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Date Signed: 4/1/2019 MARADMINS Number: 207/19

R 011545Z APR 19MARADMIN 207/19MSGID/GENADMIN/CMC WASHINGTON DC MRA MP//SUBJ/2019 NATIONAL JEWISH AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH//REF/A/PUBLIC LAW 96-237/24APR80/JEWISH HERITAGE WEEK//REF/B/SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION 73/16DEC05/AMERICAN JEWISH HISTORY MONTH//REF/C/HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION 315/14FEB06/AMERICAN JEWISH HISTORY MONTH//REF/D/JEWISH AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH/JEWISHHERITAGEMONTH.GOV//REF/E/JEWISH AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH/JAHM.US//REF/F/NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN JEWISH MILITARY HISTORY/NMAJMH.ORG//POC/T. M. VELAZQUEZ/CIV/MRA (MPE)/TEL: COM 703-784-9371/TEL:DSN 278/EMAIL: THERESA.VELAZQUEZ@USMC.MIL//GENTEXT/REMARKS/1. Each May during Jewish American Heritage Month, our Nation takes the opportunity to reflect upon the past and ongoing contributions Jewish Americans bring to the success and growth of our Nation. This is the first time the Marine Corps will observe Jewish American Heritage Month. The 2019 observance theme for the Marine Corps is: Culture, History, and Tradition.2. Private Samuel (Marguilies) Gross (1891-1934) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He received the Medal of Honor for his action taken while serving in 23rd Company attached to the USS Connecticut, at Fort Riviere, Haiti on 17 November 1915. Private Gross alongside his fellow Marines from the 5th, 13th, and 23rd Companies and sailor detachments from the USS Connecticut conducted an attack on Fort Riviere and engaged in a concentrated drive, which gradually closed in on the old French bastion. This effort severed all retreat avenues for the enemy Caco rebels. With a wall breach as the only available entrance into the fort, Private Gross was the second man to enter the breach during constant fire from the Cacos. Subsequently, Private Gross engaged in sustained hand-to-hand combat for a ten-minute period until the bastion was captured and the enemy resistance was overcome. Six Marines received the Medal of Honor for their actions at the decisive Fort Riviere battle including Dan Daly and Smedley Butler. Samuel Gross is currently the only Jewish Marine to receive the Medal of Honor.3. During World War II, over 500,000 Jewish Americans served in the Armed Forces in all ranks and grades. Numerous veteran soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines of Jewish heritage returned home to the United States and became evermore involved in shaping the vibrant character of our Nation. One such Marine Sergeant was acclaimed humorist Arthur Buchwald (1925-2007). Arthur Buchwald was born into an Austrian-Hungarian Jewish immigrant family and grew up in a Hebrew orphanage and several foster homes in New York. Influenced by the John Wayne film, To the Shores of Tripoli, he ran away at age seventeen to North Carolina intent on meeting a particular girl before joining the Marines. With a stolen pint of whisky, he recruited a vagrant to pose as his father and sign the enlistment papers. He served in the Pacific Theater as an ordnance man with VMF-113, 4th MAW on Engebi, at the northern end of Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands. In addition to his regular duties, he edited the units newspaper entitled, The Human Comedy. After his enlistment, Arthur Buchwald eventually wrote political satire and commentary for the Washington Post as well as numerous books published from 1953 to 2006. He became the most widely syndicated newspaper columnist and received much esteemed professional recognition, yet he always maintained a high regard for the Marine Corps. Arthur Buchwald credited the Marine Corps for making him into a man, and he closely befriended his former Drill Instructor, Pete Bernardi.4. During this observance month, commanders are encouraged to recognize and celebrate the invaluable service and selfless contributions Jewish Americans, both military and civilian, give to our country and Corps. Commanders are further encouraged to conduct programs and promote participation in observance events within their commands and across their local communities.5. Release authorized by Brigadier General W. H. Swan, Division Director, Manpower Plans and Policy.//

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