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Biden Touts CAIR, SPLC in Launching Antisemitism Strategy

| June 6, 2023

President Joe Biden released a national strategy to combat antisemitism touting commitments from organizations that have attacked Jewish groups while declining to mention a single Orthodox Jewish group and failing to unequivocally condemn attacks on Israel as antisemitic, just hours before religiously observant Jews had to unplug for a 48-hour festival.

No Jew Will be Left Behind: FSU’s Leading Jewish Organizations … – Federation of Jewish Communities

| June 6, 2023

No Jew Will be Left Behind: FSU's Leading Jewish Organizations ...   Federation of Jewish Communities

Who are the Real Jews? | My Jewish Learning

| June 4, 2023

During these weeks when autumn turns to winter, the weekly Torah portions relate the story of Jewish genealogy, from Abraham and Sarah to Isaac to Jacob and Esau, twin brothers who part ways leaving Jacob and his sons ostensibly as the exclusive inheritors of the Abrahamic message. It is perhaps serendipitous that we find ourselves at this point in the Torah cycle amid a contemporary controversy over a film claiming that Black Africans are the true Jews and white Jews are imposters. Setting aside for the moment the disturbing antisemitic tropes deployed in the film, and the fact that there is no shortage of Black Jews that fully and rightfully identify with the Jewish community, there is something here that should attract our attention: How do we who call ourselves Jews authenticate our own Jewishness?

I was the wrong kind of Israeli memoirs of an Arab-Jew by Avi Shlaim review – The Times

| June 4, 2023

I was the wrong kind of Israeli memoirs of an Arab-Jew by Avi Shlaim review   The Times

Timely reflections on the coronation | Chaim Ingram | The Blogs

| May 11, 2023

I never cease to be amazed by how what I am learning at any given time has a seemingly serendipitous relevance to a concurrent event in the calendar. But as every believing Jew knows, nothing is entirely by chance. The Daf Yomi cycle lasts around seven years and five months

Defendant pleads guilty to brazen antisemitic attack that …

| April 30, 2023

Waseem Awawdeh, one of five defendants charged with targeting a Jewish man in a brazen antisemitic attack that drew an outcry from New York Citys Jewish community, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to attempted assault and criminal possession of a weapon, a spokesperson for the Manhattan district attorneys office confirmed. He will be sentenced on June 13 to 12 months in jail for attempted assault in the second degree as a hate crime and six months for criminal possession in the fourth degree, the spokesperson told Jewish Insider on Tuesday, noting that his sentences will be served consecutively.

NYC Council progressives vote no, from ‘End Jew Hatred Day’

| April 30, 2023

A group of left-leaning New York City Council members, including Brooklyns controversial Charles Barron, failed to back a resolution to establish an End Jew Hatred Day in the Big Apple and are facing criticism from both sides of the aisle. After speaking on the floor about the atrocities of the Holocaust, I was sick to my stomach listening to the explanations on the NO votes and abstentions on a simple resolution asking to proclaim a day to End Jew Hatred, said the GOP lawmaker who sponsored the bill, Inna Vernikov.

Polish-Jewish group releases antisemitism report that shows steep …

| April 29, 2023

WARSAW (JTA) A Jewish association has released what is being called the first report on antisemitism conducted with direct input from Polish Jewish community organizations, counting 488 incidents in 2022 submitted via an online portal and collected through extensive interviews with community members. The incident total released on Monday by the Czulent Jewish Association is more than four times the number reported for 2021 by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. The reports lead author, Anna Zieliska, said 86% of incidents involved online harassment and insults.

First antisemitism report conducted with the Polish Jewish community shows how Jew is used to discredit enemies – Forward

| April 25, 2023

First antisemitism report conducted with the Polish Jewish community shows how Jew is used to discredit enemies   Forward

Berber Jews – Wikipedia

| March 31, 2023

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Berber-speaking Jewish people in North Africa Berber Jews are the Jewish communities of the Maghreb, in North Africa, who historically spoke Berber languages.Between 1950 and 1970 most immigrated to France, the United States, or Israel.[1] Jews have settled in Maghreb since at least the third century BC.[2] According to one theory, which is based on the fourteenth-century writings of Arab philosopher Ibn Khaldun and was influential during the 20th century, Berbers adopted Judaism from these arrived Jews before the Arab conquest of North Africa.[2][3] For example, French historian, Eugne Albertini dates the Judaization of certain Berber tribes and their expansion from Tripolitania to the Saharan oases, to the end of the 1st century.[4] Marcel Simon for his part, sees the first point of contact between the western Berbers and Judaism in the great Jewish Rebellion of 66-70.[5] Some historians believe, based on the writings of Ibn Khaldoun and other evidence, that some or all of the ancient Judaized Berber tribes later adopted Christianity and afterwards Islam, and it is not clear if they are a part of the ancestry of contemporary Berber-speaking Jews.[6] According to Joseph Chetrit, recent research has shown weaknesses in the evidence supporting Ibn Khaldun's statement, and "seems to support scholars' hypothesis that Jews came to North Africa from ancient Israel after a stay in Egypt and scattered progressively from East to West, from the Middle East to the Atlantic in the Hellenic-Roman Empire".[2] Besides old settlements of Jews in the Atlas mountains and the interior Berber lands of Morocco, strong periodic persecutions by the Almohades most probably augmented the Jewish presence there. This hypothesis is reinforced by the pogroms which happened in Fes, Meknes and Taza in the late 15th century and which would have brought another wave of Jews, including amongst them Spanish Jewish-descended families such as the Peretz, and this wave would have even reached the Sahara with Figuig and Errachidia.[citation needed] Some claim the female Berber military leader, Dihya, was a Berber Jew, though she is remembered in the oral tradition of some North-African communities as an oppressive leader for the Jews, and other sources claim her to be Christian. She is said to have aroused the Berbers in the Aures (Chaoui territory) in the eastern spurs of the Atlas Mountains in modern-day Algeria to a last, although fruitless, resistance to the Arab general Hasan ibn Nu'man.[citation needed] Following the 1948 ArabIsraeli War, the tensions between the Jewish and Muslim communities increased.[7] Jews in the Maghreb were compelled to leave[by whom?] due to these increased tensions

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