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Israeli jets bomb Gaza Strip after deadly attacks

| August 21, 2011

Israeli aircraft bombed the Gaza Strip on Thursday killing six people in the southern city of Rafah just hours after gunmen carried out a series of deadly attacks on Israeli buses.

Gaza’s 5 star hotel is empty

| August 19, 2011

Very few are able to afford to stay in the spanking new five star hotel with restaurants and cafes overlooking the beach, the first of its kind in the Gaza Strip. Boasting 222 rooms with sea views and flat screen televisions, the eight storey al-Mashtal hotel remains almost empty

Human rights groups warn of a severe water crisis in the Gaza Strip

| August 18, 2011

FSRN: 95 percent of drinking water fails to meet international standards and water and sanitation plants have yet to rebuilt following the 2009 Israeli war

Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip continue – 28 Dec 08

| July 14, 2011

For a second day, Israeli aircraft have pounded what they say are Hamas targets in Gaza. The death toll has risen to at least 280, among them women and children. Hamas has vowed not to cave in, but Israel's operation could soon escalate

Mosaic News – 07/05/11: French Boat Heads for Gaza

| July 12, 2011

French vessel "Dignity" eludes Greek crackdown on Gaza flotilla, Pakistani tribal leaders demand an end to US drone attacks, Bahrain begins "national dialogue" as crackdown on activists continues, and more. Headlines: French boat 'Dignity' eludes Greek crackdown by settling sail to Gaza Al-Alam TV, Iran Pakistani tribal leaders demand an end to US drone attacks Al Jazeera TV, Qatar Bahrain begins 'national dialogue' as crackdown on activists continues Press TV, Iran Four Yemenis killed in military airstrikes Press TV, Iran Heated debates expected in Lebanese Parliament over UN-backed tribunal Press TV, Iran Second day of clashes in Syria's Hama claims 6 lives BBC- Arabic Russia urges diplomacy to end Libya crisis Dubai TV, UAE PA says Gilo settlement plans destroy chances for peace Nile TV, Egypt Israel, Turkey seeking ways to resolve Mavi Marmara crisis IBA TV, Israel IDF military chief: Iran deepening regional influence IBA TV, Israel A look at one of the men indicted in Hariri's assassination New TV, Lebanon Mosaic is a Peabody Award-winning daily compilation of television news reports from the Middle East, including Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, the Palestinian Authority, Iraq and Iran. Watch more Mosaic at

Getting rich off the siege against Gaza

| July 10, 2011

It's been five years since Israel imposed a total blockade on Gaza - a siege that was aimed at weakening Hamas, which controls the Strip. But an underground world of smuggling tunnels, and the subsequent taxes imposed by Hamas, has actually helped strengthen the group.

Joseph Dana speaks to Al Jazeera about taking part in the latest flotilla to Gaza

| June 28, 2011

Jospeh Dana, an Israeli-American journalist with the Nation, will be on board a US ship as part of the Freedom Flotilla which is to deliver aid to the Gaza Strip. He says he will go ahead with his decision despite Israel's warning that journalists on board the flotilla could be banned from the country for ten years.

Gaza Strip part 2

| June 22, 2011

Many of us judge the Israeli/Palestinian conflict from the outside looking in. This documentary gives us the opportunity to look at it from the inside. Looking at the issue from inside Gaza looking out at the world

Gaza Strip part 1

| June 21, 2011

Many of us judge the Israeli/Palestinian conflict from the outside looking in. This documentary gives us the opportunity to look at it from the inside

Who Is Responsible For The Gaza Strip Conflict?

| June 14, 2011

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