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Norman Tebbit and the Telegraph can’t be let off the hook for rewriting Nazi history – The National

| June 24, 2020

THE Tory right has tried for a very long time to avoid the inconvenient truth that Adolf Hitler and his mass murdering fanatical regime was an expression of extreme right-wing nationalism. In this sad tradition Norman Tebbit former Tory Cabinet minister, ex-chair of the party and long-time Thatcher ally in a Daily Telegraph column earlier this week called Hitler extreme left clearly a continuation of this long and dishonourable practice. The only supporting evidence Tebbit provides is the schoolboy debating point that the full name of the Nazi Party was the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP)

Jewish publications really shouldnt platform Jew-hating white supremacists – Haaretz

| June 22, 2020

It sounds like a no-brainer. To the question: Should a Jewish media site offer a well-known antisemite, a muse to the alt-right and associate of Holocaust deniers, thousands of words, including barely disguised threats, to repeat the Jew-hating and racist calumnies hes already published widely, all couched in a strangely cosy interview that amplifies his reach with no editorial or journalistic rationale other than "to know what they [antisemites] sound like"? That is exactly what the conservative-leaning U.S

Dueling petitions: Calls growing both for removal and support of VP of research Stephen Hsu – The State News

| June 21, 2020

Petitions from the Graduate Employees Union, or GEU, Michigan State professors, and members of the MSU community have called for the removal of Stephen Hsu as vice president for research and innovation, denouncing him of scientific racism, sexism, eugenicist research and conflicts of interest. As of 11:00 p.m. Wednesday, a general petition has about 700 signatures and a separate petition of Michigan State professors and graduate students has about 470 signatures.

Shoah distortion – how the narrative of the Holocaust is being rewritten – The Jerusalem Post

| June 21, 2020

There are currently two dangerous phenomena which threaten Holocaust remembrance and education in many countries all over the world. The first is Holocaust denial, which needs no explanation, and already began in the course of World War II

NAACP and others call for advertisers to boycott Facebook –

| June 21, 2020

Amid ongoing protests against police brutality and racism, a new campaign from organizations including the NAACP and the Anti-Defamation League is urging advertisers to pull their spending on Facebook ads for July, emphasizing the platforms repeated failure to curb hateful and false content. The campaign, which is called Stop Hate for Profit, is just the latest effort to hold Facebook accountable for how its platform enables and even benefits from racism and misinformation. The organizations, which also include Color of Change, Common Sense, Sleeping Giants, and Free Press, point to several examples where they say Facebook has failed.

The Room Where It Happened review: John Bolton fires broadside that could sink Trump – The Guardian

| June 21, 2020

John Boltons near-600-page tome is the most damning written account by a Trump administration alumnus, the one that stands to haunt the president come November. In the authors judgment, I dont think hes fit for office. I dont think he has the competence to carry out the job

Its time to work together to prevent an upsurge of anti-Semitism – Forward

| June 16, 2020

While the United States was celebrating American Jewish Heritage Month in May, the global Jewish community was experiencing a further increase in anti-Semitic incidents, which cannot continue. As the world reeled from the COVID-19 global pandemic in March, the Iranian Ministry of Health decided to hold a cartoon contest entitled We Defeat Coronavirus, garnering thousands of submissions.

Virtual Event: Memory in the Face of Denial –

| June 16, 2020

Memory in the Face of Denial: Srebrenica 25 Years Later Denial is the final stage of genocide. Denial by perpetrators, whether by words or by taking steps to cover their acts, or even refusing to recognize atrocities years later, impacts the memory of genocide.

Bret Stephens: What The Times Got Wrong – The New York Times

| June 14, 2020

Acting editorial page editor Kathleen Kingsbury wrote about the decision to publish our writers responses to the Tom Cotton Op-Ed in Fridays edition of our Opinion Today newsletter.

Coronavirus Claims Some of World War IIs Last Witnesses – The New York Times

| June 7, 2020

In Europe, the virus has taken some of the last witnesses of its grim history. For years, Gildo Negri visited schools to share his stories about blowing up bridges and cutting electrical wires to sabotage Nazis and fascists during World War II.

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