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Photos reveal the hidden side of Hasidic weddings – Forward

| August 8, 2020

For my thirteenth birthday, my stepfather gave me a camera.

Stars of Netflixs Unorthodox freak out over Emmy nomination in adorable video – Yahoo Sports

| August 4, 2020

If youve havent seen the Netflix miniseries Unorthodox perhaps these eight Emmy nominations will convince you. The four-episode show follows Shira Haas as Esty Shapiro, a 19-year-old Jewish woman who flees an arranged marriage to try and lead a secular life. The series, which is primarily in Yiddish, is inspired by Deborah Feldmans 2012 autobiography Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots.

Shira Haas of Unorthodox on Sharing the Joys of Her First Emmy Nod – The New York Times

| August 2, 2020

Shira Haas, the star of the Netflix limited series Unorthodox, about Esther, a young woman fleeing Hasidic Brooklyn, will always have a record of where she was when she received her first Emmy nomination. She decided to film the moment alongside Amit Rahav, who plays her husband in the series, because the two actors live a three-minute walk from each other in Tel Aviv. It could have been a disappointing clip, but it wasnt.

South Blooming Grove plans in-person public hearing on 600-home Clovewood project – Times Herald-Record

| July 23, 2020

Chris McKenna|Times Herald-Record SOUTH BLOOMING GROVE - Village officials plan to field public comments on the 600-home Clovewood proposal in person rather than hold an online hearing on a development that could more than double South Blooming Grove's population.

Jewish People Who Have Recovered From COVID Have Donated Half of All the Plasma Used in US Treatments – Good News Network

| July 23, 2020

Since Hasidic and Jewish Orthodox communities were some of the first to suffer the worst COVID-19 outbreaks, they are now turning their experiences into a nationwide movement that has already saved thousands of lives. Out of all the COVID-19 treatments that are currently being researched in the US, convalescent plasma therapy has been shown to be particularly promisingespecially for severe cases of the virus. The treatment involves drawing blood plasma out of an individual who has recovered from and built up an immunity to COVID-19, testing the blood for the related antibody, and then injecting it into a sick patient so that the antibody can attack the virus for its new host.

Brooklyn’s Hasidic Jews are acting like they have herd immunity. Could they be right? – Jewish Telegraphic Agency

| July 11, 2020

(JTA) The front page of the June 26 issue of Der Yid, one of the most widely circulated Yiddish newspapers among New Yorks Hasidic Orthodox communities, made the point loud and clear. And so it was after the plague. Those words, lifted from a verse in the Torah and printed alongside photos of large gatherings of unmasked Hasidic men, had a clear implication: After months of funerals and fear, the modern-day pandemic had passed and the time had come to gather again.

Unorthodox author: My Hasidic ex-husband followed me to secular life – The Times of Israel

| July 11, 2020

The woman who authored a memoir of how she left her strict ultra-Orthodox life as a wife and mother in a Hasidic sect has revealed that her ex-husband later followed her in adopting a secular lifestyle. Deborah Feldman, 33, whose book Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots was made this year into a Netflix series, said her former husband contacted her to say he too was no longer religious and thanked her for showing him the way. Feldman, who lives in Berlin, told BBC Radio 5 Live that she has a great relationship with her ex-husband, who is now married to a secular woman

Shira Haas On The Enormous, Amazing Reaction To Unorthodox: I Always Believed In The Show – Deadline

| July 11, 2020

The day Shira Haas auditioned for the role of Esty Shapiro on Unorthodox, she got drenched in the rain. When she arrived at the venue, she cleaned herself up, took a few deep breaths, walked into the audition and sang Jeff Buckleys Hallelujah. A year and-a-half after the Israeli actress nailed the audition, shes received praise and acclaim for her arresting performance as a young woman who leaves the Hasidic Satmar community in Brooklyn to make her own way in Berlin.

Interfaith: In dark times, a prayer of thanks – Ventura County Star

| July 11, 2020

Gershon Weissman, Special to Ventura County Star Published 10:00 a.m. PT July 11, 2020 Many of us, citizens of the world, arenowhaving serious challenges and difficulties that cause us fear and anxiety. We are experiencing a trying situation

Shira Haas finds the complexity within her ‘Unorthodox’ role – Los Angeles Times

| July 7, 2020

Just after shed arrived in Berlin to start filming the Netflix series Unorthodox, Shira Haas went out for drinks with director Maria Schrader. After a few glasses of wine, Schrader broke the news: The first day of production on the series which follows a young woman raised in a Hasidic community in Brooklyn was going to be intense.

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