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Why is Spain suddenly turning down Jewish citizenship requests? J. – The Jewish News of Northern California

| August 31, 2021

Bernardo Pulido spent over $29,000 on genealogical documentation, Jewish heritage certificates, attorney fees and trips to Spain to prove his Sephardic heritage. But last month, like so many others attempting to gain Spanish citizenship througha 2015 lawpromising to right the wrongs of the Spanish Inquisition that expelled Jews, Pulido received a rejection letter from the Spanish government. Pulido, a 61-year-old engineer from Caracas, Venezuela, drew a parallel between the decision and the Inquisition, which forced many of his ancestors to flee in 1492, fearing for their lives.

Stop The Hate Program Launches, Will Give Away $100K –

| August 31, 2021

BEACHWOOD, OH The annual Maltz Museum's Stop the Hate program launched this month. The program distributes approximately $100,000 to Northeast Ohio students in grades 6-12 and their schools.

Jews of color, once sidelined, now being recruited by Jewish agencies J. – The Jewish News of Northern California

| August 7, 2021

During her 13 years as a lay leader in the Jewish community, Paula Pretlow couldnt help but notice the obvious: When decisions were being made, she usually was the only Jew of color in the room. As a retired executive of an investment management firm, Pretlow was a catch for Jewish organizations.

Jewish teens who couldn’t tour Israel travel across the UK instead – Jewish News

| July 13, 2021

Jewish teens who were denied the opportunity to go on Israel tour this summer have instead travelled the length and breadth of the UK. BBYO UK arranged its Trek UK amid continued travel restrictions due to coronavirus, with 16-year-olds touring Britains natural and cultural sites as an alternative.

Memo to Tom Kean, Jr: Invite Liz Cheney, Not Kevin McCarthy, as the Special Guest to your Campaign Kickoff – InsiderNJ

| July 13, 2021

Dear Tom, I will be endorsing you for election in 2022 to the US House of Representatives in New Jerseys 7th Congressional District, just as I did in 2020, against the incumbent Democratic Congressman, Tom Malinowski.

Tokyo Olympics: All the Jewish athletes to watch – The Jewish News of Northern California

| July 13, 2021

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are finally happening, a full year after they were planned. And yes, theyre still being called the 2020 Olympics, even though theyre happening in 2021. The Jewish athletes competing this year andthere are many are the products of inspiring journeys.

Honors, happenings, comings & goings June 2021 J. – The Jewish News of Northern California

| June 27, 2021

Honors & Awards Rabbi Camille Angel, the rabbi-in-residence at the University of San Francisco, has received the Excellence in Advising award from Student Leadership and Engagement, an umbrella organization for student groups at USF. The award recognizes her work with QMmunity, a student organization that actively affirms the LGBTQ+ community and religious and spiritual identities at USF, according to a community email from USFs Swig Program in Jewish Studies and Social Justice. Among the 26 teens chosen for the 35th annual prestigious Bronfman Fellowship are three from Northern California

Does Art Need To Be Ugly To Affect Change? – Forbes

| June 23, 2021

A billboard by Stop DiscriminAsian (@stopdiscriminasian) in Los Angeles, CA. Its an age-old question.

‘It was extremely upsetting’: Jewish-owned business targeted with anti-Semitic graffiti – CTV Toronto

| June 7, 2021

TORONTO -- A Jewish-owned Kensington Market business is speaking out after it was vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti referencing the Holocaust in an attack that was recorded on the stores surveillance cameras. Toronto Police have started an investigation into the attack, which occurred earlier this month, amid a marked rise in anti-Jewish attacks apparently driven by the pandemic and conflict in the Middle East echoing through Canadian streets

How Many Jews Need to Be Attacked in America Before Progressives Speak Up? | Opinion – Newsweek

| May 23, 2021

Perhaps it's fitting that May is Jewish American Heritage Month. After all, despite our success in America and the richness and beauty of our faith and culture, there may be no more consistent part of our heritage as Jews than to be violently attacked, viciously demeaned, and utterly disregarded as we cry out for support. In that respect, some of our fellow Americans have been doing an excellent job marking the month

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