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Osceola County will hold group wedding ceremonies this Valentine’s Day, and there’s still time to register – Orlando Weekly

| February 7, 2023

Osceola County will hold group wedding ceremonies this Valentine's Day, and there's still time to register   Orlando Weekly

A Proclamation on Jewish American Heritage Month, 2022

| January 27, 2023

In 1654, a small ship carrying 23 Jewish refugees sailed into the port of present-day New York City.

What Is Jewish American Heritage Month? Celebrating Contributions and …

| January 27, 2023

Jewish American Heritage Month is observed in May.

Jewish American Heritage Month – National Park Service

| January 27, 2023

Temple Ohave Israel, Brosville Borough, Pennsylvania. Ref# 15001032 Photograph courtesy of Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office Temple Ohave Israel, Brownsville Borough, PennsylvaniaIn addition to providing religious services for Brownsville's Jewish community, Temple Ohave Israel also cultivated and strengthened the Jewish community by educating the community's children and by providing meeting space for social organizations, such as the Hebrew Ladies Aid Society; a Jewish Boy Scout troop; and the Co-ed Club, a Jewish youth club.

Meet the Orthodox mom of seven who local Republicans want to replace George Santos – Forward

| January 27, 2023

Meet the Orthodox mom of seven who local Republicans want to replace George Santos   Forward

Florida Gov. DeSantis appoints anti-trans, anti-abortion author to Sarasota’s New College board of trustees – Creative Loafing Tampa

| January 27, 2023

Florida Gov. DeSantis appoints anti-trans, anti-abortion author to Sarasota's New College board of trustees   Creative Loafing Tampa

Republican Jewish group calls on incoming GOP lawmaker George Santos to …

| December 25, 2022

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) said on Wednesday that it was inquiring into allegations against Rep.-elect George Santos (R-N.Y.), including that he fabricated claims about his Jewish heritage. The organizations CEO Matt Brooks said he reached out directly to the congressman-elects office after news outlets raised questions about Santoss maternal grandparents, who he claimed fled Jewish persecution during World War II

Demographics of the Supreme Court of the United States

| December 21, 2022

The demographics of the Supreme Court of the United States encompass the gender, ethnicity, and religious, geographic, and economic backgrounds of the 116 people who have been appointed and confirmed as justices to the Supreme Court. Some of these characteristics have been raised as an issue since the court was established in 1789. For its first 180 years, justices were almost always white male Protestants of Anglo or Northwestern European descent.[1] Prior to the 20th century, a few Catholics were appointed, but concerns about diversity on the court were mainly in terms of geographic diversity, to represent all geographic regions of the country, as opposed to ethnic, religious, or gender diversity.[2] The 20th century saw the first appointment of justices who were Jewish (Louis Brandeis, 1916), African-American (Thurgood Marshall, 1967), female (Sandra Day O'Connor, 1981), and Italian-American (Antonin Scalia, 1986)

Native American Heritage Month: Continued Support for the Indigenous …

| November 24, 2022

In November, we celebrate Native American Heritage Month. The National Congress of American Indians guides us to recognize November as: "a time to celebrate rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and histories [while] acknowledging the important contributions of Native people...educate the general public about tribes, raise general awareness about the unique challenges Native people have faced... and the ways in which tribal citizens have worked to conquer these challenges." Unfortunately, much of North America is just beginning to recognize the contributions of Indigenous peoples.

Filipino American History Month – Wikipedia

| November 24, 2022

Annual celebration of Filipino American history Filipino American History Month (FAHM) is celebrated in the United States during the month of October. In 1991, Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) board of trustees proposed the first annual Filipino American History Month to commence in October 1992.[1] October was chosen to commemorate the visitation of the first Filipinos who landed as slaves, prisoners, and crew aboard Novohispanic ships in what is now Morro Bay, California on October 18, 1587.[2] It is also the birth month of Filipino American labor leader Larry Itliong.[3] In California and Hawaii, where many Filipino Americans reside,[4] Filipino American History Month is celebrated annually.[5] Many Filipino American organizations in these states often initiate their own independent celebrations

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