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CFL, Alouettes fine defensive lineman Mitchell for …

| May 14, 2015

Defensive lineman Khalif Mitchell has been fined undisclosed amounts by the Canadian Football League and the Montreal Alouettes for inappropriate posts on Twitter, including a link to a holocaust denial video. CFL commissioner Jeffrey Orridge said Mitchell violated the leagues social media policy

Holocaust denial – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

| May 9, 2015

Holocaust denial is the act of denying the genocide of Jews in the Holocaust during World War II.[1][2] Holocaust denial includes any of the following claims: that Nazi Germany's Final Solution policy aimed only at deporting Jews from the Reich, and included no policy to exterminate Jews; that Nazi authorities did not use extermination camps and gas chambers to mass murder Jews; and that the actual number of Jews killed was significantly (typically an order of magnitude) lower than the historically accepted figure of 5 to 6 million.[3][4][5] Scholars use the term "denial" to describe the views and methodology of Holocaust deniers in order to distinguish them from legitimate historical revisionists, who challenge orthodox interpretations of history using established historical methodologies.[6] Holocaust deniers generally do not accept the term denial as an appropriate description of their activities, and use the term revisionism instead.[7] The methodologies of Holocaust deniers are based on a predetermined conclusion that ignores overwhelming historical evidence to the contrary.[8] Most Holocaust denial claims imply, or openly state, that the Holocaust is a hoax arising out of a deliberate Jewish conspiracy to advance the interest of Jews at the expense of other peoples.[9] For this reason, Holocaust denial is considered to be an antisemitic [10]conspiracy theory,[11] is frequently criticized, and is illegal in several countries. Holocaust deniers prefer to refer to their work as historical revisionism, and object to being referred to as "deniers".[7] Scholars consider this misleading, since the methods of Holocaust denial differ from those of legitimate historical revision.[6] Legitimate historical revisionism is explained in a resolution adopted by the Duke University History Department, November 8, 1991, and reprinted in Duke Chronicle, November 13, 1991 in response to an advertisement produced by Bradley R Smith's Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust: That historians are constantly engaged in historical revision is certainly correct; however, what historians do is very different from this advertisement. Historical revision of major events ...


| April 3, 2015

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Holocaust denial is stupid – Video

| March 19, 2015

Holocaust denial is stupid I just wanted to talk about how people denying the holocaust is just plain stupid. By: TheAtheistGamer

Expansions News – Holocaust “Denial”, Google Grants Eternal Life, Hillary’s Devil Horns – Video

| March 15, 2015

Expansions News - Holocaust "Denial", Google Grants Eternal Life, Hillary's Devil Horns Hold on to your seats as Stewart Swerdlow discusses his recent travels and delves into the dangerous, controversial and taboo subject of the Holocaust and the German concentra ... By: Stewart Swerdlow

George Galloway Praises a Holocaust Denial Book – Video

| March 13, 2015

George Galloway Praises a Holocaust Denial Book By: GallowayWatch

Mahmoud Abbas & Holocaust denial. – Video

| March 8, 2015

Mahmoud Abbas Holocaust denial. From'Stand With Us'.

Holocaust Denial-Zech – Video

| March 6, 2015

Holocaust Denial-Zech By: MrFoliver

Holocaust Denial or TRUTH 2 – Video

| March 6, 2015

Holocaust Denial or TRUTH 2 Holocaust Denial or TRUTH 2. By: Jamie Rambo

Holocaust Denial Club – Video

| March 1, 2015

Holocaust Denial Club Holocaust Denial Club. By: Mr Bizzworld

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