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Girafot - Daphni Daphni |ג'ירפות -דפנידפניסינגלראשוןמתוךאלבוםרביעישללהקתג'ירפותהשירהואמחווהלמישהציתהאתהגפרורהראשוןבמחאההחברתיתשלקיץ 2011 This is the first single off the new Girafot album. The song is a tribute to Daphni Leef, an Israeli Social Protest leader (see below)מיליםולחן:גלעדכהנאבימויוצילום:גלעדכהנאויאירקזאנימציה:גלעדכהנאעריכה:יאירקז Context: ---------- Back in 2011, 25 years old Daphni Leef, put up a single tent in the center of Tel-Aviv as a protest about the high cost of living and other social injustices in Israel Her single tent soon turned to THOUSANDS and sparked what became the biggest social protest in Israeli history The summer of 2011 saw hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens marching and protesting for a more humane and just Israel This summer, June 22nd 2012, Daphni Leef and other activist were BRUTALLY arrested by the police during a small and peaceful demonstration in Tel-Aviv, trying to light up the protests again

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Girafot - Daphni Daphni | ?'????? - ???? ???? - Video

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