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Ventnor demos former Temple Shirat Hayam synagogue for condos – Press of Atlantic City

Posted By on June 23, 2017

Progress is being made on the demolition of the former Temple Emeth Shalom Reform Congregation at 8501 Ventnor Ave. in Margate.

Demolition contractor Earthtech tore down the addition on the Lancaster Avenue side on Wednesday and is removing concrete. Demolition of the main building on the Kenyon Avenue side, which has served as a synagogue for decades, has been delayed until some asbestos flooring and a few pipes can be removed.

Temple Emeth Shalom vacated the building when it merged with Shirat Hayam Synagogue, which is formerly known as Beth Judah, 700 Swathmore Ave. in Ventnor, last year. The Planning Board on March 30 granted the synagogue a three-lot residential subdivision with one 6,000-square-foot lot facing Ventnor Avenue and two 5,500-square-foot lots facing Kenyon Avenue.

Troy Rosenzweig and Phyllis Scherr at Soleil Sothebys International Realty are developing the properties, called Parkway North, which are adjacent to the Parkway section of Margate. The houses will be two stories with wrap-around porches and second-story decks. Prices range from $1.2 million to $1.4 million.

Margate building inspector Jim Galantino said the demolition and removal of debris must be completed by June 28 or the project will be shut down until after the summer, he told commissioners at their meeting Thursday, June 15.

“They wanted the crew to pick out and recycle the metal, but we told them no, get it out of there. We don’t want it to go to the 4th of July holiday,” Galantino said.

Margate has a demolition moratorium in place during the summer tourist season, when summer residents flock to their homes away from home. The moratorium deadline was June 15, but Galantino gave them an extension to June 28.

“We’d rather see a vacant lot than construction debris,” he said.

A contractor on his way home at the end of Thursday said demolition of the main building should be completed Monday and Tuesday, June 19-20.

Contact: 609-601-5196

Twitter @DBCurrent

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Ventnor demos former Temple Shirat Hayam synagogue for condos – Press of Atlantic City

Reconstructionists Add Synagogue In Italy – Third Outside US – Forward

Posted By on June 23, 2017

The Reconstructionist movement is adding another affiliate abroad this week, as it welcomes into its ranks a fledging synagogue in the Italian region of Calabria – where before the synagogues foudning, there hadnt been a schul in centuries.

We are thrilled to welcome our first Italian affiliate to our movement, Rabbi Deborah Waxman, head of the Reconstructionist movement, wrote in a statement. Through their heroic efforts to reclaim their Jewish past from painful history, the community members of the community of Sinagoga Ner Tamid del Sud epitomizes Reconstructionist values.

Located in Calabria, Ner Tamid is the first synagogue in the region to operate in the open since the Inquisition, when most Jews either fled or converted. Some of its members are the descendants of Jews who practiced their faith in secret or became Christian. Ner Tamid counts about 80 families in its ranks, according to the Reconstructionist movement.

Barbara Aiello, Italys sole woman rabbi and Ner Tamids spiritual leader, praised the admission into the progressive Reconstructionist movement. As a congregation made up of [people] whose ancestors were forced into adult baptism centuries ago, we feel a particular affinity to the principles upon which Reconstructionist Judaism is based, she said in the press statement.

Contact Daniel J. Solomon at or on Twitter @DanielJSolomon

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Reconstructionists Add Synagogue In Italy – Third Outside US – Forward

Historic LES Synagogue, Ravaged by Fire, May be Demolished – NY1

Posted By on June 23, 2017

An historic lower east side synagogue ravaged by a fire last month may soon be demolished.

Members from a Manhattan community board have approved a proposal to tear down the Beth Hamedrash Hagadol synagogue on Norfolk Street.

That could result in either a partial or a full demolition.

But the committee urged the Synagogue’s owners to figure out which remaining pieces of the building can be preserved.

Those elements could be used for a new structure on the lot.

Now that the board has approved the draft, it will vote on the resolution next week.

Police say a 14-year-old boy set off the three-alarm fire that ripped through the landmark structure.

The building was vacant at the time of the fire and no one was hurt.

The synagogue hosted one of the oldest European Orthodox Jewish congregations in the country.

