Exams – Sephardic Heritage Certificate

| June 3, 2019

All applicants aged 18-70 who are citizens of non-Spanish speaking countries must pass two Spanish exams given at an Instituto Cervantes in Albuquerque, Seattle, Chicago, New York or Boston called the DELE A2 and CCSE. Individuals from Spanish-speaking nations or those born in Puerto Rico only need to pass the CCSE. Important Information for Dual Nationals living in non-Spanish speaking nations If an individual holds two passports, one from a Spanish-speaking country and one from a non-Spanish speaking country, and was born in a Spanish speaking country, s/he can elect to only take the CCSE, but then must undergo two background checks, one from each nations federal police, as well as a local background check from the state or region where they currently reside if they have lived there for less than five years