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Posted By on July 9, 2015

Irie, mon! Ganja is now decriminalized in Jamaica after the Caribbean islands Parliament voted to lessen the penalty for those caught with two ounces or less of marijuana. The Jamaica government will also establish a cannabis licensing authority for medicinal marijuana on the island, where its music and even Rastafarian religion has been influenced by []

Opposition members in Jamaicas Senate warn that a bill to decriminalize the use of marijuana for medicinal or religious purposes could lead to discrimination. Sen. Tom Tavares-Finson said he is against Section 7 of the bill because it gives power to the Minister of Justice to authorize persons, groups or organizations, he recognizes as Rastafarian, []

Courtesy of abcnews.com:Jamaican police have often been viewed with suspicion and fear, routinely accused of indiscriminately using their weapons and intentionally killing suspects as the island struggled with soaring violent crime. Now, with overall violence ebbing, the Caribbean country is on track to have the fewest deaths at the hands of law enforcement in years, []

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Home of the Jamaican Diaspora Out of many one people

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