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Historic LES Synagogue, Ravaged by Fire, May be Demolished – NY1

The Sephardim-Part II Three sources of Hispanic civilization – Heritage Florida Jewish News

Posted By on June 23, 2017

Angel Pulido

The arts, sciences, technology, literature, architecture, navigation, mapmaking, mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and art that flourished in Medieval Spain are often credited to Islam but this is a distortion of the role played by adherents of all three religions. The United Visigothic kingdom of Spain prior to the Muslim invasions had inherited five centuries of Roman civilization and had made use of the achievements of the Greeks and earlier Carthaginians as well as the Assyrians in agriculture, irrigation, mathematics, time keeping, the calendar, mining, architecture, road building, mosaic art, pottery, jewelry, law and civic responsibility.

The Muslim conquerors who arrived in 711 had inherited these same arts and sciences on their path of conquest across the Byzantine empire, the Near East and Christian-Roman North Africa. Christian and Jewish artisans and scholars made major contributions enabling the Muslim conquerors to make use of these achievements. The Schools of Translation established in Granada and Toledo by Muslim and Christian rulers respectively relied heavily on Jewish scholarship.

Spanish Civilization is indeed indebted to both its early Iberian-Carthaginian-Roman-Greek-Germanic-Celtic origins and the invaluable contributions of both Jews and Muslims in the Middle Ages. The “Golden Age” was due originally to a wise policy of coexistence but was short-lived and followed by centuries of chaotic condition of fanaticism and fratricidal conflict due to the extremist Berber sects who followed a policy similar to that of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda of today.

The bitter legacy of the expulsion in 1492, making the Sephardim “Spaniards without a country,” and the Inquisition dominated Jewish memories of their ancestral homeland in the Iberian Peninsula for centuries. In Spain, the Jews remained on a level with the Moors as infidels in league with the devil. Spain remained Judenrein until shortly after the French revolution. Their presence was unofficially recognized by the constitution of 1868, following the fall of the corrupt regime of Queen Isabel II. Nevertheless, not until the turn of the following century was any Jewish public worship permitted.

Modern times

During that interval, several Spanish intellectuals began to muse and speculate upon what Spain might have lost through the expulsion of the Sephardim who had made outstanding contributions in many walks of life in Northern Europe, principally in the cities of London, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Hamburg and Copenhagen, as well as in the Balkans, the Caribbean Islands and the USA.

Without a doubt, the most notable of these Philo-Semitic intellectuals was Angel Pulido. He devoted much of his life to working on behalf of improving relations; he visited the leading Sephardic centers in the Ottoman Empire, wrote dozens of articles for the Spanish press and three influential books. Pulido spoke before the Spanish Senate, met with the Chief Rabbi of Turkey and with the King of Spain. He achieved a level of sympathy and understanding for the Sephardim among some Spaniards and a sense of loss and regret for the expulsion.

So great was Pulido’s influence that King Alfonso XIII, in an interview with Pulido, declared that he dreamt of a renewed greater Spain and that one of its principal components should be the readmission of the Sephardim and their full civil rights. In 1917, the king used his influence as the head of an important neutral state to demonstrate Spain’s image as a progressive modern nation free from the old anti-Semitism of the Inquisition and the Medieval Catholic Church. Spanish diplomats put combined pressure on Germany to force the Turkish authorities in Palestine to rescind their order of expulsion against Tel Aviv and the Jewish agricultural colonies.

Queen Isabel II

In 1922, Spain voted in favor of the British mandate for Palestine and republican leaders expressed support for Zionism during a visit to Spain by Chaim Weizman in 1932 although these moves made the Catholic Church uneasy. It was, however, the Spanish Civil war (1936-1939), that for decades determined the attitude of the Zionist movement, Israeli leaders and worldwide Jewish opinion against Francoist Spain. The opposition took place due to the remarkable and still largely unrecognized role played by Spain under Franco in saving 30,000 Jewish refugees who escaped from occupied France or were provided with Spanish visas in the Balkans and enabled to enter Spain during WWII.

It is estimated that almost 20 percent of all the volunteers in the International Brigades, who came to Spain to fight Fascism were Jews. Their heroism and experiences have been vividly recorded. Their struggle shaped the view of Franco as a close ally of Hitler, but a more objective view would regard Franco as primarily an opportunist, a fervent anti-communist and represented conservative Spanish traditions and aspirations.

