Akhlah, the Jewish children’s learning network

Posted By on November 4, 2015

Dear Akhlah Friends and Family:

Sixteen years ago, I saw a need for Jewish education materials designed just for very young children that would be freely available online. A site where Jewish families who lived far from a temple or shul, or didn't have access to a congregational cheder, could access the teaching/learning materials that would strengthen their childrens' connection to their Jewish heritage. No advertisements, no off-site links, no subscription charges, just a place for learning the alef-bet and the Hebrew language, Judaism's history, and all about Israel and the people who helped build her. So I began creating Akhlah's pages, every year adding more categories, and now Akhlah has users all around the world, with more than 12,000 unique users every day.

I'm proud of Akhlah; I very much want to keep it alive and growing. But I am facing a diagnosis and consequent surgery that may oblige me to set all my work on Akhlah aside. I will not be able to cover Akhlah's expenses for the next few months and I must ask for your assistance. Without your financial support, Akhlah cannot be sustained. Please consider helping out in this time of need. Your donation will keep Akhlah online through this crisis, and I will soon, I pray, be able to return to my regular job and resume my role as Akhlah's backbone.

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Akhlah, the Jewish children's learning network

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