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any white advocates are grateful for the work of Jared Taylor. Hes at the forefront of racial realism as a researcher, writer, conference speaker, and leader. His American Renaissance magazine and website enjoy widespread respect among white advocates. But as white advocacy work is at some level invariably involved with the Jewish Question, many in the movement wonder why Taylor is not. What are this forerunners views about the racial group that is at the forefront in stifling white advocacy?

Thankfully, Joe Adams of The White Voice asked him point blank:

Why is it that you dont focus on the Jews, who have history been parasites upon many nations and continents which theyve put themselves in. They also control mass media and are responsible for pulling the strings behind many different forms of government. Why is it that you do not confront the Jewish problem?

Go to 22:15 in this podcast to hear it yourself, but below is Taylors response followed by our commentary.

As far as the Jewish Question is concerned, I think that whites need to take responsibility for what they do themselves. I think that its not useful to blame our failure on the machinations of others. People who are constantly talking about and complaining about Jewish influence remind me of blacks who think everything thats ever gone wrong for blacks in the past or ever will go wrong for blacks in the future is because of white racism. I think that blacks need to be responsible for their successes and their own failure, and I think that the whites have to as well. At the same time, I think that although many Jews are on the wrong side of questions of nationality and questions of race, I think that some Jews are on the right side. And I think that it would be wrong simply to exclude them from the efforts of any kind of racial sanity in this country simply because theyre Jews.

Adams had a response:

At the same time you dont, Mr Tayloryou dont have to look very far to realize that 90 percent of these [media] outlets are controlled by Jews. How often would you see black against white being portrayed as hate crime in the media? But as soon as a white person does something against a black person, its this big national story. Its the way the media pushes things and because they are 90 percent controlled by people within the Jewish either race or religionHow about the Israeli interest that this government has? A politician in this country cannot get elected if he is not pro-Israel There are a lot of pulling of the strings behind the scenesI think once we overcome Jewish influence, a lot of white people will have their minds straightened out.

Again, Taylor:

I think that it would be a mistake to say that the media of the United States are controlled 90 percent by Jews. The implication there, of course, is that there is a Jewish interest that is constantly being expressed by 90 percent the media. I think that these days if you were to poll Episcopalians, for example, on questions that have to do with race and nationality, you wouldnt find much difference in their views on these things from those of Jews. And again, I think that the essential question is: What is it that white people must do? I think that if white people had a sensible view of their own history and their own future, it wouldnt make any difference what a small minority, whether Jewish or Episcopalian or anyone else, is doing. I think that if you had the kind of message that has been broadcast in the United States in terms of anti-racism or anti-Nationalism in any other groupsay you tried that on the Japanese or you tried that on the Nigeriansthey would just laugh at you. I think white people are particularly susceptible to appeals to a kind of altruism. I think that our very virtues are easily turned against it. But I think that it is to our own selves that we have to look for solutions, rather than blame them on the machinations of others.

I think that something that tends to happen to people who have the interests of whites at heart, they start fixating on the activities of Jews in a way that, I think, they begin to miss the point almost. That it seems that trying to counter Jews or trying to thwart their interests becomes more important than advancing our own interests. I think that at the same time some people become so obsessed with Jews that they refuse to see anything good that any Jewish group or any Jewish individual is doing for our race. That, too, is a mistake. At this point, we need allies of all kinds, and I think to the extent that we can find allies among Jews or any other group, its very foolish to try to fend them off simply because of what their religion or what their ethnic background may be.

It is true that societies die from suicide rather than murder, and that whites need to take responsibility for their actions. Whites have indeed gotten themselves in the mess theyre in, but according the general Jewish Question thesis, one key way in that whites got in this mess was by letting Jews in their societies to manipulate and pervert them. And a key means of this control and perversion is their promotion of the multiculturalism and miscegenation that Taylor and we all despise. Of course, there is copious historic and present data available that corroborates this general thesis: the primary group responsible for corrupting and controlling mainline media, humanities and social sciences in the universities, and economic and social legislation in European nations, is a Jewish group. They themselves admit it. Does Taylor outright denounce this claim as false? Not quite. But if whites are to take responsibility for their failures as Taylor wishes, then they must analyze and understand every aspect of their failures, and the JQ is directly on the radar.

