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Why a 400-Year-Old Jewish Music Tradition Continues To Thrive – Forward

| February 27, 2017

Klezmer, the Eastern European musical tradition of the Ashkenazi Jews, is constantly evolving. Played by musicians called klezmorim at weddings and other celebrations, it has enjoyed a world revival in recent years

Ministers move to end anti-Sephardi discrimination in ultra-Orthodox schools – The Times of Israel

| February 27, 2017

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri and Education Minister Naftali Bennett on Monday unveiled new directives they said would end discrimination against ultra-Orthodox Sephardic girls, many of whom are rejected from largely Ashkenazi institutions due to their ethnic background.

Vionnet RTW Fall 2017 – WWD

| February 27, 2017

New Guineas multicolor birds-of-paradise, all 39species of which were first photographed in the wild in 2013, served as the inspiration for Goga Ashkenazis fall collection.For her first runway show at Milan Fashion Week, which was hosted at the prestigious Casa degli Atellani where Leonardo da Vinci livedwhile painting The Last Supper, the designer reworked all the signature houses codes, including draping and pliss, for a lineup that was both beautifully crafted and elegant.The birds flamboyant plumage echoed in the hints of bright colorsgreen, turquoise and fuchsiapaired with neutrals on the sumptuous evening gowns that combined pliss chiffon with floating silk charmeuse panels.

genetic testing and hereditary disease: some gifts we can not control – Patheos (blog)

| February 27, 2017

There are many respects in which being of Jewish descent seems like a wonderful gift. Even as a practicing Catholic, my ties with my ancient heritage are very real

Goodbye to a long-time friend – Manawatu Standard

| February 21, 2017

Goodbye to a long-time friend Manawatu Standard John was descended from the Ashkenazi Jews who settled in Eastern and Central Europe as part of the Jewish diaspora, while Joe was from the Sephardic Jewish line that ended up in Spain and Portugal. John was the more religiously observant of the two ..

Title: With Might And Strength: An Autobiography – The Jewish Press –

| February 20, 2017

Photo Credit: Maggid Books Title: With Might And Strength: An Autobiography Author: Rabbi Shlomo Goren Publisher: Maggid Books For Americans under 50, mentioning the name Rabbi Shlomo Goren will often engender the response whos that? Sadly, the first Chief Rabbi of the Israel Defense Forces and then the 3rd Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi is somewhat of an unknown here.

Police demand filmed materials of Israel Big Brother contestant – The Times of Israel

| February 19, 2017

The production offices of Israels Big Brother reality TV show were visited on Friday by police, who demanded that producers hand over filmed material featuring current season contestant Andel Kabeda, Haaretz reported. Police reportedly had a warrant for the materials, and told producers it had been issued in light of a complaint filed against Kabeda, though they would not give any more details

Features | Jewish identity in a pickle – The McGill Daily (blog)

| February 18, 2017

Affirming non- and anti-Zionist Jewish people at McGill Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) McGill is a group of anti- and non-Zionist Jewish students on McGill campus. In speaking about the origins of Zionism and contemporary anti-Semitism in this article, we have chosen to focus on the experiences and theories of European Jewry

Police Demand Footage of 'Big Brother' Contestant Who Called Officers 'Nazis' – Haaretz

| February 18, 2017

Home > Israel News > Israeli Culture > Television The show's production company refused to comply with the warrant and said it would appeal the warrant on Sunday. Police officers arrived at the set of the Israeli version of "Big Brother" Friday morning and presented the show producers with warrant to hand over all footage in which the contestant Andel Kabada is present

What It's Like to Be Both Mexican and Jewish – POPSUGAR

| February 16, 2017

Although you may think that all Latinos are Catholic, this is incorrect. I was born in Mexico City, and, like my parents, I was raised Jewish.

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