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Zionism –

| May 14, 2018

Zionism is the Jewish national movement of self-determination in the land of Israel the historical birthplace and biblical homeland of the Jewish people. While there was a continuous Jewish presence in the land of Israel over the millennia, the yearning to return to Zion, the biblical term for both the Land of Israel and Jerusalem, has been the cornerstone of Jewish religious life since the Jewish exile from the land two thousand years ago, and is embedded in Jewish prayer, ritual, literature and culture. Modern Zionism emerged in the late 19th century in response to the violent persecution of Jews in Eastern Europe and widespread societal anti-Semitism in Western Europe

Fundamentalism | religious movement |

| May 13, 2018

Fundamentalism, type of militantly conservative religious movement characterized by the advocacy of strict conformity to sacred texts. Once used exclusively to refer to American Protestants who insisted on the inerrancy of the Bible, the term fundamentalism was applied more broadly beginning in the late 20th century to a wide variety of religious movements.

Anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism Labour Party …

| March 28, 2018

Progress, the Jewish Labour Movement and the rightwing media have been running a completely cynical campaign, argues Mosh Machover The whole campaign of equating opposition to Zionism with anti-Semitism has, in fact, been carefully orchestrated with the help of the Israeli government and the far right in the United States.

What is Zionism? | Lasse Wilhelmson

| February 21, 2018

its history and role over the past 150 years by Lasse Wilhelmson Zionism is, according to its own prominent figures, a religious/political movement the aim of which is to create a socialistic model state for Jews in the land of Palestine where Mount Zion is located. Its roots are found in Judaism and in the middle of the nineteenth century Moses Hess, Karl Marxs mentor in socialism, developed it into a political movement. Hess was named The Communist Rabbi and with his book Rome and Jerusalem, 1862, laid the foundations for Zionism


| February 10, 2018

SATANIC VERSES OF THE JEWISH TALMUD: ZIONISTS, ZIONISM AND JUDAISM by Syarif Hidayat The Talmud supercedes the Old Testament in authority for the Jews.

Rothschild Zionism – YouTube

| February 10, 2018

British author and lecturer David Icke has written 20 books and traveled to over 55 countries since 1990.

United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379 – Wikipedia

| February 7, 2018

UN General AssemblyResolution 3379Date10 November 1975Meetingno.2400CodeA/RES/3379(Document)SubjectElimination of all forms of racial discrimination Voting summary United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379, adopted on 10 November 1975 by a vote of 72 to 35 (with 32 abstentions), “determine[d] that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination”. The vote took place approximately one year after UNGA 3237 granted the PLO “observer status”, following PLO president Yasser Arafat’s “olive branch” speech to the General Assembly in November 1974. The resolution was passed with the support of the Soviet bloc and other then Soviet-aligned nations, in addition to the Arab and Muslim majority countries

Zionism: Christian Zionism – Jewish Virtual Library

| January 29, 2018

Christian Zionism can be defined as Christian support for the Zionist cause the return of the Jewish people to its biblical homeland in Israel.

When Zionism is the essence of life, a break has huge …

| January 12, 2018

Breaking with Zionism can be a life-shattering experience. In Israel, the Jewish-Israeli society is by and large Zionist in degrees varying from the so-called liberal-Zionist to the fundamentalist Zionist. There is not really, necessarily, much of a difference when one speaks of this breaking experience in one faction or the other.

Is Liberal Zionism Dead? – The New York Times

| January 11, 2018

Not long after Trumps announcement, the central committee of the ruling Likud Party passed a resolution calling for the de facto annexation of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The Knesset passed an amendment requiring a supermajority to give up Israeli sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem, making a peace deal with the Palestinians even more elusive

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