Taylors comparison of whites who complain about Jewish influence to blacks who blame whites for their failures is desperately inadequate. During the limited time of American slavery, whites goverened blacks by rule of law (righteous law in my view). Jews, however, rule whites by deception, usury, censorship, blackmail, espionage, warfare, racial mixing, propaganda, Zionism, etc. And most of said practices have a much longer history than the sum of American slavery and Jim Crow. The petulant bickers of blacks about white oppression are mostly imaginary while white complaints against Jews are as bona fideas the Federal Reserve Notes in your wallet, the US military that is presently spreading Israeli hegemony in the Middle East, or the Sallie Mae bill at home on your desk. The physicalcommand centers of Jewish supremacy are present in several European countries and in major cities here along our East Coast. Youll find no white dominion headquarters on black soil. The comparison is simply preposterous.

The bit about some Jews being on the right side of questions of race and nationality is disingenuous. Is Taylor so benighted that hes unaware of the Talmudic doctrine of inherent gentile inferiority? Is it news to him that Jews are the most noxiously xenophobic and scrounging group on the planet? Has he not spoken about these things with other white advocacy leaders over the years (e.g., David Duke, Kevin MacDonald, William Pierce, James Edwards)? Yes, there are exceptions, but as members of an infamous class it behooves Jews to own their perverse Talmudic teachings and their historically parasitic behavior in European nationsafter all, Taylor himself is calling for racial groups to take responsibility for their actions. These are not the problems of any other groups, be it Nigerians, Japanese, or Episcopalian. These are Jewishproblems. Perhaps Rabbi Schiller, who has written positive things at AmRen, will concede these things.

The question of whether Jews control 90 percent of the media must be decided by examination of who actually owns the media conglomerates, not necessarily by determining whether the medias message is explicitly pro-Jewish. The irony, however, is that no message could be more pro-Jewish than mass medias. What message is pumped from Hollywood, sitcoms, reality shows, documentaries, news broadcasts, etc? Nothing but multiculturalism, miscegenation, suppression of minority crime, feminism, sexual liberation, anti-children/family innuendo, outright mockery of Christianity and Europeans, Zionism, and the suggestion that Jews are successful, smart, and funny yet dreadfully persecuted. According to the JQ thesis, that is as pro-Jewish as it gets. Taylors implicit claim that the mainline media doesnt promote Jewish interest a priori dismisses the very thesis the JQ poses for his consideration!

Taylor is correct that we whites are susceptible to a kind of altruism that easily turns our virtues against us. And one way we do thismaybe the chief wayis by capitulating to the fear of being politically incorrect instead of bravely decrying and boldly challenging the evils perpetrated by protected classes. By doing so, by not calling out the Jew, we are validating the farce of racism and reinforcing the weaponry of our enemy. Did you know that Taylor has the honor of being recognized on the ADLs website as personally refraining from anti-Semitsm? Yet they and the SPLC still demonize him as a white supremacist who conducts pseudo-scholarship and pseudo-scientific studies, and as one who provides venues for anti-Semites to gather and collaborate. Why the need to thread that PC needle when Jews call you a bigot all the same?

Taylor presents our situation as if we may either fixate on trying to thwart Jewish interests, or we may more nobly focus on advancing our own. This is the fallacy of bifurcation, committed when one presents a distinction or classification as if its conclusive or exhaustive when other alternatives exist, or when one presents contraries as contradictories. The alternative is that we fixate on advancing own interests as well as on removing the obstacles in our path. Many of these obstacles are placed by Jews.

