The Diary of Anne Frank

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Everywhere you go you hear about crimes against humanity. We will be reviewing the life of Anne Frank, a young girl who died in a Nazi concentration camp. Her story has been read by millions of people around the world.

One of the most important figures of the Nazi era was a young girl by the name of Anne Frank. She was just an ordinary teenager and had hopes and dreams like any other teenager of her day and future generations to come.

The only trouble was that she was Jewish during the Nazi era and that fate meant death for many. Death was inevitable for young innocent girls and boys and Jewish people; six million of them who were herded off to concentrations camps, imprisoned, starved, worked to death, and experimented on in the most vilest of ways. Then burned in the furnaces, and discarded like garbage. Human lives, not worth a thing to their Nazi oppressors.

The Jewish people, a fine spirited people, will not let these atrocities fade from human memory. We must never forget the holocaust, we must preserve the sanctity of human life and the health and welfare of all people's of the world. Tikkun o'lam just as Jewish people declare, we must repair the world.

In the grand scheme of things human life is held worthless. There is no real regard for health or dignity.

I was a young girl myself when I read the Diary of Anne Frank, oh how I could identify with Anne and even though I was a Christian teenager and Anne was a Jewish one, we were both innocent young girls who had done nothing wrong. We were innocent young girls who had hopes and dreams for the life ahead of us. I examiner had a chance to make my life; Anne Frank was never given that opportunity.

My life was completely changed once I read that book. Incidentally it was required reading for my Montreal high school 9th grade English class and I was so glad that it was.

Before that book I took he peaceful life in Montreal for granted. Afterward I began to see the world outside of my own city and country was not the safe haven I had always thought it was.

The Diary of Anne Frank made me realize that World War II was not about the good guys getting rid of the bad guys as I had previously thought. War was ugly and innocent people got hurt.

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The Diary of Anne Frank

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