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‘Time for a joint haredi list’ – Arutz Sheva

| August 23, 2017

Haredi unity? Ministers Litzman and Deri FLASH90 Debates within the United Torah Judaism party over the division of power and mutual recriminations over the poor performance of haredi factions in the 2015 election continued last week, as representatives of Shas and UTJ discussed the future of haredi politics at a gathering in Yeshivat Ohr Yisrael in Netanya.

EMS couple saves two on Friday – Arutz Sheva

| August 21, 2017

After Miri Shvimmer, a United Hatzalah volunteer paramedic responded to three life-saving calls in a few hours with Lior Ashkenazi, a fellow United Hatzalah volunteer EMT, she quipped One might say we had a productive day. On Friday afternoon just after 3:00 p.m. the couple responded to an emergency in which an individual jumped off the Kibbutz Galuyot bridge

Is there a blessing for the eclipse? – The Jerusalem Post

| August 21, 2017

Solar eclipse 370. (photo credit:REUTERS) As millions of Americans gear up for the rare solar eclipse on Monday, rabbis across the spectrum weighed in on the event - and its significance

Benjamin Netanyahu and the Politics of Grievance – The Atlantic

| August 21, 2017

A leader who portrays himself as one of the persecuted, the target of an incessant witch-hunt by the so-called deep state.

Why do white supremacists hate Jews? Because we can fight them. – Chicago Tribune

| August 18, 2017

Anti-Semitism is again back in the news. Some of the posters at the Charlottesville, Va., white supremacist demonstrations this past weekend featured a man taking a hammer to a Star of David the biggest threat, the thing that needs to be destroyed

Why do white supremacists hate Jews? Because we Jews can fight them. – Washington Post

| August 16, 2017

By Danya Ruttenberg By Danya Ruttenberg August 16 at 6:00 AM White nationalists staged a torchlit march on the campus of the University of Virginia on Aug.11, ahead of a planned far-right rally.

A Living Symbol of Israel’s Return to Jerusalem, Hurva Synagogue Stands Proud in Old City – Breaking Israel News

| August 16, 2017

Raise a shout together, O ruins of Yerushalayim! For Hashem will comfort His people, Will redeem Yerushalayim. Isaiah 52:9 (The Israel Bible) The Hurva Synagogue in the Old Citys Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem. Inset: After its destruction in 1967.

Who owns America’s oldest synagogue? It’s an argument 350 years in the making – jewishpresstampa

| August 16, 2017

By Ben Sales JTA news service Touro Synagogue, nestled in historic Newport, R.I., is the oldest synagogue still in existence in the United States.

Netanyahu prepares to strengthen role of security cabinet – The Times of Israel

| August 14, 2017

The Justice Ministry is preparing a draft amendment to Israels Basic law that would allow the prime minister to declare war, or order a military operation that could lead to war, with the approval only of the 10-member security cabinet.

How the Jews nearly wiped out Tay-Sachs – Arutz Sheva

| August 12, 2017

Parents of children born with Tay-Sachs disease, a genetically transmitted fatal disease found in Ashkenazi Jews from cerrtain areas of Europe, talk about three deaths. There is the moment when parents first learn that their child has been diagnosed with the fatal disease. Then there is the moment when the childs condition has deteriorated so badly blind, paralyzed, non-responsive that he or she has to be hospitalized

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