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The Jewish Denominations | My Jewish Learning

| February 7, 2023

Jewish denominations also sometimes referred to as streams, movements or branches are the principal categories of religious affiliation among American Jews. The denominations are mainly distinguished from one another on the basis of their philosophical approaches to Jewish tradition, and their degree of fidelity to and interpretation of traditional Jewish law, or halacha

Judaism – Basic beliefs and doctrines | Britannica

| January 12, 2023

Judaism is more than an abstract intellectual system, though there have been many efforts to view it systematically. It affirms divine sovereignty disclosed in creation (nature) and in history, without necessarily insisting uponbut at the same time not rejectingmetaphysical speculation about the divine

Beliefs and branches of Judaism | Britannica

| December 15, 2022

Judaism , Religious beliefs and practices of the Jews. One of the three great monotheistic world religions, Judaism began as the faith of the ancient Hebrews, and its sacred text is the Hebrew Bible, particularly the Torah

Judaism: Beliefs, Rituals, Celebrations And Symbols – Edubirdie

| December 15, 2022

Exploring new areas outside of ones personal experiences or level of knowledge can be intimidating. I found this to be true when asked to attend a religious service outside of my own religious traditions

The Patient is best when it focuses on Judaism, not serial killers – Haaretz

| December 9, 2022

The Patient is best when it focuses on Judaism, not serial killers   Haaretz

The Great Revolt (66 – 70 CE) – Jewish Virtual Library

| October 15, 2022

The Jews' Great Revolt against Rome in 66 C.E.

Wanting in, wanting out: Phoebe Maltz Bovy contemplates the soup of beliefs found in a new book called ‘Bad Jews’ – The Canadian Jewish News

| October 15, 2022

Emily Tamkins Bad Jews is in a sense two books in one. Its a sweeping explainerclearly written, and well-sourced with interviews and citations of respected historiansof American Jewish history

THIS BEAUTIFUL FUTURE to Host Talkback with Jewish Faith Leaders This Month – Broadway World

| October 15, 2022

Tony and Olivier-winning OHenry Productions has announced a post-show conversation with Jewish faith leaders following the October 20 performance of This Beautiful Future. Written by Rita Kalnejais and directed by Jack Serio, This Beautiful Future is a story of young love set during World War II. The production, which opened on September 20, 2022, will conclude its run at the historic Cherry Lane Theatre (38 Commerce Street, Manhattan) on October 23, 2022.

The myth of the lost golden age – OnlySky

| October 15, 2022

Overview: In the service of recapturing a mythical perfect past, humans have committed the most terrible evils. The older I get, the more Ive come to believe that the Garden of Eden is the worst of the Bibles myths.

USAFA cadet forced to choose between her religion and key training told the issue is being Jewish – Daily Kos

| October 15, 2022

In its latest slap in the face to its Jewish cadets, the ever-religious-diversity-challenged Air Force Academy this year scheduled its Commandants Challenge, the most important training day of the semester, on October 5, perfectly timed to fall right smack on Yom Kippur, the most solemn of all Jewish holy days, forcing Jewish cadets to choose between their religion and joining their much-preferred Christian counterparts in a training day that the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) described as key to advancement within the academy.

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