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2 August 2017, 14:13

James O'Brien: This Is Why Holocaust Denial Is On The Rise


A leading campaigner has warned Holocaust denial could rise in the next 20 years, and James OBrien has a theory why this is worryingly true.

Sir Peter Bazalgette, chair of the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation, believes Holocaust denial may well grow rather than diminish over the next two decades.

Its a concern James himself has raised and today during his LBC show the penny dropped as to why Holocaust denial is next in a post-truth era.

What you have is the desire to other a population, James said.

On this occasion as Britain and America are at the moment its Muslims and the desire is to portray them all as terrorists or paedophiles or members of grooming gangs.

He continued: They want to do the most textbook sort of style of othering, treat people differently, restrict their laws according to their ethnicity or background.

For example you cant come into this country if you were born into a certain background. You cant access this service if you were born somewhere else.

That kind of politics, and what they cant do is admit that leads to the Holocaust.

So if youre buying into the idea of othering Muslims or Irish people from the NHS or having having some kind of colour bar If you subscribe to that set then you have to deny the Holocaust.

Watch James full analysis in the video at the top of this page.

See the article here:

James O'Brien's Worrying Theory On The Rise Of Holocaust Denial - LBC

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