These Nice Jewish Boys answered John Oliver. YouTube called it hate speech – Haaretz

Posted By on June 3, 2021

John Oliver sparked a fierce debate after he published his pointed criticism of Israel on his program Last Week Tonight. Local media personalities like Tom Aharon produced videos that rejected most of the comics claims.

So did Naor Meningher and Eytan Weinstein, who operate the Nice Jewish Boys channel on YouTube, who about two weeks ago posted a video of their own, in which they countered Olivers claims one by one in English.

The video got close to 60,000 views a major success for a channel with just 1,45 subscribers but last Friday Meningher and Weinstein were informed by YouTube that the clip was being blocked for violating the companys community standards.

The reason it said was they had engaged in hate speech.

Of course, thats a complete lie, said Meningher.

In response, the two filed an appeal with YouTube through the process available on the website. We asked that they at least tell us which parts were unacceptable which sentence or which words, he told Haaretz. About two minutes later Im not joking we got a reply.

The response from YouTube was negative. We have reviewed your content carefully, and have confirmed that it violates our hate speech policies, YouTube wrote. We know that is probably disappointing news, but its our job to ensure YouTube is a safe place for all.

At Haaretzs request, Meningher tried to verify exactly what time the two filed their appeal to YouTube and if it had indeed taken exactly two minutes for the response to come back. Because YouTube doesnt notify the sender it has received a message, its impossible to verify the turnaround time.

Nevertheless, from the information provided by Meningher, YouTube does appear to have needed no more than a few minutes to undertake its "close examination," examining the pros and cons, concluding it had made the right decision and sending a message to the channel owners.

It should be noted that the runtime for the video in question is 16:15 minutes. In other words, YouTubes review took less time than needed to actually see the clip from start to finish.

After Haaretz approached YouTube on Sunday, the video returned to the site and the company admitted it had made a mistake removing it.

With hundreds of hours of videos being uploaded to YouTube every minute, mistaken decisions are sometimes made, the company told Haaretz. We have fixed that and the video is available for viewing again

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These Nice Jewish Boys answered John Oliver. YouTube called it hate speech - Haaretz

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