Before we finish the commentary, lets raise an interesting perspective on Taylors refusal to focus on the Jew. Many white advocates believe that Taylor is being strategic, that he really knows what we know but that hes using a long-term tactic. Maybe the strategy is to fly under the radar long enough to recruit greater forceswork that wouldnt be possible using the scorched earth approach of Alex Linder. Maybe its another. Personally, I dont buy it. Its an unethical tactic to deceive your own people about that which youre hiding. There are other (albeit difficult) ways to side step the JQ, but Taylor hasnt done that. He hasnt been neutral. He has instead made a positive case for turning away from such silly Jew business. Consider the rest of his response.

Taylor says its a mistake to ignore any good that Jewish groups or individuals may be doing for whites. Indeed it is. We appreciate Brother Nathaniel Kapner, Bobby Fischer,Norman Finklestein, Benjamin Freedman, etc. But since these white favors involve Jews blowing the whistle on their own tribesomething Taylor refuses to dohis point backfires. Our point is that its also a mistake to ignore the mass evil that Jewish groups and individuals are doing to whites.

Shockingly, Taylor ends his response by stating that we must have cross-racial allies and that its very foolish to try to fend off other people simply because of their religion or race. While this warrants a blog post of its own, allow four points to suffice.

First, speaking the truth about group behavior should not be equated with (irrationally) fending off a group because of race or religion. Jared Taylor of all people knows this. Its precisely for his work in exposing black crime, for example, that Jews call him a racist. Yet, here is the pot calling the kettle black. Second, as mentioned, we welcome the work of whistle blowing Jews; he doesnt. Third, weno doubt Taylor includedappreciate Pastor James Mannings efforts in taking on the Black Question by calling a spade a spade, as it were. How can we applaud Manning for taking responsibility for the failures of his race but not also applaud when Jews like Kapner do the same? Double standard. Fourth and last, there are times when we should (rationally) fend off folks for their religion or race. Those who embrace Judaism embrace an explicitly anti-Christ and anti-Goyim religion. Unless this is an inaccurate evaluation of Judaism, Taylor should explain why we should welcome their help. If a black Muslim of the anti-white variety wanted to join our cause, wouldnt we first require a denouncement of his religion? Taylors point about refusing help for religious reasons is surely overstated. Race, too, can be a helpful profiling attribute. Rather than rashly fending off a black or a Jew because his race has historically been hostile to ours, we must at least allow his race to inform our first approximations. If we decide to allow his help, it is because we made an exception, not because we were color blind at the outset.

In Taylors reasoning for refusing to focus on the JQ, weve seen a poor analogy, contradictions, double standards, a bifurcation, and a take-away message that The Jew is one of us. As a leader in the white advocacy movement, thats simply irresponsible. We can condense our response to Taylor thusly: We are not blaming our failures on the machinations of others by opposing and exposing those who are forcefully and systematically contributing to our failures.

On the basis of Taylors being an erudite man, his acquaintance with those who strongly oppose Jews, and the very nature of his work, we may reasonably conclude that he is indeed aware of the realities behind the JQeven if he once told Phil Donahue that Jews are fine by me. Thus, puzzled white advocates are left seeking an explanation for his deeply deficient response to Joe Adams, as well as for his known policy of banning the JQ as a discussion topic at his AmRen conferences and web forum. The fairest judgment I can personally give to Taylor is that perhaps his tactic is to raise awareness of and offer credence to the JQ by never explicitly denying it, choosing instead to gain modest media coverage so that a larger number of possible converts can connect those dots on their own. But many white advocates will not be convinced; they will think that Taylors troublesome position on the JQ, which whitewashes a substantial threat to our work, has the efficacy of placing a Trojan Horse in the camp.

Ours is a time for straight talk and lasting solutions, not polished dialogue and misdirection. The great white leaders of the past spelled out the enemys name as clearly as they laid out the path to victory. Today, white politics is not for sport; it is for survival.


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