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Marian Magt says he is still running for ilina Region post.

The police charged far-right extremist leader Marian Magt with Holocaust denial, referring to his comments on a social network. If he is found guilty, he may spend up to eight years in prison, the public-service broadcaster RTVS reported.

Despite the accusations, Magt still wants to run for the government post in ilina Region in the November regional elections.

Magt is one of the founders of Vzdor (Resistance) Kysuce, which the Interior Ministry classifies as an extremist group. In last years general election he unsuccessfully ran on the slate of Peoples Party Our Slovakia (SNS), led by Marian Kotleba.

Earlier this year, the court sentenced him to three years conditionally for illegal arming. Magt was also invited for hearing after he encouraged people attending a protest against Islamisation to tear the European Unions flag, RTVS informed.

Magt does not conceal his Antisemitism or admiration of Adolf Hitler, whom he has described as peacemaker and a person with his heart on the right place.

The police had already proposed charging Magt for his statements at the beginning of this year, but the prosecutors office officially submitted the charges to the district court in adca on July 27, RTVS reported.

Magt said earlier this year that he is not the only administrator of his blog posts and social network profiles, so the police cannot prove it was actually him who wrote the posts. He is now casting doubt on the experts who prepared opinions.

They cannot explain what Holocaust denial is. Not even the law knows it, Magt told RTVS.

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Extremist charged with Holocaust denial - The Slovak Spectator

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