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Anti Zionism = Anti Semitism? | Yahoo Answers

| April 9, 2019

First of all, one of your premises is wrong. Anit-Zionism is not a significant force in the Jewish community. Almost all Jews are pro-Israel Zionists.

The Lefts Favorite Dirty Word: Zionism Tablet Magazine

| April 3, 2019

Zionism was not always a dirty word for leftists. Communists and socialists alike supported the creation of Israel in 1948, denouncing the neofeudal Arab regimes that tried to destroy the new Jewish state. At the same time, some leftist thinkers, many of them Jews, were ambivalent about Zionism, even in the wake of the Holocaust

Zionism Gays For Trump

| March 29, 2019

3:39 PM 03/22/2019 | Education Adelle Nazarian | Contributor San Francisco State University (SFSU), a part of the California State University system, agreed Wednesday to a settlement agreement that includes the acknowledgement of Zionism as an important part of Jewish identity, thereby safeguarding the rights of Jewish students on campus. As part of the settlement agreement, SFSU acknowledged that it will issue a statement affirming that it understands that, for many Jews, Zionism is an important part of their identity. The lawsuit was brought against SFSU by Winston and Strawn, LLP and The Lawfare Project on behalf of Liam Kern and Charles Volk, two SFSU students who alleged that the school and the CSU Board of Trustees engaged in anti-Semitism against them when SFSU revoked the on-campus Hillel chapter from participating in a Know Your Rights Fair on Feb

Mike Pompeo warns anti-zionism is ‘new’ anti-semitism at …

| March 29, 2019

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Monday that anti-Zionism is becoming the new form of anti-Semitism and firmly committed the administration to fight it.

Zionism and Anti-Semitism | Torah Jews

| March 25, 2019

Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), the founder of modern Zionism, recognized that anti-Semitism would further his cause, the creation of a separate state for Jews. To solve the Jewish Question, he maintained we must, above all, make it an international political issue. Herzl wrote that Zionism offered the world a welcome final solution of the Jewish question

The Criminalization of Zionism | Sarah Levin | The Blogs

| March 24, 2019

Earlier this month, when Congresswoman Ilhan Omar accused American Jews of dual-loyalty to the State of Israel, many former Jewish refugees from Arab countries and Iran recoiled, remembering the innocent Jewish lives imprisoned and lost in their countries of origin because of anti-Semitic accusations of dual loyalty. American Jews, including those from the Arab world and Iran, questioned why leaders of the Democratic party insist on keeping Congresswoman Omar on the House Foreign Affairs Committee after she repeatedly spouted the same anti-Semitic tropes that led to the oppression and ethnic cleansing of one million Jews from the Middle East and North Africa. Why are they allowing a member who clearly knows so little about Israel and global anti-Semitism to sit on a committee that helps shape US Foreign Policy

Zionism and Anti-Semitism: Allies or Enemies? Tickets, Mon …

| March 11, 2019

In a one-hour lecture followed by a Q&A session, Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro will l demonstrate how the state of Israel acts in ways that endanger world Jewry and the reasons it does so. Topics include how to prevent opposition to Zionism from being perceived as antisemitic, and what can be done to reduce antisemitism caused by Zionism and the state of Israel.

Sovereignty = Zionism = Stability – Israel National News

| March 5, 2019

Sovereignty = Zionism = Stability iStock Disseminating miracle solutions for complex problems is one of the major problems during the pre-election period. Parties seek to present solutions in slogans of up to four words to be emblazoned on billboards. But the public is smart and understands that complex situations require complex solutions.

Young Anti-Zionists: Be Uncomfortable, Like I Am With My Zionism The …

| February 23, 2019

Last week I received an email from a woman I have never met. She told me she had lived in Israel earlier in her life and that, while critical of some of its policies, loves the country in ways she can scarcely express.

What is Zionism ??? And how is it related to Jews? | Yahoo Answers

| February 23, 2019

Zionism doesn't have a single meaning, and probably never did. At one time, it was the movement to persuade the British to create Israel out of the Palestinian Mandate, which Britain occupied from and after WWI, and which comprised FAR more than just what is Israel and Palestine today

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