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The Sephardim-Part II Three sources of Hispanic civilization – Heritage Florida Jewish News

Citrus Club ‘Happy Hour’ unites support for Jewish Pavilion – Heritage Florida Jewish News

Posted By on June 23, 2017

Pamela Ruben

(L-r), Yarmmys Vargas, Jakki Kim, and Emily Armstrong from the Citrus Club Young Executive Board, with Barbara Abramson from the Jewish Pavilion Board.

Cocktails. Crowds. And a worthy cause! The Citrus Club Young Executive Board and the Citrus Club of Orlando brought all three together on Tuesday, June 6, hosting its monthly “United for a Purpose” event, benefitting The Jewish Pavilion.

Jewish Pavilion Marketing Director Pam Ruben commented, “We are grateful to The Citrus Club for putting on a ‘happy hour with a heart,’ and were thrilled to be the chosen charity of the month by its Young Executive Board. Special kudos to Carina Gerscovich, as well as the Gerscovich family, for championing the senior community.”

Keynote speaker, Carina Gerscovich, Jewish Pavilion Friends Board Member and member of the Citrus Club’s Young Executive Board, commented, “I have been volunteering with the Jewish Pavilion for the past year. You may wonder why a young person like myself is interested in the senior community. I fell in love with the Pavilion’s mission to connect elder-care residents with community, with seniors of all faiths enjoying our programs.” Gerscovich added, “My own grandmother (abuela) is 103-years-old, and lives in Argentina. It would be very comforting if we could rely on an agency like the Jewish Pavilion to provide her with festive holidays, friendly visits, and musical programs when we can’t be there.”

The Jewish Pavilion has been bringing community to the doorsteps of elder-care residents since 2001. Residents of all faiths enjoy the Pavilion’s programs.

You can personally make a difference.Become a fan. Visit or to make a donation or learn more visit

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Citrus Club ‘Happy Hour’ unites support for Jewish Pavilion – Heritage Florida Jewish News

My special-needs daughter’s tallit is her superhero cape – Heritage Florida Jewish News

Posted By on June 23, 2017

(Kveller via JTA)Being the parent of a child with a disability can be lonely. Being the single parent of a child with a rare disability that is estimated to affect a mere 1 percent of the population can feel like being sentenced to solitary confinement.

Beginning in toddlerhood, my daughter Kate embarked on a lifetime of being poked and prodded, assessed and reassessed, and being escorted to multiple therapy appointments to address both a body and mind that were out of sync with everyone else. I felt helpless, like a failure and utterly alone.

Still, my loneliness doesnt compare to Kates. Now almost 21, she still has no friends and remains misunderstood by peers and adults. As a child, she was constantly described as quirky. Rejecting that label, she now just seems to be invisible and I am resentful of systems and schools and professionals who failed us.

When she was 15 months old, a doctor told me I was an overbearing Jewish mother after I expressed concern about Kates development (or lack thereof). At age 7, I watched with shock when her teacher did nothing after a classmate at our Jewish day school announced in front of everybody, Kate, no one would want to be your friend.

I was told No thank you by another teacher at the school when I offered resources and access to my daughters therapists (on my dime) so they could have a better understanding of her specific needs. Add to the list her middle school experience in public school and at an all-girls Catholic high school (unfortunately, no Jewish options exist in our community beyond sixth grade). And on and on and on…

But thank goodness, one area where Kates light has always managed to shine bright is through her Judaism. Ive always said I could put her on a desert island and she would find a way to be Jewish. In preschool, she learned Hebrew words from a native Israeli who did not speak English and therefore also was ignored by the other kids.

At 8, she read Torah for the first time at that same Jewish day school, and at 11 did so in front of her congregation. When she was 15, Kate participated in a pilgrimage trip to Israel, where she described being the shaliach tzibur, the prayer service leader, atop Masada as the highlight of her month long tour. And by 19, she was serving as gabbai rishon, a volunteer who runs the service, of our shul. Even today, Im sure she is the only one at her state university that lights Shabbat candles in her room.

My daughter loves to be Jewish. For years Ive listened to her mumble the prayer before draping her tallit around her shoulders and observed her as she carefully wrapped its fringes around her fingers before holding them to her forehead while reciting the Shema, or leading the congregation during one of the days services. She likes being counted as part of the minyan. Her presence matters.

