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Birmingham Public Library: Jewish American Heritage Month

| June 30, 2018

by Mary Beth Newbill, Southern History Department, Central LibraryMay is Jewish American Heritage Month and the Library of Congress, the National Archives and Records Administration, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and several other government agencies are joining together to honor and celebrate Jewish Americans. First proclaimed by President George W

Jewish American Heritage Month In May 2018 Celebrates …

| May 8, 2018

"Through JAHM, we honor the values of inclusion, acceptance, and religious liberty cherished by this country," says Ivy Barsky, CEO and Gwen Goodman Director of the National Museum of American Jewish History (NMAJH) in Philadelphia, the lead sponsor of JAHM. Inspired by the 2018 global Leonard Bernstein centennial celebrations, this year's JAHM theme recognizes the many Jewish Americans who helped create the nation's soundtrack individuals who have been shaped by American life, society, and culture, and in turn enriched America's musical repertoire, from classical compositions to rock and roll. West Side Story composer and humanitarian Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) used the power of music to respond to the social crises of his day.

Federal Register :: Jewish American Heritage Month, 2018

| May 8, 2018

Proclamation 9731 of April 30, 2018 A Proclamation During Jewish American Heritage Month, we celebrate the profound contributions that the Jewish faith and its traditions have had on our Nation. Two hundred years ago, in April 1818, Mordecai Noah delivered his famous discourse before the members of America's first synagogue, Congregation Shearith Israel, upon the consecration of their new house of worship

Trump proclaims Jewish American Heritage Month – Israel …

| May 8, 2018

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday proclaimed the month of May to be Jewish American Heritage Month

"National Month" Observances in April

| April 23, 2018

Pekic/E+/Getty Images Updated February 19, 2018 Many countries adopt causes or special interest groups to highlight and promote during given calendar months. The U.S. is particularly prolific at creating "national month" events to promote business and other interests

Full Circle | a German American Jewish family in Berlin

| February 14, 2018

An entry in an address book: Goldstein, Erich, Oppeln, Plakatmaler, 153 Lisoyang. That was the one fragmentary detail about my husband Brians family that we discovered during a pleasurable Sunday afternoon with Sonja Mhlberger. Sonja and Brians mother Maude were both born in Shanghai just a few months apart in 1939

Jewish Museum Milwaukee | Jewish Museum Milwaukee is …

| February 3, 2018

Get ready for a dynamic performance by our favorite local musician, educator, and storyteller of American roots music and culture, Lil Rev! He will be performing a one hour set of original and cover songs featuring the theme of social justice including songs from his Jews n the Blues set and more! Lil Rev is a world-class entertainer and steward of vintage song and lore. Performing with ukulele, harmonica, mandolin, guitar and banjo, Rev has an unmatched repertoire of both traditional and original song, poetry, storytelling and humor

Jews – Wikipedia

| December 25, 2017

This article is about the Jewish people. For their religion, see Judaism.JewsHebrew: (Yehudim)Total population14.417.5 million[1]Regions with significant populationsIsrael6,484,500[2]United States5,300,0006,800,000[1][3]France460,000[1]Canada388,000[1]United Kingdom290,000[1]Argentina180,700[1]Russia179,500[1]Germany117,000[1]Australia113,000[1]Brazil94,200[1]South Africa69,500[1]Ukraine56,000[1]Hungary47,600[1]Mexico40,000[1]Netherlands29,900[1]Belgium29,500[1]Italy27,400[1]Switzerland18,800[1]Chile18,300[1]Uruguay17,000[1]Turkey15,500[1]Sweden15,000[1]Rest of the world167,400[1]Languages Jews (/duz/;[12]Hebrew: ISO 259-3 Yehudim, Israeli pronunciation [jehudim]), also known as Jewish people, are an ethnoreligious group[13] and a nation[14][15][16] originating from the Israelites,[17][18][19] or Hebrews,[20][21] of the Ancient Near East

Judaism – Wikipedia

| December 15, 2017

This article is about the Jewish religion. For consideration of ethnic, historic and cultural aspects of the Jewish identity, see Jews. Judaism (originally from Hebrew , Yehudah, "Judah";[1][2] via Latin and Greek) is an ancient monotheistic Abrahamic religion with the Torah as its foundational text.[3] It encompasses the religion, philosophy and culture of the Jewish people.[4] Judaism is considered by religious Jews to be the expression of the covenant that God established with the Children of Israel.[5] Judaism includes a wide corpus of texts, practices, theological positions, and forms of organization

Why Is There A Prolific Jewish Presence In The American …

| November 29, 2017

In the 1970s, a movement known as Jewish feminism started in the American Jewish community. It was a movement that originally sought to make Jewish woman superior to equal to Jewish men.

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