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The Abduction Site: Milledgeville Prison

On August 16, 1915, nearly two months after the June 21, 1915, commutation, Leo M. Frank was abducted from prison by a group of men from the State of Georgias highest social, legal, and political strata. They anointed themselves as the Knights of Mary Phagan. After droving Frank 175 miles to Cobb County at the edge of Marietta, they lynched him near an intersection at Sheriff William Freys Gin. A mature oak tree helped fulfill the most perfectly executed slow strangulation lynching of Leo M. Frank, just after the crisp dawn dew kissed a glorious rising sun on the horizon, bathing golden sunshine on Tuesday morning, August 17, 1915. This event would lead to the rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan on Thanksgiving Midnight 1915 at Stone Mountain where they burned a cross. The Anti-Defamation League, whose leaders aggressively push their racist anti-Gentile agenda on the individual countries of Western Civilization, was galvanized by their patron martyrs lynching that fateful day.

The noose was the favorite murder apparatus of choice, utilized by vigilante lynch mobs against criminals, for picture-framing their terror, and as a result, the image of the noose hanging by itself became the ultimate warning symbol for not only deterring crime, but eliciting fear in law-abiding citizens to not step out of line.

Grotesque, Uncivilized, and Extrajudicial Justice: The History of Vigilante Lynching

Introduction to a Lynching Unlike Any Other Lynching in U.S. history, Fulfilled on August 17, 1915, 7:17 a.m. at Sheriff William J. Freys Gin in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia

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Within the context of more than 4,000 extrajudicial lynchings occurring across the United States throughout its complex history, the average textbook lynch mob was typically formed at a moments notice by an agglomeration of local men, often whipped up into a fevered pitch of rage over an incident or behavior requiring widespread swift extinguishment. The vigilante mob usually formed to mete out justice over some kind of a violent crime, like robbery, rape, assault, or murder. If a Negro committed the crime, the punishment would sometimes be escalated to highest levels of savagery. Some of the incidents many Negroes were lynched for were not always violent, like a Negro whistling or flirting with a white girl or wild talking (jibber jabbering).

The typical lynch party as described above was unlike the highly irregular lynch party formed to deliver vigilante-style justice to Leo Frank.

One of the Highest Level Lynch Parties in Georgia History

The High-Level Elite Lynch Party (HELP) was a rare event in Southern history. HELP was carefully organized over a much longer time periods of weeks and months, instead of the typical lynch party whipped up at a moments notice. Participants of the Elite Lynch Party were prominent men with an intelligence factor one to two standard deviations above average, usually successful members and leaders in the greater community, from politicians, lawyers, judges, businessmen, and even an ex-governor, to skilled tradesmen, like expert electricians and mechanics. These skilled and educated men all played critical and specific roles in the commando-style Operation Leo Frank.HELP was highly motivated, unlike the idle lynch party spectators acting as cheerleaders and mob-rage fluffers.

The Knights of Mary Phagan and the Second Incarnation of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) 1915

The High-Level Elite Lynching Party, who abducted Leo M. Frank in one of the most audacious prison breaks in U.S. history, anointed themselves as the Knights of Mary Phagan. The Elite Lynching Party formed because the outgoing Governor John Marshal Slaton broke his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and the Honor for the State of Georgia, commuting the sentence of his own law client Leo M. Frank from death to life in prison. The commutation was considered a gross conflict of interest by the elite of Georgian citizenry and the public at large because at the time of the Leo Frank clemency hearings, held during the Spring of 1915, Governor John M. Slaton, had prior been made a full senior legal partner and part owner of the law firm that had represented Leo M. Frank at his (July 28 to August 26, 1913) capital murder trial and many of his appeals (1913 to 1915). The firm was called Rosser, Brandon, Slaton and Phillips, and according to affidavits in the 1,800 page Georgia Supreme Court Case File on Leo Frank, Governor John M. Slaton had been associated with the bribery and criminal witness tampering against National Pencil Factory employees who had testified against Leo Frank. The Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Records were finally released to the public on April 26, 2013, at the Internet Archive.

The Law Firm of Luther Zeigler Rosser, Morris Brandon (Jewish), John Marshal Slaton, and Benjamin Phillips (Jewish) was merged and officially born July 13, 1913, becoming Rosser, Brandon, Slaton and Phillips.

