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Debt owed to Jewish refugee art – Church Times – Church Times

| June 11, 2021

AFTER the Second World War, there was an almost unprecedented expansion of the number of church buildings containing works of art, as churches were repaired or built with new work installed in them. This was a time of impassioned artistic activity, in which the catalyst for the Church was, to a significant extent, migr artists, many of whom were Jewish. This remarkable generation of refugees from Nazi-dominated Europe contributed artworks that greatly enriched British culture and churches

A Jew is a Jew is a Jew: What rising antisemitism is teaching the diaspor – The Jerusalem Post

| June 1, 2021

It has all the makings of a blockbuster disaster film: 1. The confluence of seemingly unrelated events taking place in different parts of the world; 2. The rising temperature that augers widespread destruction; and 3.The obliviousness of the vast majority of those who would be most impacted.No, its not an alien invasion nor a climate change disaster film, its the synopsis of what is increasingly awaiting Jews throughout the Western world, particularly in the places where they have traditionally felt most comfortable.One has to be willfully obtuse to not see the steady unfolding of ominous events, ranging from random attempted lynchings in the streets of Blue cities (not strongholds of white supremacy), to cynically manipulated pronouncements in prominent media, to unhinged rants by celebrities and muscle flexing progressive Democrats in Congress.Some in England see residual Corbynism resurfacing, while in Western Europe, the pretext of supporting Hamas has meant that any and all Jews are fair game.There are many attempts at trying to explain why its all so intense, and why now.

Fear stalks streets of Israeli city where Jews and Arabs mixed freely – Reuters

| May 16, 2021

In the mixed Arab and Jewish city of Acre, the holiday festival of Eid al-Fitr that marks the end of Ramadan would normally see families mingling freely and taking their children to fairs and on boat rides along the coast. But fear and mistrust pervaded the Israeli port's nearly deserted centre on Thursday, as one resident issued a warning not to speak Hebrew in the old part of the city and a second demanded to see a third's identity papers. Often held up as an example of Arabs and Jews living alongside each other in relative calm, Acre is an ancient city on the Mediterranean coast with two other names - Akko in Hebrew, and Akka in Arabic.

Dont just tweak antisemitic in style guides call it what it is: anti-Jewish – The Boston Globe

| May 16, 2021

A thank you to Jeff Jacoby for describing the origins of the term antisemitism and how it became anti-Semitism when it entered the English lexicon, creating the implication that Semite denotes a race rather than a linguistic family which, interestingly, includes Hebrew and Arabic (Canceling anti-Semitism, Ideas, May 9) No Jew would think to call himself or herself a Semite. (With a Jewish father and Swedish-American mother, would that make me a semi-Semite?) The Associated Presss decision to change the phrase to antisemite and antisemitism in its Stylebook is welcome, but the change in hyphenation and capitalization, for most people, is an academic point.

If you think American Jews should be angry with Biden over Israel, youre antisemitic – The Independent

| May 16, 2021

I have never visited Israel, and have no particular desire to do so. I dont have family or close friends there. I dont see it as a refuge

Jerusalem conflict: The history of Al-Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount and the holiest Jewish temple that preceded it – OpIndia

| May 16, 2021

A source of major resentment in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the religious divide between the Israeli Jewish people and the Palestinian Muslims.

The most important Jewish holiday you’ve never heard of – Albany Times Union

| May 16, 2021

Heres a joke about the upcoming Jewish holiday of Shavuot: During one of his trials with the Israelites, Moses asks God to give him a sign that all these trials are worth it. So, God grants Moses a vision of the future: It's a place of huge houses and green lawns and bright lights and in house after house there is a lamp stand like the menorah in the desert tabernacle. Moses asks: What IS this place and what ARE those things?

We are family: Jewish and Arab medical staff respond to ethnic tensions – The Jerusalem Post

| May 16, 2021

As corona raged all over Israel, the stories of Arab doctors or nurses helping Jewish patients to say Shema Yisrael or the prayers that accompany the departure of a soul offered a ray of hope in a bleak time.Just a few weeks after the country appeared to have left the pandemic behind, medical staff have been watching with concern and sadness the violence and riots flaming up in many mixed cities, but also vouching that tensions will not affect their ability to work in harmony.From all over Israel, doctors and nurses offered testimony that coexistence is possible, and asked Israeli society at large to learn from what happens in hospitals, such as the need to avoid talking about politics, or that some doctors were not ready to speak publicly about the topic for fear of backlash in their communities.Between 20% and 25% of our 5,000 employees are Arab, which is about the same rate of Arab patients we have, said Prof. Jonathan Halevy, co-director of Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem. I believe that our multi-ethnic, multi-cultural group well represents our multi-ethnic multi-cultural city.Shaare Zedek began operations 119 years ago

Ritchie Boys: The secret U.S. unit bolstered by German-born Jews who helped the Allies beat Hitler – 60 Minutes – CBS News

| May 16, 2021

For as casually as we often toss around the word "hero," sometimes no lesser term applies. Tonight we'll introduce you to members of a secret American intelligence unit who fought in World War II

‘I seek a kind person’: the Guardian ad that saved my Jewish father from the Nazis – The Guardian

| May 8, 2021

On Wednesday 3 August 1938, a short advertisement appeared on the second page of the Manchester Guardian, under the title Tuition. I seek a kind person who will educate my intelligent Boy, aged 11, Viennese of good family, the advert said, under the name Borger, giving the address of an apartment on Hintzerstrasse, in Viennas third district.

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