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Today In History: The Lynching of Leo Frank – Exploring Hate

| January 31, 2023

In the spring of 1913, Mary Phagan, a 13-year-old factory worker, was found murdered in the basement of the National Pencil Factory in Atlanta. In what would become one of the most notorious cases in Georgia history and one that still resonates today Leo Frank, the superintendent of the factory, was accused of her murder. A Northerner and a Jew, Frank was swiftly convicted and sentenced to death.

Leo Frank | American factory superintendent | Britannica

| January 27, 2023

Leo Frank, in full Leo Max Frank, (born April 17, 1884, Cuero, Texas, U.S.died August 17, 1915, Marietta, Georgia), American factory superintendent whose conviction in 1913 for the murder of Mary Phagan resulted in his lynching. His trial and death shaped the nascent Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and spurred the first resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Frank was pardoned in 1986

Leo Frank Lynching Photos: The Leo Frank Lynch Party August 16 & 17 …

| January 27, 2023

The Abduction Site: Milledgeville Prison On August 16, 1915, nearly two months after the June 21, 1915, commutation, Leo M. Frank was abducted from prison by a group of men from the State of Georgias highest social, legal, and political strata. They anointed themselves as the Knights of Mary Phagan

Leo Frank – Jewish Virtual Library

| January 27, 2023

The success of the Broadway musical Parade has rekindled interest in the Leo Frank case.

Parade (musical) – Wikipedia

| April 20, 2022

Musical with a book by Alfred Uhry and music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown Parade is a musical with a book by Alfred Uhry and music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown. The musical is a dramatization of the 1913 trial and imprisonment, and 1915 lynching, of Jewish American Leo Frank in Georgia. The musical premiered on Broadway in December 1998 and won Tony Awards for Best Book and Best Original Score (out of nine nominations) and six Drama Desk Awards.

Laurel And Hardy’s Jewish Connections – The Jewish Press –

| April 20, 2022

Englishman Stan Laurel (1890-1965) and American Oliver Hardy (1892-1957) were a comedy duo act during the early classical Hollywood era of American cinema. They started their careers as a duo in the silent film era and later successfully transitioned to talkies, and for the better part of three decades ranging from the late 1920s to the mid-1950s, they were internationally famous for their slapstick comedy, with Laurel playing the skinny, clumsy, childlike friend to Hardys rotund and pompous bully. (In Hebrew they were known as Hashamen vHarazeh the fat one and the thin one.) Laurel and Hardy got their start in film working with a variety of Jewish slapstick comedians and, prior to emerging as a team, both had well-established movie careers; Laurel had acted in over 50 films and he was also a writer (see discussion below on his noteworthy Jewish scripts), while Hardy appeared in more than 250 productions

A Look at the Historical Figures Behind Controversial Buildings on VSU’s Campus – The Spectator – V Spectator

| April 7, 2022

Ashley Cinemas Ashley Cinema, established in 1979, was named after the Ashley Street, also named after William Ashley, who was a physician and slaveholder. This was not the first to request this name change. Citizens of Valdosta have proposed changing the name because of Ashleys position as an enslaver of at least 17 African Americans during his lifetime

Once exceptional, the lives of American Jews have become lachrymose – Forward

| March 12, 2022

The Tears of History: From Kishinev to Pittsburgh, by the renowned French historian Pierre Birnbaum, takes its title from the work of the influential Jewish-American historian Salo Baron. In rejecting what he called the lachrymose account of Jewish history, Baron instead insisted that, both in medieval Europe and modern America, our history was more fortunate than Baron and most Jewish historians believed. In this slim and eloquent work not yet translated into English and published in France as Les Larmes dhistoire: De Kichinev Pittsburg Birnbaum takes up this issue by tracing the rise of antisemitism in the United States.

Mary Phagan Autopsy, Conducted on Monday, May … – Leo Frank

| February 3, 2022

DR. H.

History of the Jews in Atlanta – Wikipedia

| January 30, 2022

The history of the Jews in Atlanta began in the early years of the city's settlement, and the Jewish community continues to grow today. In its early decades, the Jewish community was largely made up of German Jewish immigrants who quickly assimilated and were active in broader Atlanta society.

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