Sephardic Jews and Their History | AHA

| April 4, 2023

Sephardic Jews and Their History Students may begin a search with encyclopedias, (general or specialized), general surveys of Jewish history, or Internet searches. These provide basic information: Sephardic Jews are Spanish Jews who were forced to convert to Catholicism or face expulsion from Spain after 1492. In this great diasporic movement, 100,000-300,000 Spanish Jews (estimates vary) left Spain and settled in different parts of Europe and the Middle East

Israel Moves Forward With Far-Right Plan for National Guard

| April 4, 2023

JERUSALEM The Israeli government agreed in principle on Sunday to establish a national guard, handing a political victory to the far-right minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, who had long demanded the militia as a condition for supporting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The form and leadership of the national guard were yet to be determined and will take months to be fleshed out by a committee of government officials, who will then present their proposal for the cabinets approval. Regardless of the form the guard ultimately takes, the governments decision on Sunday reflected the influence that figures like Mr

Which side are you on: Jewish American or American Jew? – Heritage …

| April 4, 2023

(JTA) Earlier this month the New York Times convened what it called a focus group of Jewish Americans.

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