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The Women on Stieve’s List | USC Shoah Foundation – USC Shoah Foundation |

| April 11, 2024

In Nazi Germany, the medical field was part of the larger effort to dehumanize anyone who did not conform to the idea of a healthy German nation. Dr. Sabine Hildebrandt, who teaches the history of anatomy at Harvard Medical School, scrutinizes the biographies of medical professionals during the Nazi era and restores the histories of victims subjected to coercive medical experimentation both before and after death

She Smuggled Love, Hope, and Dynamite Over the Ghetto Walls – USC Shoah Foundation |

| March 13, 2024

Not long after Feigele (Vladka) Peltels father died of pneumonia in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1940, the 17-year-old found herself at a lecture about Yiddish author I.L. Peretz hosted by her social democratic youth group, Tsukunft (The Future). She doesnt precisely remember the talk, but she does recall the energy in the room

USC Shoah Foundation partners with National Library of Israel – Park Labrea News/Beverly Press

| March 13, 2024

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USC Shoah Foundation: We’re in most dangerous era for Jews since Holocaust –

| March 13, 2024

(March 6, 2024 / JNS) World Jewry is facing its most dangerous period since the end of the Holocaust nearly eight decades ago, the head of the University of Southern Californias Shoah Foundation said on Tuesday. The denial of the Holocaust and the attack of Oct. 7 are yet another version of antisemitic conspiracy theories which date back to ancient, centuries-old thinking blaming Jews for [ones] own suffering, USCSF executive director Robert J

‘I did not want to die without having kissed a woman’ – USC Shoah Foundation |

| March 13, 2024

March 28, 2024 @ 11:00 am Very little has been recorded about same-sex desire and relationships in concentration camps and ghettos during the Holocaust, leaving us with questions about how queer relationships were viewed and what stories may have been erased. On March 28, Dr. Anna Hjkov, a third-generation descendant of Holocaust survivors and pioneer of queer Holocaust history, will discuss why including queer narratives is crucial to developing a deeper understanding of Nazi persecution and societal resistance.

Most countries refuse to budge on Shoah art restitution –

| March 13, 2024

(March 6, 2024 / JNS) A majority of countries have made no progress on Holocaust art restitution over the last quarter century, a report released on Monday shows. Twenty-four of 47 countries surveyed have made minimal to no progress in art and cultural property restitution, compared to only seven countries that have made major progress in the field

Thinking intensely about the holocaust, Israel and Gaza – Pearls and Irritations

| March 13, 2024

The vengeful, scheming, genocidal response unleashed since October last year in Gaza, by Israel, has prompted a profoundly intensified global review of the punishing history related to the establishment of the State of Israel and its colonial-settler expansion ever since 1948. An exceptional commentator, Pankaj Mishra, has now contributed an avidly argued, candid extended essay situated within this framework. Entitled, The Shoah after Gaza, it has recently been published in the London Review of Books

In the Zone of Non Vanishing Horror: Muted Cry of Jonathan Glazer – The Times of Israel

| February 27, 2024

In the Zone of Non Vanishing Horror: Muted Cry of Jonathan Glazer   The Times of Israel

Holocaust (Shoah) |

| February 21, 2024

The Holocaust (Shoah, Hebrew for "catastrophe") refers to the carefully planned genocide of the Jewish people by the Nazis, the "Final Solution," from 193345. It is the most extreme form of racism the world had known until then. The Holocaust differs from other mass murders and forms of brutality in the motivation of the perpetrators (the destruction of a human group for no other reason than that it was considered subhuman in Nazi racist ideology) and the means used (a long process of extreme dehumanization, culminating in gas chambers and death camps).

The fearless operation needed to thwart another Shoah – Arutz Sheva

| February 11, 2024

The fearless operation needed to thwart another Shoah   Arutz Sheva

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