Theres another thing that Kate loves: superheroes, from the television show Supernatural to the classic franchises. She holds her own while debating the merits of Marvel vs. DC with her uncle (Marvel, for sure) and writing a college term paper about the anthropological and spiritual undertones of television brothers Dean and Sam Winchester. They, along with Captain America, Spiderman, Super Girl, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and many others are her friends and her inspiration.

My daughter relates to misfit characters who have overcome their stations in life, whether they are from Krypton or Kansas, because that is what she has done for two decades and countingshes overcome.

These stories show her that she can save herself by persevering and continuing to be the resilient young woman that she is. But some days its hard.

I think some days, she feels as if having fictitious superheroes as role models isnt enough. It is on those days that I remind her that she, too, has a special capeher tallit that patiently waited for her in a drawer from the time she was 7 until she took her rightful place as a bat mitzvah. She doesnt need an occasion to wrap it around herself. She can put it on, sit quietly, and be enveloped in her Judaism and the power of faith. She can realize that she is not invisible but an authentic superhero in her own way.

Elissa Einhorn is a freelance writer and the mother of twin daughters.

Kvelleris a thriving community of women and parents who convene online to share, celebrate and commiserate their experiences of raising kids through a Jewish

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My special-needs daughter’s tallit is her superhero cape – Heritage Florida Jewish News

Fun Shabbats planned at Congregation Beth Am this summer – Heritage Florida Jewish News

Posted By on June 23, 2017

While its summer vacation at school, Congregation Beth Am is not taking the season off as it hosts Shabbat in the Round and special themed shabbatos services to which the entire community is invited.

The CBA sanctuary will be arranged in the round with the bima moved to the center of the sanctuary. The Torah will be read from the middle of the congregation where everyone can see the text. The Shaliach Tzibor will conduct services from the midst of the congregation, facing the Ark, where all congregants will face each other with the lay leaders on the same level as the congregation, creating the opportunity for greater participation.

The first Friday of the month will be a birthday and anniversary celebration and the third Friday will be Happy Hour at CBA, complete with beer, wine and soft drinks, special hors doeuvres and desserts. The last Friday of each month will be a family dinner and servicein June it will be Pasta Pals and Prayer and in July, Pancakes PJs and Prayer. Friday night services begin at 7 p.m. with exception to the last Friday family service with dinner beginning at 6:15 p.m. followed by a service at 7.

Summer services are Come as you are Shabbat, wear shorts or casual wear on Friday nights is welcome and encouraged.

These summer shabbatos are hosted by the CBA membership and ritual committees.

For more information, please contact the CBA office at 407-862-3505 or

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Fun Shabbats planned at Congregation Beth Am this summer – Heritage Florida Jewish News

A French Jew’s killing provides a test for the new Macron administration – Heritage Florida Jewish News

Posted By on June 23, 2017

Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images

President Emmanuel Macron of France at a news conference in Paris, June 12, 2017.

(JTA)-Before he threw Sarah Halimi to her death from a window of her third-story apartment in Paris, 27-year-old KobiliTraore called his Jewish neighbor “Satan” and cried out for Allah.

These and other facts about the April 4 incident that shocked French Jewry are known from testimonies and a recording made by a neighbor, according to the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism watchdog.

Years before the attack, Traorecalled a daughter of his 65-year-old victim, whom he beat savagely before killing, “a dirty Jewess,” the daughter said.

Despite these accounts Traore, who reportedly has no history of mental illness, was placed under psychiatric evaluation as per his temporary insanity claim. Prosecutors presented a draft indictment against him for voluntary manslaughter that contains no mention of the aggravated element of a hate crime.

The omission, along with the perceived indifference of authorities and the media in France to a crime that was largely eclipsed by a dramatic elections campaign, has left many members and leaders of the country’s traumatized Jewish community feeling marginalized and angry at a society they say is reluctant to confront anti-Semitism head-on.

“The authorities’ failure to state the terrorist and anti-Semitic nature of this murder is nothing unusual,” Shmuel Trigano, an author of 24 books and a scholar on anti-Semitism,said in an interview on Radio J three weeks after the killing.

Trigano for years has been accusing French authorities of turning a blind eye to anti-Semitism-including at times when leaders of French Jewry praised their government for taking extraordinary measures to protect Jews, particularly for deploying thousands of armed soldiers around Jewish institutions for their protection following the murder of four Jews at a kosher supermarket in Paris in January 2015.

