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Posted By on November 12, 2021

Color me shocked, along with everyone else, but this election was surely something else. Then again, it may just be the same old pendulum politics weve been dealing with for years, where the losing party, good and mad, musters the turnout to throw the bums out. Next time, the bums who won will be turned out.

Before we get to the local aspect, I have to say Im surprised at the New Jersey gubernatorial result.

While it looks like Gov. Murphy has won, he should have crushed his mediocre opponent. Murphy handled the COVID crisis with decency and circumspection. unlike the insufferable narcissism of our own governor.

Nobody in politics signs up for leading through a murderous crisis, but he demonstrated a formidable grasp of the situation he was handed, and to the shame of the voters, they could only revile him. You wont get good people to serve in office if the voters themselves are hate-filled zombies, but this is where the country is.

This is no longer a nation whose electoral politics can be taken seriously.

Nassau, as always, provided the comedy. Oddly, enough, despite the sound of a 1,000 dog whistles, and slathering the police with endless praise and gobs of taxpayer money, Laura Curran apparently did a bad job of summoning up nativist fears.

And so, a man who has been in a fixture (in the sense of say, a desk lamp) in Nassau politics for decades is promising a real shake-up. All through the campaign, he promised he would fix the assessment system, which in his view, was broken. As it turns out, he doesnt know exactly how.

Im going to put together a team and fix the broken reassessment system and make proposals to further cut fees and taxes and restore law and order on Nassau County streets, Blakeman said in a statement.

Uh-huh. Im sure a team of well-compensated NIFA retreads and a few nephews will get to the bottom of a problem no one else seems to have figured out for 50 years.

I would have thought it would have made sense for Mr. Blakeman to know precisely how he was going to fix the broken assessment system before he got elected, but I figured if he told us how he was going to do it, he would have to kill us. Now hes getting a team.

Blakeman is right about restoring law and order on the streets.

His old friend Ed Mangano, despite being convicted twice, is still walking on them. What racist claptrap, and so openly and brazenly expressed.

The Nassau County political establishment can only pander to the worst instincts in society, and that is precisely why decent good public servants can work their hearts out and get defeated. It also drives decent people out of the profession. Look what youre left with.

This party made promises concerning reassessment, Blakeman said. We made promises about cutting taxes. We made promises about law and order. And now its our job to fulfill those promises.

Yeah, Im sure you will, pal. Im just going to sit here and wait and see what the team kicks up.

In the meantime, congrats, Nassau. You elected members of the party of Holocaust denial, insurrection, and the open carry of guns, while they unctuously lecture you on the values of an ordered society and a decent education. You got what you deserved.

Locally, this doesnt mean much. Nassau politics, at the bottom, consists of two rival crime families squaring off for turf, and after the OTB and Board of Elections slots are filled, everyone can go back to sleep.

If the national GOP takes power, however, I suggest emigrating.

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Readers Write: Breaking! Gulotta re-elected - Readers Write - The Island Now

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