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Do Zionists Control Wall Street? The Shocking Facts! – Video

| October 30, 2011 Teacher Patricia McAllister was crucified for daring to simply say outloud that Zionists controlled Wall Street while helping in an Occupy Wall Street demo in Los Angeles. She was fired for simply telling the truth. LA talkshow host Bill Handel said on his show just a few days earlier, quote, "My Tribe Controls Wall Street why should I be upset about that?" Of course, he wasn't fired because he is part of the tribe that runs the media.

Rabbi Weiss Criticizes Zionist Occupation of Palestine – Video

| October 30, 2011

On Tuesday, June 3, 2008, the American Israel Political Affairs Committee, (AIPAC), the cutting edge of the powerful Israel Lobby, held its annual parley in Washington, DC Activists were outside the downtown Convention Center expressing their strong vocal opposition to the event.

Zionist Racist Rachel Maddow and Rand Paul – Video

| October 29, 2011

The disgusting hypocrisy of the Zionist media in America that attacks and condemns European Americans for ethnic discrimination, and then supports ethnic cleansing, mass murder of terrorism against their enemies.

1933: Zionists sign a deal with Hitler – The Transfer Agreement – Video

| October 27, 2011

Newscast about the launch of the controversial book about Nazi-Zionist collaboration. Admission that boycott of jewish stores was for only one day, April 1, 1933!

The Zionist Matrix of Power HD. – Video

| October 27, 2011 The Zionist Matrix of Power HD identifies the real seats of power in the modern world and the real ruling class that now dominates world media, finance and politics.

911 was An ISRAELI ZIONIST FALSE FLAG ATTACK, Ken O’keefe. – Video

| October 26, 2011

Please Visit and Support: Ken O'Keefe grew up in California and was in the US Marines in the 1991 Gulf War. He initiated P10K in 2004 to recruit international observers to live side by side with Palestinians. Humanitarian Peace Activist, Anti-War, Gulf War veteran and survivor of the Mavi Marmara massacre.

Zionist Strauss-Kahn Evades Justice Again – Video

| October 23, 2011

How corrupt Zionist Bankers evade justice and are today a ruling class who separate rules from the rest of us. A perfect example of the special treatment of the new ruling is class is the fact that once Strauss-Kahn was considered a suitable candidate for French President of the Socialist Party. A billionaire, capitalist banker as the candidate of the Socialist Party and hardly anyone in the press points this craziness

Do ZIONISTS/ISRAEL Control the US Government ? – Video

| October 18, 2011

Kay Griggs explains how she went into the Department of Defense in Washington, DC to see why there was no peace in the Middle East.

Zionist Running Dog Obama and the UN Veto

| October 12, 2011 -- Obama vetoed a unanimous UN Security Resolution condemning Israel for its 44 year ongoing theft of Palestinian land. This video examines the deeper ramifications and realities behind that veto.

Wolf Blitzer is a Zionist

| October 8, 2011

Brother Finkelstein bitch slaps Wolf Blitzer From: The Intifada within the American, Israeli, Islamic Triangle University of Pennsylvania November 8, 1989 Sponsored by The International Student Council Co-Sponsored by: Senior VP for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, School of Communications, Middle East Studies Comittee, University Office of International Prgorams, Department of Political Science, Department of History

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