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In Pursuit Of Truth – The Boca Raton Observer

| November 25, 2019

Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari, whose imprisonment was chronicled in the feature film Rosewater, will be the keynote speaker. In his career as a journalist and filmmaker, he has exhibited exceptional courage in bringing the truth of the Holocaust to Iran and throughout the Middle East and has been a powerful voice against anti-Semitism.

White nationalists are openly operating on Facebook. The company won’t act – The Guardian

| November 25, 2019

On 7 November, Lana Lokteff, an American white nationalist, introduced a thought criminal and political prisoner and friend as a featured guest on her internet talk show, Red Ice TV.

How the Armenian diaspora forged coalitions to push for genocide recognition – The Conversation UK

| November 18, 2019

When Turkeys president Recep Tayyip Erdoan visited the White House on November 13, he said a landmark resolution passed by the House of Representatives in October recognising the Armenian genocide had hurt deeply the Turkish nation, and had the potential to cast a deep shadow over our bilateral relations. In 1915, the collapsing Ottoman Empire massacred an estimated 800,000 to 1.5m Armenians, but Turkey denies this was a genocide.

Former SS guard goes on trial over 5,230 murders in what could be last ever Nazi prosecution of its kind – The Independent

| November 17, 2019

In what could possibly be the last court case of its kind, a former Nazi concentration camp guard is on trial in Hamburg.

A Quick Reminder of Why Colonialism Was Bad | Current Affairs

| October 21, 2019

Perhaps the easiest way to understand why colonialism was so horrific is to imagine it happening in your own country now. It is invaded, conquered, and occupied by a foreign power.

Aftermath of the Holocaust – Wikipedia

| October 11, 2019

The Holocaust had a deep effect on society both in Europe and the rest of the world, and today its consequences are still being felt both by children and adults whose ancestors were victims of this genocide. German society largely responded to the enormity of the evidence for and the horror of the Holocaust with an attitude of self-justification and a practice of keeping quiet. Germans attempted to rewrite their own history to make it more palatable in the post-war era.[1] For decades, West Germany and then unified Germany refused to allow access to its Holocaust-related archives in Bad Arolsen, citing privacy concerns.

International Conference to Review the Global Vision of …

| October 3, 2019

The International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust was a two-day conference that opened on December 11, 2006, in Tehran, Iran.

Irving v Penguin Books Ltd – Wikipedia

| October 3, 2019

David Irving v Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt is a case in English law against American author Deborah Lipstadt and her publisher Penguin Books, filed in the High Court of Justice by the British author David Irving in 1996, asserting that Lipstadt had libelled him in her book Denying the Holocaust.

Combating Holocaust Denial: Evidence of the Holocaust …

| October 2, 2019

The best known of the war crimes trials held after World War II was the trial of major German war criminals held in Nuremberg, Germany.

List of countries where Holocaust denial is legal …

| October 2, 2019

Holocaust deniers complain about their valid, researched, and not at all racist opinions bullshit being outlawed in several countries.

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