Tiffany Haddish Says Beyonc’s Mom Gifted Her Bible Encrusted with Diamonds for Her Bat Mitzvah Celebration – AmoMama

Posted By on January 11, 2020

Tiffany Haddish revealed she received a beautiful bible from Tina Lawson for her bar mitzvah. "Is she trying to say, 'Hey! You know you Black right?'" the comedian joked.

Leave it to Tina Lawson to give the most memorable gift to Tiffany Haddish. The famous mom of her equally famous daughters, Beyonce and Solange Knowles presented Tiffany with a special Bible when the comedian celebrated her batmitzvah.

Tiffany was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! when she spilled on Tinas gift to her. Last month, she had a Black Mitzvah to ring in her 40th year and mark her acceptance of her Jewish heritage.

Tiffany was 27 when she met her father who turned out to be an Eritrean Jew. She has since learned to embrace her religious roots and decided to be baptized into it when she turned the milestone age of 40.

The actress divulged details of that milestone day to Jimmy including the gifts she received from her famous friends. Among them was a diamond-studded Jewish star from Barbra Streisand who couldnt make it to the affair. Jimmy joked that he also had the same gift for Tiffany but with a little less bling.

But the talk show host was astounded to learn later that one curious gift was from Tina who gave Tiffany a Bible, something a Jewish person wouldnt expect to receive.

Ms. Tina gave me the most beautiful Bible with this cross on it and everything, and I was like, is she trying to say, Hey! You know you Black, right?' Tiffany recalled making a joke of the less-than-thoughtful present.

She quickly added that the bible had diamonds on the crucifix and that she has since learned to read from both the Bible and the Torah every day. They start out the same, she says referring to their first four books.

Tiffany fully embraced her Jewish heritage the moment she learned of it. In fact, she studied Hebrew for five months leading to her batmitzvah which is usually given to Jewish girls at the age of 12.

She had the actual ritual ahead of her party where she read from Jewish biblical text in the company of friends and family. Then she made a grand entrance to her feteheld at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills dancing hora to the song, Have Nagila.

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Tiffany Haddish Says Beyonc's Mom Gifted Her Bible Encrusted with Diamonds for Her Bat Mitzvah Celebration - AmoMama

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