Many people were of the opinion that because Governor John M. Slaton was a senior law partner and part owner of the law firm representing Leo Frank at his murder trial and appeals, that it disqualified Governor John M. Slaton from being able to render a clemency decision on the sentencing of Leo Frank after the trial. Moreover, what sent the population of Georgia into a fever pitch over the Leo Frank affair was that in the twenty-nine-page commutation order released to the public by John M. Slaton, where he stated he was not disturbing the verdict of the jury, but sustaining the trial judge, jury, and two years of appellate decisions by every level of the United States legal system. It was as if the governor was acknowledging Franks guilt and rebuked the false accusations of anti-Semitism, while saving the life of his client for a heinous crime of sexual violence and strangulation.

Most people interpreted Governor Slatons clemency decision, reading between the lines, that the governor was affirming Leo Franks guilt, as every appellate tribunal had done from 1913 to 1915, and later from 1982 to 1986, when the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles refused to disturb the verdict of the jury.

Meet Judge Lynch

The Lynch Party was known as Judge Lynch in early 20th and 19th century Southern parlance. Historically for conservatives, lynching was the unofficial wing within the system of checks and balances in a society that required swift justice for rapists. For progressives, lynching was the unlawful assembly of outraged local men coming into a critical mass for administering unlawful and extrajudicial vigilante justice, often at a moments notice and alcohol fueled, thus adding levels to the savagery of it.

The opinion of lynching has changed over the decades and generations of U.S. history. In the 17th through the early 20th century, lynching was considered more acceptable as a swift form of justice, where dissenters against lynching were more likely in the quiet minority.

Many people today in polite civilized society find it cruel and unusual punishment, while others still consider it to be the best form of retribution. Then, there is everyone else in between who takes a different perspective on it depending on the circumstances. However, the real and indisputable problem with lynching is that sometimes the wrong person was lynched.

The progressive visionary and prescient governor Hugh M. Dorsey used his political power and politesse to help put an end to this ancient and savage form of mob injustice, retiring Judge Lynch from his tree house bench. In modern times, except during times of revolution, lynching is very rare.

How would the 1915 lynching have been different had Leo Frank been a Negro instead of a white man?

Had Leo Frank been black instead of white, his bland, generic lynching might have been conducted differently and on a much crueler level.

The Lynching Reserved for Negroes

A very special kind of lynching was always reserved for the most heinous of black rapists vs. white ones. Lets pretend Leo Frank was African-American. For a hypothetical Negro Leo Frank rapist caught by a white lynch mob, first, he would have received a righteous Southern beating until temporary unconsciousness with some of the major bones broken or fractured. Once awakened again into consciousness with a rope around his neck, utilizing rusty farm tools, the Negro Leo Frank would have received genital amputation surgery with no anesthesia, instead of being allowed to keep his family jewels as a white man. It was a very messy process.

After the surgery below the belt, the hypothetical Negro Leo Frank, made into a eunuch, would be quickly lynched before he could bleed out. Not to be confused with hanging, the lynching means being strangled in midair with a noose hoisted over a tree branch. Before the suspended body of the hypothetical Negro Leo Frank could pass out from the blood loss and strangulation from the noose, he would have been riddled with bullets after a makeshift bonfire under him were set aflame. That was how Negro rapists of white women were dealt with one hundred years ago, and the remains of that terror were left behind as a powerful symbolic image for the Negro population to discover and explore mentally. From such a gruesome scene, shock waves reverberated long after the event and acted as the most powerful and effective deterrent for keeping interracial rape to a minimum. In modern times, there are more than 30,000 reported black on white interracial rapes, and with only a fraction of the victims reporting the incidents, the real numbers are in the six figures.

Leo Frank the White Man

Leo Frank being a prominent white man tended to ensure that he kept his genitals and also he did not have his body defiled with gunshots and a campfire. It also meant that after Leo was cleaned up and embalmed at P. J. Bloomfields in Atlanta on Tuesday morning, August 17, 1915, he could be appropriately shipped to Brooklyn without stinking up the transport cabins during the hot, sticky two-day train ride for a weeping Lucille Selig traveling from Atlanta up North to Pennsylvania Station, Manhattan. Together Leo and Lucille left terminal station in Atlanta, Georgia on August 17, 1915, to Penn Station in Manhattan, arriving on August 19, at 6:20 a.m., and meeting with the Frank family (New York Times, August, 1915).

The Cruel Missing Ingredient to Cruel Historical Lynching

Sodomy in its broad definition was a crime punishable by death back in early 20th century Georgia. Hypothetically only adding modern (20th and 21st century) prison gang rape, as an addition to the historical lynch mob process against the alleged rapists caught, as a stage before the genital amputation surgery, would have been crueler back in 1915.

