar to dissolve. Add drained macaroni and vinegar mixture to beans. Add tomatoes and salt and pepper. Gently toss to combine.

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Berry Crisp

3/4 c. brown sugar3/4 c. quick cooking rolled oats1/2 c. flour1/2 c. margarine4 5 pts. fresh raspberries

6 servings

In an 8 round or square pan, place the washed berries evenly on the bottom. Crumble the first four ingredients with your fingers. Sprinkle evenly over the top of the fruit.

Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes until the top is golden brown. You can substitute any berries, peaches, apples, etc. in this recipe.

Cheese Blintz Souffle

12 blintzes, frozen or fresh4 eggs1/2 c. sugar1 pint sour cream1 t. vanilla1/2 c. butter or margarine (in a 13 x 9 baking dish)

Place blintzes in baking dish. Mix the eggs, sugar, sour cream and vanilla. Pour mixture over the blintzes and sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes. Top with sour cream and berries when serving.

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Borkeas DAroz (Rice Borekas)

Filling3 c. water1 T. butter, margarine or oil1 c. rice (long grain or medium rice)1/2 c. small curd cottage cheese1/2 c. parmesan cheese1/2 c. crumbled feta cheese1 t. salt2-3 eggs

Bring water and shortening to a boil. Lower heat and add the rice. Stir and cover the pot and cook rice until water is absorbed.

Cool rice and add the cheeses, salt and eggs. Set aside and prepare the Boreka dough.

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Borekas de Calavasa or Phyllo

Makes 3 dozen

Filling:1 can (16 oz.) cooked pumpkin1 egg1 T. all-purpose flour1 t. cinnamon1/3 c. firmly packed brown sugar

Combine filling ingredients in a bowl and set aside

Pastry:1 c. vegetable oil2/3 c. water1 t. salt1/2 t. ground cinnamon (opt.)3 4 c. all purpose flour1 egg

(some people may want to use the phyllo sheets)

For the pastry dough:

Combine oil, water, salt and cinnamon (optional). Gradually add flour, mixing well after each addition. Form dough into balls. With a rolling pin, roll each ball into a circle. Place about a tablespoon of filling near the edge of each circle. Fold circle in half, sealing edges by pressing with tines of a fork. Place them on an ungreased cookie sheet. Brush top with beaten egg.

You may also sprinkle on top with cinnamon or a mixture of 1/2 t. cinnamon and 2 T. sugar. Bake at 375 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes.

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Boreka Dough Recipe I

1 c. oil1 c. ice water1 t. salt5 c. flour

Mix together oil, water and salt. Add the flour and knead lightly into a ball.

Form balls to place a hard boiled egg on and cover bottom and lower side of egg with dough.

Place strips of dough and crisscross over the top of the egg. If you feel a little artistic you may add more dough to join to the bottom of the egg and make Hamans foot. Brush the dough with beaten egg. Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown.

Boreka Dough Recipe II

Read this article:

Sephardic Recipes | Sephardic Bikur Holim Congregation

What is Zionism? – True Torah Jews | Against Zionism

Posted By on October 3, 2017

Zionism is a movement founded by Theodor Herzl in 1896 whose goal is the return of Jews to Eretz Yisrael, or Zion, the Jewish synonym for Jerusalem and the Land of Israel.

The name of “Zionism” comes from the hill Zion, the hill on which the Temple of Jerusalem was situated.

Supporters of this movement are called “Zionists”.

Today there is much confusion among Jews over the meaning of the term Zionism. It means different things to different people.

The reason for this is that historically, Zionism has been a movement dominated by secularist Jews. Herzl and most of his colleagues were assimilated Jews, who did not believe in or practice the Torah. Some Zionists were vehemently anti-religious, and saw the Torah and mitzvos as outdated rituals with no place in their modern state.

Yet the essence of the Zionist idea – that Jews should return to the Holy Land and establish a government – is not inherently secular, and in fact the Zionist movement had some religious members from the very beginning.

Some Jews today use Zionism as a synonym for Israeli secularism, and thus support the State of Israel while claiming to be anti-Zionist. These people’s only complaint about the State of Israel is that it is not religious enough. They hope for the day when the state will be dominated by the religious parties.

But this is not the meaning of the term Zionism as used on this site. When we talk about Zionism here, we are refering to the concept that Jews should rise up, emancipate themselves from exile without waiting for the messiah, and establish a Jewish government in the Holy Land. Using Jewish texts, we demonstrate that this concept is against the Torah and has been opposed by rabbis in all generations.

There have been hundreds of rabbis over the past century who spoke out against the Zionist movement. But because of the ambiguity of the term, it is not always possible to prove that a given rabbi meant to oppose the concept of Zionism, rather than just secularism. For this reason, religious Zionists often make the claim that much rabbinic opposition to Zionism was only because it was a secular movement. On the Rabbinic Quotations section of this site, we have avoided this confusion by carefully selecting those quotations that are clearly against the concept of Zionism itself. As the reader will see, these quotations alone are enough proof that almost all of the greatest sages and leaders of the Jewish people opposed the establishment of a Jewish state.

Originally posted here:
What is Zionism? – True Torah Jews | Against Zionism

The Jewish Debasing Of American Culture | Real Jew News

Posted By on September 29, 2017

in 1923 in the state of Massachusetts. He now goes by the name, Sumner Redstone.

