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From the moment they took to the screen with their love story, Loren and Alexei Brovarnik became everyone's favorite 90 Day Fiance couple.

From the moment they took to the screen with their love story, Loren and Alexei Brovarnik became everyone's favorite 90 Day Fiancecouple.Now, the two lovebirds are the parents of an adorable baby boy, and it's time to look back on how they got there. The pair haven't always had the easiest timeline, what with awaiting citizenship approval and convincing Loren's family that Alexei is right for Loren, but these obstacles didn't stop them from believing in each other.

What began as a Birthright trip would soon become so much more, as Loren gave up her home, career, and lifestyle. Alexei made the decision to leave his country and his career as a medic. They both made sacrifices for the chance at something real and everlasting, and their belief in love is how they becameone of90 Day Fianc's sweetest couples.

Loren and Alexei met while she was on a Birthright trip, something anyone with confirmed Jewish heritage is permitted to take prior to a certain age. While it was intended to be a historical trip for Loren, what she likely didn't expect was for it to be historical in other ways - mainly, her love life.

Their relationship was a beautiful thing, and Loren went back to Israel a total of five times to see her soon-to-be fianc. While they'd only spent five trips together, they knew something no one else did - that they had fallen in love. At least, according to their time on90 Day Fianc.They quickly became one of few couplesfans thought could make it.

While on the show, Loren and Alexei spoke of their wedding plans and went through the process of breaking the news to Loren's family. She and her parents flew into Canada to meet Alexei, since he had not been approved as a U.S. citizen yet, and that's where she broke the news. While it was taken fairly well by her mother, her father initially questioned the marriage.

The couple didn't have one conventional wedding. Rather, they had two! The decision was made to have two weddings so that both Loren and Alexei's families could attend one or the other, making sure that each side of the family had good memories from their "I do's" and a chance to play a part in the celebration.

The couple was so well-loved on90 Day Fiancthat they continued to be on spin-off shows, one of which was90 Day Fianc: Happily Ever After. Fans can still catch their episodes on Hulu, where the entire season is currently streaming.

One spin-off show isn't enough! At least, not when it comes to Loren and Alexei.Pillow Talkwas yet another spin-off show, post-90 Day Fianc, but on this one, couples had the chance to sort through their on-screen choices as a group.

The couple has a pretty significant following on social media, and it's here that fans flocked to get updates on their90 Day Fiancfavorites. When the news hit the press about Loren being pregnant, fans went into a frenzy, trying to figure out when the baby was due, what it might be called, and everything else they could. Fans were so excited about the soon-to-be Brovarnik baby.

The couple had a bit of a rough patch as they awaited the approval of Alexei's immigration papers. The process was a long one and took much longer than anyone had anticipated, causing a bit of stress early on in their marriage. It was a lot to deal with, especially with a little one soon to be on the way.

The couple shared great news in January - the two had a gender reveal event and let the world know they were having a boy! A nickname made its way around social media - eventually, the hashtag, "BabyBrov", began trending. It's not every day that a baby gets a social media following before being born!

The couple looked so happy as they announced the sex of their baby during the gender reveal party...

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January was about to be extra-special, though, as January was the month that Alexei finally gained citizenship in the US. While the couple had certainly dealt with some significant stress up to that point, there was definitely cause for them to celebrate at the turn of the New Year, and they did.

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Although their time on90 Day Fianchas since come to an end, that doesn't mean fans stopped caring about this beloved couple. While the cameras are no longer rolling, that hasn't stopped Loren from providing updates on both her relationship and becoming a mother, via her social media.

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On April 14th, Loren gave birth to a healthy baby boy, whom the couple affectionately named "Shai". The name had a special meaning to both of them and means "gift" as Loren explained, along with her baby's middle name, "Josef" after Alexei's grandfather.

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