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Posted By on October 21, 2020

EUGENE, Ore. -- In 1944, Loulke Wilders was just 8 years-old when he was taken off the streets of Germany.

"We were picked up by the SS and Kostovo," Wilders said. "My camp was Buchenwalde."

For two years, Wilders and several other young boys served as experimental subjects for medical procedures at Nazi concentration camps.

"They were very sadistic," Wilders said.

And at 84 years-old, he can still remember some of the horrific experiments.

"They brought me in the lab and they had a kind of light, ultra violet," he said. "They burned the hell out of my face. I cried, I screamed, I kicked."

The torture Wilders experienced continues to impact his health, especially his hearing.

He recalled a time when he heard loud, bomb sounds for three days straight.

"From that time on, they probably damaged my nerves," Wilders said. "I cannot hear very well anymore."

He said he was given injections of mysterious serums. He said he was beaten to the point of broken bones. However, Wilder believes the starvation was even worse than the torture.

"The most terrible thing that I can remember is that we were so hungry," Wilders said.

Lolke Wilders endured and lived through some of the darkest horrors of the Holocaust. With the world being in such an uncertain time, he feels the last thing we need is hate.

Last week, he and some friends held a small rally in West Eugene. The goal was to urge unity, not division.

"We can make things so much better and that is my wish."

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Holocaust survivor shares story to promote change and unity - KEZI TV

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