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Institute for Historical Review – Wikipedia

| March 6, 2019

This article is about the American Holocaust denial organization.

Trial Materials | Holocaust Denial on Trial

| March 6, 2019

In 1993, Dr. Deborah E. Lipstadt wrote Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory to expose the lies, distortions, and political agendas that drive Holocaust denial.

Holocaust | Holocaust Denial in Muslim World

| March 6, 2019

The first flickerings of Holocaust denial in the Middle East began in the 1970s, when the German born Holocaust Denier, Ernst Zundel, published a four-page pamphlet entitled, "The West, War, and Islam," and sent it to the heads of state of several Middle Eastern countries. In the 1980's, indigenous Middle Eastern sources began to develop, but it was not until the 1990s that Holocaust denial became prevalent in the Arab press

The Trump Administration’s Flirtation With Holocaust Denial

| February 17, 2019

Had the Germans won, they probably would have eliminated millions of other peoples, including the Roma, homosexuals, dissidents of any kind, and other useless eaters. But it was only the Jews whose destruction could not wait until after the war. Only in the case of the Jews could war priorities be overridden

BBC Radio 4s statistics programme on Holocaust denial in …

| February 17, 2019

The lead item (from 00:28 here) in the February 3rd edition of the BBC Radio 4 statistics programme More or Less related to the results of a survey published a few days earlier by Britains Holocaust Memorial Day Trust that was previously covered on the BBC News website. Is it true that one in 20 adults in Britain dont believe the Holocaust took place?

Combating Holocaust Denial: Origins of Holocaust Denial …

| February 14, 2019

Nazi policy did a great deal to facilitate denial of the Holocaust even as the killing operation unfolded across German-occupied Europe during World War II. The Holocaust was a state secret in Nazi Germany

Professor Roman Yushkov is the First Russian On Trial for …

| February 2, 2019

In May 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a draconian law that makes any denial of the official story of Nazi crimes a criminal offense. The law also includes wittingly spreading false information about the activity of the USSR during the years of World War Two or portraying the Third Reich in a positive light. While many people within the alternative media worship Putin as a great White savior, some of us having been paying close attention to many indicators that the former Soviet Union has become increasingly repressive and totalitarian

Mass Holocaust-denial infecting Eastern Europe study …

| January 29, 2019

A new study suggests that Holocaust denial is at its worst in Eastern Europe, where revisionist governments driven by feelings of victimhood try to erase their nations culpability in the massacre of Jews.

The Case of the Holocaust Denial – Global Freedom of Expression

| December 20, 2018

Case Summary and Outcome The Constitutional Court of Spain struck down part of a provision of the Criminal Code that penalized the denial and justification of the Nazi holocaust. The case was brought to the Constitutional Court by the Third Section of the Provincial Court of Barcelona after an individual was sentenced to an effective five years imprisonment for distributing material that denied the Holocaust.

Berlin Winner Radu Jude on Holocaust Denial Film Barbarians

| December 20, 2018

Berlin Winner Radu Jude on Holocaust Denial Film Barbarians: Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: Judes I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians, which has its world premiere Monday in Karlovy Vary Film Festivals main competition, has ruffled as many feathers in his native Romania as the films central character does in the town where she is staging a historical reenactment of a chapter from the Holocaust. In a country where many still refuse to discuss its role as a Nazi ally in common with several others in Europe the subject is still raw, says the writer/director

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