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71 years ago today, Anne Frank and the 7 other members of the Secret Annex were arrested. Anne and six other people who hid with her perished in the concentration camps. Only her father survived, and he spent the rest of his life educating people on the Holocaust through his daughters diary.

If Anne was alive today, she would be 86 years old. She wrote in her diary that she believed that people really were good, but I wonder if she would feel this way if she had survived the Holocaust. Six million plus people-both Jewish and non-Jewish were killed in Hitlers camps. The vast majority were Jewish people, make the Holocaust one of the most massive genocides in history, but it wasnt the first, nor was it the last

1915-1923:One million Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks are executed, murdered, or die of exposure or disease on orders of the Turkish government.

1933-1945:Holocaust in Europe. Six million Jews, and five million Roma, Slavs, Jehovahs Witnesses, and others are systematically murdered in Nazis concentration camps. Anne Frank among them.

1975-1979:About 2 million Cambodians are killed by the Khmer Rouge. Many of them were educated Cambodians that the Rouge suspected of being political dissidents.

1994:In the space of only 100 days, 800,000 Tutsi, moderate Hutu, and Twa are murdered by machete in Rwanda, by Hutu.

1991-1995:100,000 Bosnians and Croatians in Bosnia were killed by Serbs in the name of ethnic cleansing.

2003-2013:The Government of Sudan carried out genocide in Darfur, killing 300,000. In 2015, the genocide started again.

Hundred of years and still being felt today:The genocide via introduced disease, murder, and the forced seperation of families of the Native peoples of the United States.

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