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What’s The Real Purpose Of Aleinu? (Part II) – The Jewish Press –

| June 30, 2022

The Beer Heitiv in Orach Chayim [132:3] teaches us that we should say the Aleinu prayer with awe and reverence since Hashem and His Heavenly retinue listen to its recital and proclaim afterwards, Ashrei haam shekacha lo, ashrei haam sheHashem Elokav Fortunate is the nation that has such a lot, fortunate are the people that Hashem is their G-d. The Kolbo states that this prayer is so lofty that it should always be said standing and it is because of this that the word Aleinu has the same gematria, numerical value (166), as the word uma-umad, which means to be standing.

Cambridge to mark Refugee Week and Holocaust Memorial Day at free civic event on Sunday 26 June – Cambridge City Council

| June 26, 2022

CAMBRIDGE City Council is marking Refugee Week and Holocaust Memorial Day with a free community fundraising event Voices of Hope and Healing at Cambridge Corn Exchange this Sunday (26 June) from 4pm. The poetry and song concert will feature performances from poet and author Michael Rosen, with many of the poems from Michael's volume of poetry On the Move. Poems about Migration

Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff Visits USC Shoah Foundation – University of Southern California

| June 14, 2022

USC Shoah Foundationthe Institute for Visual History and Education (USC Shoah Foundation) on Wednesday welcomed Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff to the Institutes global headquarters on the campus of the University of Southern California.

Opinion | Russia’s Missiles Are Burning the History of Ukraine’s Babyn Yar Ravine – The New York Times

| June 14, 2022

For many, Babyn Yar symbolizes the horror that largely preceded the gas chambers, the local Holocaust in which victims were shot at close range.

Guildhall exhibitions focus on emigration and exile ahead of Refugee Week – Leicester News

| June 14, 2022

Published on Friday, June 10, 2022 THREE important exhibitions that explore the themes of exile and emigration are now open at Leicesters Guildhall. A touring exhibition from the Wiener Holocaust Library tells the story of the Kindertransport scheme that brought thousands of Jewish children to Britain to escape Hitlers regime

80 years ago Anne Frank started her diary, a landmark of world literature – FRANCE 24 English

| June 13, 2022

Issued on: 12/06/2022 - 09:01Modified: 12/06/2022 - 10:05 Thirteen-year-old Anne Frank began keeping her now-famous diary on June 12, 1942. She would spend a little more than twoyears confidingin its pages, sharing stories from daily life, observations, and hopes for the future from the crampedannex in Amsterdam she occupied with her family and several other Jews in hiding. The last entry in her diary is dated August 1, 1944, after which she was arrested and deported

About Us – A world that remembers the Holocaust | IHRA

| June 8, 2022

The future we are shaping now, is the past that we will share tomorrow.

Turning on the Light – UofSC News & Events –

| June 8, 2022

When Mary McElveen was in seventh grade, a boy in her French class told her she shouldnt exist. Because she is Jewish. Because of the Holocaust.

Dov Forman Wants You to Know His Great-Grandmothers Holocaust Story – The New York Times

| June 8, 2022

This was a lockdown project, Dov Forman said modestly in a video interview from the London home where he interviewed Lily Ebert, his 98-year-old great-grandmother, for several hours a day at the peak of the pandemic. Those conversations, and her detailed, painful, heartbreaking and, later, meticulously fact-checked memories of surviving the Holocaust, are the basis of Lilys Promise, which debuted at No. 2 on the paperback nonfiction list.

Summer TV 2022: 27 Shows to Watch – The New York Times

| June 4, 2022

The recent travails of Netflix, and the tech sector in general, have served notice that the abundance of new series that you have gotten used to and perhaps grown tired of may not last forever.

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