LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Left’s Jew hating goes unchecked – Washington Times

Posted By on October 2, 2021


Our polity is in turmoil, with little patience on either the red or blue side for amicable discussion of differences (The Squad loves dead Jews: Support for Hamas implies nothing less, Web, Sept. 28). Misinformation is rife and celebrated when even mature voices defer to the clarion call of a partisan victory. Present-day politics has dumbed down our discourse, often leaving a foul residue of ancient prejudice front and center for a new generation of American voters ignorant of history. They wallow in the mephitic milieu, echoing legislators and academicians of like mind.

At this point in our ongoing evolution, an important progressive segment of the Democratic Party is giving loud voice to haters of Israel and, as we have witnessed here at home, all Jews. As anti-Semitism shades the Democratic Party, adults in the big tent have the responsibility and obligation to stem burgeoning bias.



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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Left's Jew hating goes unchecked - Washington Times

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