Berlin Winner Radu Jude on Holocaust Denial Film Barbarians

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Berlin Winner Radu Jude on Holocaust Denial Film Barbarians:

Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: Judes I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians, which has its world premiere Monday in Karlovy Vary Film Festivals main competition, has ruffled as many feathers in his native Romania as the films central character does in the town where she is staging a historical reenactment of a chapter from the Holocaust. In a country where many still refuse to discuss its role as a Nazi ally in common with several others in Europe the subject is still raw, says the writer/director. Jude, who won the best director award at the Berlin Film Festival for Aferim!, focusing on 19th-century life in Jewish settlements, made Barbarians as a co-production with France, Bulgaria, Germany and the Czech Republic. Beta Cinema is handling world sales rights. Did you face political pressure not to explore this subject as your director character does? How did you handle that? There was some, but less than we expected and it would take too long to describe it. What was more unexpected was that a lot of people from the crew or cast proved to be Holocaust deniers in various degrees (mostly soft), but they didnt tell me directly, I just heard it via word of mouth.Only one actor, an older one, made a racist and denialist rant at the casting session. Afterwards I gave him the screenplay and I expected that hed withdraw from the project after reading it, but he didnt and explained to me that the script doesnt explicitly show the involvement of the Romanian army in massacres in 1941, but only raises the question, the possibility. How extensive is Holocaust denial in Romania these days and is this why you decided to take this on? At the official level, the denial doesnt exist anymore I think it was also one of the conditions for joining the EU (this is why, prior to that, all the statues of Romanias wartime leader Ion Antonescu were removed from public squares). At the level of the people, thats something else: It exists, but I dont know how widespread it is quite a lot, I would say, judging from my chance conversations with people. Theres a lot of admiration [in Romania] for Antonescu, Hitlers forgotten ally. Many seem to have this nostalgia for a ruler with an iron hand. But there are also more and more honest books about the past, so theres hope. Your focus on Antonescu, who ordered massacres of Jews in Bessarabia and Bukovina, is quite enlightening, certainly. As for my personal desire to touch on this topic, there are many reasons. I can think of two: first, I belong to a generation that was lied to nobody told us about the dark parts of our history. Second, I didnt want to make a Holocaust film but to find ways to make a film that brings together the present day and this dark past, with the hope that one can see the present (and the past, too) more clearly. Your main character, the director Mariana Marin, is constantly challenged by men were you trying to shed light on the obstacles facing women in film? Not n#BerlinWinnerRaduJude, #HolocaustDenialFilmBarbarians#KarlovyVaryFilmFestival, #RaduJude

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Berlin Winner Radu Jude on Holocaust Denial Film Barbarians

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