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U of A Displays Pen Used to Sign Holocaust Education Legislation – University of Arkansas Newswire

| January 30, 2022

Photo by Chieko Hara/University Relations L to R: Barry Brown, Toby Klein, Laura Jacobs, Adrain Smith The U of A held a small ceremony and provided accompanying programming on International Holocaust Rememberance Day to recognize a bill, the volunteers who championed it and the universitys support by displaying the pen that was used to sign the important piece of state legislation into law that requires Arkansas schools to educate students about the Holocaust. The gift of the pen used to sign Bill 160 into law was made to the U of A by a volunteer committee with representatives including renowned Holocaust survivor and regular U of A program presenter Pieter Kohnstam and U of A Professor Emeritus Barry Brown, among others.

The week in TV: The Responder; Trigger Point; The Gilded Age; Survivors: Portraits of the Holocaust – The Guardian

| January 30, 2022

The Responder (BBC One) | iPlayerTrigger Point (ITV) | ITV HubThe Gilded Age (Sky Atlantic)Survivors: Portraits of the Holocaust (BBC Two) | IPlayer I was rather taken aback by BBC Ones The Responder: by how good it is, how unsettling and vivid. It looks like a bog-standard edgy five-part police drama (all episodes are on iPlayer), this time set in Liverpool: the fraught corrupt cop with the marriage on the rocks; the seedy underworld; drug deals going wrong; threats; eruptions of violence The Responder has all of this, but much more besides. It is television police drama refashioned as a long, dark night of the soul

New Biographies of Stanisaw Lem, Reviewed – The New Yorker

| January 14, 2022

Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. In His Masters Voice, a 1968 sci-fi novel by the Polish writer Stanisaw Lem, a team of scientists and scholars convened by the American government try to decipher a neutrino signal from outer space. They manage to translate a fragment of the signals information, and a couple of the scientists use it to construct a powerful weapon, which the projects senior mathematician fears could wipe out humanity

The Nazis didnt win: 98-year-old Holocaust survivor amidst thousands of birthday cards – The Indian Express

| January 1, 2022

Lily Ebert, a Holocaust survivor, was massively surprised on her 98th birthday when she received thousands of greetings cards and letters from people around the world.

The top 10 most-read medical ethics articles in 2021 – American Medical Association

| December 30, 2021

Each month, the AMA Journal of Ethics (@JournalofEthics) gathers insights from physicians and other experts to explore issues in medical ethics that are highly relevant to doctors in practice and the future physicians now in medical schools, as well as the other health professionals who constitute the health care team. Below, find the 10 most popular AMA Journal of Ethics articles published this year.

Banks, credit unions urged to waive fees for Holocaust compensation – American Banker

| December 24, 2021

The New York State Department of Financial Services is calling on state-chartered financial institutions to voluntarily waive wire transfer and processing fees for Holocaust reparations recipients if they dont already do so.

Entertainment Weekly Staffer: Boss Joked About the Holocaust, Eating Disorders – TheWrap

| December 24, 2021

Brittany Kaplan has accused Entertainment Weeklys fired top editor, J.D. Heyman, of joking about the Holocaust and engaging in racist and sexist behavior in a lawsuit against the magazine and its owner DotDash Meredith. Among the other allegations in the lawsuit filed Tuesday by Kaplan, a senior editor at EW, Heyman is said to have called singer Jewel snaggletooth while insulting her for previously being homeless

For Aging New Yorkers, Help With Health Care – The New York Times

| December 16, 2021

Saveliy Kaplinsky had an annual tradition. For 15 years, almost every spring, hed return to Minsk, where he had survived the Holocaust, then had worked to rebuild his community. During his return visits, he would honor those killed, among them, his parents, and visit the Yama memorial.

By the grace of the game: The Holocaust, a basketball legacy, and an unprecedented American dream – Yahoo Sports

| December 1, 2021

In By the Grace of the Game, Dan Grunfeld chronicles the worlds only known journey from Auschwitz to the NBA. Dans dad, longtime NBA player and executive Ernie Grunfeld, is the only player in NBA history whose parents survived the Holocaust.

The Krakow Family Who Survived the Holocaust | THIRTEEN – New York Public Media – MetroFocus

| December 1, 2021

Christina Knight | November 30, 2021 The Neiger family. The Neiger family was living a peaceful life in the Jewish community in Krakow. Then World War II changed their lives forever.

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