Murray Rothstein owns Viacom, a Media Corporation with subsidiaries such as, MTV, the Homosexual TV show, LOGO, and Paramount Pictures.

When Murray Rothstein puts on a video at his MTV subsidiary with blacks rapping such lyrics as: Hey yo, I smoke dust and shoot cops, sell drugs on new lots, we dust brothers f**k mothers.

I dont think that Sumner Redstone, that is Murray Rothstien, really grooves into it. Its for the Goys you know, and hes making a killing on the dumb Goys who have been conditioned by MTV and all of the Jewish-controlled media to despise anything that remotely resembles Christian morality.

As for Murrays homosexual show, LOGO, dont think for a minute that if his son brought a boyfriend-lover home for dinner that Murray would be too delighted. Jews you see have an obsession that their children should marry and bear grandsons, thus conferring immortality on their Jewish progenitors. A homosexual son is not only a disgrace to a Jew, but tantamount to wiping him out of existence.

But The Show Must Go On, as the saying goes. And thus the Jewish-controlled media and their legal arm, the Jewish-run and funded, American Civil Liberties Union, (ACLU), are engaged in a relentless effort to promote public displays of perversion and decadence.

One such decadent public display is the Folsom Gay Street Fair held in Folsom County CA every year and recently on September 30 2007. The perverse public displays would outrage even the most flaming liberal.See: Folsom Gay FairAND: Folsom Outrage

WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS IS NOW OWNED by the Jew, Michael Eisner. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck have been pre-empted by Eisners Jewish Agenda of promoting a multicultural America. Multiculturism is nothing less than the Jewish sabotage of a homogenous Christian culture.

Examples of Eisners promotion of multiculturism are two films that launched his career in shaping an Anti-Christian culture: The Jungle Book and Pocahontas. In both films, Eisner portrays White males as contemptible, racist, cowardly, and inept. The White heroine in The Jungle Book rejects her British-officer suitor and lets herself be wooed and won by a Jungle-boy.

In Pocahontas, Eisner has Captain John Smith discarding Christianity in favor of American Indian animism through his union with Pocahontas. This Indian princess was named by those who knew her best: little wanton, (pocahontas).

What Eisner is not telling us is that Captain John Smith never married Pocahontas as she was already married with a 3 year old son. It was John Rolfe who had married little wanton. And the Jew Eisner would never scruple to tell his audience of children that it was Pocahontas who converted to Christianity, not vice versa.

As regards The Jungle Book, it bears no resemblance whatsoever to what was originally written by Rudyard Kipling. And what is the subliminal message that Eisner wishes to inject into the sensibilities of American children which will funnel out into American culture? That the White man with his Christianity is deficient in both moral virtues and spirituality.

But will Eisner teach his children and grandchildren to give up their Jewishness and intermarry with Hindus and Blacks? Eisner and his Jewish buddies would rather die than see their sons marry Calcutta Hinuds and Schwartzas!

JEWISHNESS IS BEING SHOVED in our faces everywhere we turn. Because the Jews wish to position themselves as victims, they have exploited the Holocaust to make Americans feel protective of the poor Jewish victim of Anti-Semitism. But has anyone brought to mind that these so called victims happen to be the wealthiest sufferers the world has ever known?

Until we are able to perceive that – America will continue to be a Holocaust Remembrance society. High School Curriculums throughout America are teeming with it. Holocaust Museums and Holocaust Study Centers are in every major U.S. city. The Jews have made sure that our collective memory will not be a Christian one that America once extolled.

Our former common Christian bond has been usurped by a Jewish agenda known as The Holocaust. Are we not sick and tired of the millionaire Jew, Elie Weisel, with his continual harping on his sufferings of the Holocaust? If any one has made a killing on the Holocaust Industry, it is the millionaire Jew, Elie Weisel.

THE JEWS HAVE SO PERMEATED our world-view and self-definition, that our culture has become a Prozac-fixated society. The Jewish Science, that is, Psychoanalysis, has so infused our consciousness, that instead of the John Waynes and the Mickey Mantles as our heroes, we now have as our prime American hero, the neurotic Jew and sex-obsessive pederast, Woody Allen.

Woody Allen, (born Allan Koningberg), typifies the man bereft of absolute truth, continually searching for meaning in a meaningless world, only to give up the search with the plunging into continual sexual gratification as the salvivic consolation. The best that Woody Allen can offer us by way of an example in real life, is his illicit sexual affair with the 16 year old adopted daughter of his second wife, Mia Farrow.


AMERICA WAS ONCE A NATION that bonded its citizens together through a common Christian memory, cause, and destiny. Christian decency has now been preempted by crass depravity through the Jewish-controlled Media and its legal arm, the Jewish-run and funded, American Civil Liberties Union. (ACLU).

Our Christian heritage has been undermined by the Jewish elite who have lobbied successfully for a multicultural (translate, all belief-systems that will crowd out Christianity, society. America, once known as a Christian nation, is now is now termed, thanks to Jewish Academia, a pluralistic nation.

But pluralism and multiculturism works to the Jews advantage: Divide And Conquer! What we have now in our nation, is not primarily a pluralistic society, but rather, a Jewish America.

WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO RECLAIM AMERICA out of the ruinous hands of the Jews. We can begin with makes a commitment to attend Church Services regularly and discussing with like-minded friends the issues that face us.

Then we can all call upon Christ to heal our nation, to heal our souls, to heal our apathy, and to heal our debilitated state.

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