Anne Frank the Writer | An Unfinished Story

Posted By on October 5, 2015

Anne Frank the Writer: An Unfinished Story is a joint exhibition of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and The Netherlands Institute For War Documentation, in association with the Anne Frank-Fonds and with support from The Anne Frank House.

It was made possible through the generous support of Eric and Lore Ross and Arthur and Toni Rock, with additional support from the Gonda Family Foundation and the Nathanson Family Foundation. The Museums exhibitions are also supported by the Lester Robbins and Sheila Johnson Robbins Traveling and Special Exhibition Fund, established in 1990.

Museum Statement on the passing of Miep Gies

Buddy Elias, Anne's closest living relative, describes Anne's personality and Otto Frank's dedication to her writings.

Use the zoom tool to get a close-up view of Anne's writings.

Sara J. Bloomfield, exhibition co-curator and director of the Museum, and Klaus Mller, co-curator, describe the exhibition and the importance of Anne's story.

Resources related to Anne Frank.

Do you remember the first time you read the Diary of Anne Frank? Do you have questions or comments?

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Anne Frank the Writer | An Unfinished Story

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