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Posted By on September 8, 2022

"Clemson University is an American public, coeducational, land-grant and sea-grant research university located in Clemson, South Carolina, United States:"

There is something special about a college town. While I attended a school in a pretty big city (Go Wolfpack!) there is still something special about a college town. And I do feel that in the immediate area of the school I still got that feel. That being said I think of a true college town as being a town built around a University. The school is a huge part of the economy and is the heartbeat of the town. The town should also be synonymous with the university. These schools often, though not always should have a major college sports presence that is evident in the town and makes for a unique gameday atmosphere. So when I saw that South Carolina had a town make the Best College Towns In America list I had a pretty good idea of which University it was.

And I was correct. While the North Carolina town left me surprised, South Carolinas makes perfect sense. While the vast majority of this list left me scratching my head, this town embodies what I believe a college town to be. Outside of three, maybe four towns, I wouldnt consider those on this list to fit my definition of a college town- at all. It was created by Preply and they ranked the cities based on three main metrics: wallet friendliness, social environment, and economic opportunities. So that does explain the rankings a little bit.

Wallet Friendliness Included:

Meal, inexpensive restaurant (1 person)Fitness club, monthly fee (1 person)Rent per month for apartment (1 bedroom) in city centerDomestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)

Social Environment (this is the one metric I most likely would have kept):

Diversity, percentage of foreign born residentsCafes per capitaParks per capitaNightlife per capitaCrime rate

Economic Opportunities:

Average monthly net salary (after tax)Unemployment rateEmployment rateBuy apartment price

Interested to see which South Carolina town is featured as one of the best college towns in America? Keep reading to see the 10 ten. Read the full study here.

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This South Carolina College Town Is Top 10 In The Nation -

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