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Ben Stein Accuses Ron Paul of Anti-Semitism on Larry King

| September 7, 2011

Ben Stein Accuses Ron Paul of Anti-Semitism

Farrakhan responds to charge of anti-Semitism (Al-Jazeera)

| September 7, 2011 - Minister Farrakhan responds to false allegations of anti-Semitism.

UK Baroness: “The constant accusation of Anti-Semitism to silence Israels critics is vindictive”

| September 6, 2011

Baroness Tongue rips into the Israel Lobby, AIPAC, Friends of Israel and the Board of Deputies accusing them of constantly using the accusation of Anti-Semitism to silence Israels Critics where no intention of Anti-Semitism exists.

George Galloway + Accusation of Anti-Semitism = Fireworks!

| September 6, 2011

George Galloway! This is a classic piece of audio from George Galloway's radio show. A caller accuses him of anti-Semitism and George goes off at him with a well-deserved rant!

Let’s blame the Jews

| September 6, 2011

Enough already. Anti-Semitism in the UK remains high in 2010 UK: Anti-Semitism rampant in Muslim schools Jews abandon Swedish city amid growing anti-Semitism Jew hatred in Norway Jewish dance group stoned in Germany Pro-Israel rally crashed in Sweden Since when was anti-Semitism rebranded as 'anti-racism'?

Andrew Klavan: Fun With Anti-Semitism

| September 5, 2011

In the aftermath of the Holocaust, many in the West swore that never again would we allow such an atrocity to occur. And now the West is actually pitching in on Israel's destruction.

Father Coughlin: 1/4 Not Anti Semitism But Anti Communism

| September 5, 2011

The following is an excerpt from a radio address given by Catholic priest Father Charles E.

Mel Gibson’s Signs (of Anti-Semitism)

| September 5, 2011

It's not like Mel didn't warn us... about the Jews. SPECIAL MESSAGE: For those of you too slow to grasp that this is satire, can all the anti-Semitic cowards please peddle your nonsense elsewhere

Why Anti-Semitism Endures

| September 4, 2011

Anti-Semitism can be based on everything from religion to ignorance to wealth to capitalism.

The 1913 Murder Trial that resulted in the Birth of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith

| August 26, 2011

Spoiler alert: Leo Frank claimed to the police he never left his office from noon to 12:45, and also claimed that Mary Phagan came to his office between 12:05 and 12:10 on Saturday, April 26, 1913. However, Monteen Stover testified at his murder trial that Leo M. Frank's office was empty from 12:05 to 12:10 […]

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