Yet amid silence by authorities and the national media about theApril 4 killing, l’affaire Halimi has emerged as a rallying issue for Jewish leaders, activists and prominent thinkers. They say the investigation is indicative of a deeper problem in French society and the community’s first major test for the administration of the newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron.

“Everything about this crime suggests there is an ongoing denial of reality” by authorities, 17 French intellectuals wrotethis month in an open letter published in Le Figaro. “We demand all the truth be brought to light in the murder of Sarah Halimi,” added the authors, including Alain Finkielstein, a Jewish philosopher and member of the Academie Francaise-the guardian of French language and culture.

Amid growing criticism by its constituents CRIF, the umbrella group of French Jewish communities, substituted its calls for patience for authorities’ handling of the investigation with open criticism over its handling and bid to intervene legally.

“A Jewish woman, a physician who ran a kindergarten, was murdered at her home amid cries of ‘Allah hu akbar,” CRIF Vice President Robert Ejnes wrote in a statement titled “An Increasingly Heavy Silence” nearly two months after the incident. The phrase “Allah hu akbar,” which means “God is great” in Arabic, is sometimes linked to terrorist attacks.

The judiciary, Ejnes added, “has not referenced the anti-Semitic character of the murder but it is clear that Ms. Sarah Halimi of blessed memory was killed because she was Jewish by a murderer motivated by Islamism.”

And the media “has practically not spoken about this, as though the defenestration of a woman is not unusual in Paris in 2017!” he wrote, giving voice to one of the aspects of the affair that many French Jews say is among its most painful aspects.

But it was the open letter by the 17 intellectuals on June 4 that broke the silence in the national media about that affair, according to Herv Gardette, a journalist for the France Culture state radio station. On June 8, Gardetteinvestigated the case in a program titled “Is There a Denial of Anti-Semitism in France?”

Long before the Halimi case, Jewish leaders and thinkers have been complaining for years of a reluctance in society to face inconvenient truths about crimes when their victims happen to be Jewish.

Gardette, who is not Jewish, acknowledged this on his show.

“Strikingly, this murder immediately brings to mind another older murder, of Ilan Halimi in 2006, 24 days after his abduction, and how long it took back then for the anti-Semitic character of the crime to be admitted by the detectives and journalists. So nothing has changed,” he said. “Is there a denial of anti-Semitism in France?”

Ilan Halimi (no relation), a Jewish phone salesman, was abducted, tortured and murdered by a gang led by a career criminal with a history of targeting mostly Jewish victims.

In an open letter addressed to French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb, the French-Jewish philosopher and historian Alexandra Laignel-Lavastine suggested the silence around the Sarah Halimi case stems from the establishment’s desire not to offend Muslims-and to deprive the anti-Muslim far right, led by the leader of the National Front party Marine Le Pen, of campaign fodder.

“Insisting on not calling a spade a spade, minimizing (‘isolated acts’ and ‘lone wolves’), euphemizing (‘children lost to jihad’), justifying, banalizing and playing psychiatrist will get us nowhere,” Laignel-Lavastine wrote.

As for Macron, hisofficial platformspeaks of “fighting with determination against all radical streams that distort the values” of Islam, and thedistrust of institutions, conspiracy theoriesand anti-Semitismthey represent.But Macron has remained vague on solutions, proposing to conduct the fight by “helping French Muslims to achieve the [restructuring] of their institutions.”

Those who believe that France, despite its previous government’s strong mobilization to protect Jews, has a denial problem cite a long list of cases that they say have been swept under the carpet.

According to Trigano’s research, the French government under former President Jacques Chirac suppressedthe anti-Semitic characteristics of at least 500 assaults recorded in the years 2000-02, when anti-Jewish incidents grew from a few dozen annually to hundreds of incidents each year.

More recent cases included the omission of an anti-Semitic motive in a draft indictment against the alleged perpetrators of a 2014 rape and robbery of a Jewish family in the Paris suburb of Creteil. The hate crime element was added following a public outcry.

In 2015, a man who stabbed three Jews near a synagogue in Marseille while crying Allah’s name was initially labeled mentally ill by police, who revised their indictment to omit any reference to mental health following criticism by Jewish leaders.

The question about denial “needs to be asked, and in those terms,” Alain Jakubowicz, president of the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism-the French counterpart of the Anti-Defamation League-said during the June 8 radio broadcast. “There is a denial of reality when it comes to this new form of anti-Semitism, which is as deadly as the previous and which poses a problem particularly in France.”

