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Hasidic Women in the United States | Jewish Women's Archive

| July 18, 2015

Hasidic women represent a unique face of American Judaism.

Ask the Rabbi, Hasidic Life Today

| July 10, 2015

Question: I have recently been assigned to complete a project on Hasidic Judaism.

10 Weird and Wonderful Things About Living Among Hasidic …

| July 10, 2015

Unite the Beards is a new and remarkably nave organization that wants to bring hipsters and Hasidic Jews together. Theyre based here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where the Hasidic community has made it very clear they hate hipsters way more than everybody else does.

Ex-Hasidic Mother Loses Custody of Children – By Shulem …

| July 10, 2015

Judge orders custody switch, citing concerns that the mother's influence might jeopardize the children's religious upbringing. A 32-year-old mother from Monsey, N.Y., has lost custody of her children due largely to what a judge described as the mothers inadequate religious observance

I Escaped Hasidic Judaism and Went From Living on the …

| June 17, 2015

In June 2008, exactly three years after I got married, I decided to get a divorce. I didn't fall out of love with my wife. In fact, I never fell in love with her in the first place

Now That's a Different Story

| April 14, 2015

The Hasidic philosopher Martin Buber told the tale of a Jewish grandfather who was a master storyteller. Though limited physically, confined to his wheelchair, this did not constrict his mind or his imagination

REVIEWS: 'All Who Go Do Not Return,' by Shulem Deen, and 'By Night the Mountain Burns,' by Juan Tomas Avila Laurel

| April 14, 2015

ALL WHO GO DO NOT RETURN By Shulem Deen. (Graywolf Press, 320 pages, $16.) In this painful and elegiac memoir, Shulem Deen, a former Skverer Hasidic Jew from New York City, eloquently describes his agonizing fall from faith and ascendant longing to live in a less insular world than the subculture he grew up in and in which he became a husband and father of five.

Uneasy Neighbors

| April 2, 2015

Local historian explains origins of Satmar Hasidim & KJ, outlines conflicts between sect and broader community, long-term implications Published Apr 2, 2015 at 1:46 pm (Updated Apr 2, 2015) Photo illustration An example of high-density housing in the Village of Kiryas Joel. Photo by Abby Wolf Richard Hull, a professor at New York University as well as the historian for the Town of Warwick, described the history of Kiryas Joel during a lecture last month at Congregation Eitz Chaim in Monroe. The Kiryas Joel School.

Literary Lion: 5 Questions with Nonfiction Writer Lis Harris

| April 2, 2015

Associate Professor Lis Harris was a staff writer at The New Yorker from 1970 to 1995. In addition to innumerable articles, reviews and commentaries, she is the author of Holy Days: The World of a Hasidic Family, Rules of Engagement: Four American Marriages and Tilting at Mills: Green Dreams, Dirty Dealings and the Corporate Squeeze. In 2014, Columbias Rare Book and Manuscript Library acquired her papers

How Shulem Deen Lost Everything and Found Himself

| March 27, 2015

Riveting and Painful Memoir Offers an Unflinching Look at Hasidic Life Pearl Gabel Narrating the Unraveling: Shulem Deen grew up in Brooklyns Boro Park, the largest ultra-Orthodox community in America. All Who Go Do Not Return By Shulem Deen Graywolf Press, 288 pages, $16 Family and God are the essences of a Hasids life

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