Scholars and watchdogs also worry that anti-Semitic acts arelabeled and minimized as “anti-Israel.” The scrapping this year of a documentary about this phenomenon-what some call the “new anti-Semitism”-by the Franco-German Arte television channel “shows the specific treatment of this subject in France, as opposed to other countries,” said Jakubowicz.

Magali Lafourcade, president of the French government’s National Consultative Commission on Human Rights,said she welcomes the debate over whether authorities downplay anti-Semitism and hate crimes. However, referring to the Halimi case during the France Culture broadcast, she said “we need to let the judiciary do its job” and detectives need time to review all aspects of the case.

In March, Lafourcade’s commission reporteda 50 percent drop in the number of anti-Semitic crimes, which it attributed to the deployment of troops outside synagogues, Jewish schools and other institutions deemed at risk of anti-Semitic attacks. But her report questioned the existence of the “new anti-Semitism” and noted only far-right perpetrators of anti-Semitic crimes, stating that other perpetrators could not be classified one way or another.

Jakubowicz rejected Lafourcade’s call to wait for word from the judiciary on the Halimi case.

“The entire reason for this mobilization,” he said in the radio program, “is that the judiciary is not doing its job.”

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A French Jew’s killing provides a test for the new Macron administration – Heritage Florida Jewish News

WATCH: Petition Grows to Keep US Holocaust Denier out of Canada – Breitbart News

Posted By on June 23, 2017

Kevin Barrett, who has called the the September 11, 2001attacks an inside job, is due at the event on Saturday afternoon. The annual al-Quds Day march marks the end ofthe Muslim month of Ramadan is generally a call for the destruction of Israel, echoed in other cities around the world as a day of rage against the Jewish State.

Bnai Brith Canada launched the online petitionwhich currently stands at over 2,000 signatures. It calls on the Canada Border Services Agency toban Barrett on account of his ongoing promotion of hatred against members of the Jewish community. Its a bid to protect Canada from foreign hatemongers, said Bnai Brith.

Mr. Barrett allegedly left his teaching position at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2006, after he supported the notion that the Sept. 11 attacks were an inside job coordinated by the U.S. and Israel. NowBnai Brith wants to ensure his views are not heard north of the border.

Barrett has repeatedly questioned the murder of six-million Jews by Nazi Germany and its allies during the Holocaust, a Bnai Brith statement said. Barrett has also argued that widespread Holocaust denial in Muslim countries such as Moroccosomehow confirmsthat the Holocaust was fabricated to promote self-serving Zionist assertions.

This is both outrageous and unacceptable, said Michael Mostyn, CEO of Bnai Brith Canada. Inviting a notorious Holocaust denier to this event demonstrates once and for all that Al-Quds Day is not a mere anti-Israel event, but rather a hate rally designed to demonize and denigrate Canadas Jewish population.

Toronto police must not allow Queens Park, our provincial legislature, to become a platform for Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism, and the CBSA must not allow Kevin Barrett into our country. Enough is enough.

According to Bnai Brith, Barrett was barred from entering Canada in 2015 afterstating that the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, which resulted in the deaths of 12 people, was a false-flag operation.


The rest is here:

WATCH: Petition Grows to Keep US Holocaust Denier out of Canada – Breitbart News

Hospital worker accused of online posts trashing Hasidic women – News 12 Westchester

Posted By on June 23, 2017


A Nyack Hospital employee is accused of posting offensive comments about Hasidic women on Facebook.

Deborah Rosario allegedly accused Hasidic women of not working and hiding behind their religion. She also allegedly said that they shop at Lord & Taylor while her tax dollars pay for their children.

Reaction from the Hasidic community was swift, with one community activist meeting Thursday morning with hospital officials.

“The leadership of the hospital told me they have zero tolerance against prejudice. Workers have a code of conduct and how they cannot express themselves in a disparaging manner, says Yossi Gestetner, of OJPAC Hudson Valley.

The hospital issued a statement that reads in part, We are appalled by the Facebook post, which in no way reflects our ideals and care delivered each day.”

Nyack Hospital says the incident is under investigation, but declined to release any information about Rosario or the future of her employment.

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Hospital worker accused of online posts trashing Hasidic women – News 12 Westchester

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