The bottom line, lynching in all of its forms, for any reason, then or now, is absolutely savage and inhuman to the core of human existence. Today, the new form of lynching is the unlawful punishment meted out for convicted criminals in the United States, especially for rapists, which is often sexual assault, rape, and sodomy in prison. Today, however, more than 200,000 nonviolent convict inmates in the United States a year are sexually assaulted in prison (SPR.org, 2011). How are we a less savage society one hundred years after the lynching of Leo Max Frank?

Gang Rape for Rapists in 2013 vs. Lynching for Rapists in 1913

The deterrent against rape in modern times applies nearly exclusively to whites, not blacks or Hispanics. In most U.S. prisons that are overcrowded and overpopulated with gangs of the black and Hispanic variety, the result is that whites are significantly outnumbered and marginalized, even if they have their own gangs. Even white gangs and individual white gang members have less power in prisons than the more numerous black and Hispanic gangs that dwarf them in membership. Today, blacks or Hispanics who rape white women and are later caught and convicted are not necessarily raped in prison. Sometimes, they are taken in as heroes by the black and Hispanic gangs who often see their violent actions as the revolutionary trampling of white society and heritage. Today in modern times, mostly white convicted criminals, of all offenses major or minor, are often repeatedly beaten and gang raped in U.S. prisons. The website http://www.SPR.org indicates that interracial prison rape is 99% black on white.

Regardless of the crime even if rape is subjecting someone to gang rape not just as cruel as subjecting someone to unlawful lynching? How far in terms of becoming a more civilized society have we really come one hundred years after the lynching of Leo Frank in 1915? That we allowed more than 200,000 of our nations prisoners a year to be raped, sodomized, or sexually assaulted is an indication our society has descended far below the society we had one hundred years ago.

Inhuman Lynching vs. State-Sponsored Murder by Hanging: Is There a Difference?

People often confuse unlawful lynching with lawful hanging. Lynching involves a slow strangulation execution similar to hanging, but without the neck being broken in the process (as it is in a hanging).

Hanging vs. Lynching

Hanging is the kind of official judicial execution prescribed in a bureaucratic fashion, where the staged principals (Noosee) neck is snugly fitted with a specially created adjustable knotted loop made from a 3/4 inch manilla rope. The sliding loop is called a noose, and is typically fashioned at the end of a long slack rope attached to a fixed device at the other end.

When the mounted Noosee on a high stage falls through a swinging-hinged trapdoor, the down falling body accelerates based on the physics of body weight and the distance to the ground. The carefully measured slack rope eventually shifts from a loose state to taut, the neck breaks because of cervical vertebrae disconnection against the accelerating and descending body coming to an abrupt jerking stop when the slack rope becomes fully tight.

Lynching vs. Hanging

Lynching was more about strangling someone in midair against their own body weight, which often involved a dance, as the victim kicked, twisted, and jerked, before becoming unconscious from the lack of oxygen to the brain. In a hanging, the neck was broken, and the individual went into shock as the brain could no longer communicate with the rest of the body. Death was usually swift, but in a lynching the individual died in a much slower struggle as a result of oxygen deprivation causing brain damage. Leo Frank died of brain damage.

Lynching was about unlawful acts of extrajudicial murder through a hanging strangulation, by ensuring the rope length was not slack enough to cause vertebrae disconnection, thereby taking longer to kill the principal in rare cases up to thirty minutes. Both lynching and hanging are equally cruel, one slightly more than the other by a matter of minutes. In a truly civilized society, capital punishment would be replaced with life in prison without parole.

Is 1913 Lynching More of a Deterrent than Gang Rape in 2013 for Rapists?

In the years prior to the early 20th century, historically speaking, lynching effectively deterred rape and kept its numbers checked to a minimum, despite being inhumane.


Occurring every year in the United States of America and its territories, in modern times, the number of reported and unreported rapes is estimated to exceed 30,000 and 100,000, respectively. One cannot help but wonder how those rape statistics would change if ongoing convicted rapists, having exhausted all their appeals, were publicly hanged on the 17th day of August every year. Take that referendum to the voters and cash it.

Photograph archived at the Library of Congress. Leo Frank was lynched at 7:17 a.m., August 17, 1915. This photo was taken later that morning after word had gotten out to the public about what happened and numerous people flocked to Freys Gin running on foot, peddling on bike, galloping on horse, and rolling in Model-Ts, creating a critical mass of spectators.

The August 17, 1915, Lynching Location of Leo M. Frank: Cobb County, Georgia

Multifunctional, zoomable, and modern aerial map of the approximate location of the Leo Frank lynching on August 17, 1915: http://www.wikimapia.org/#lat=33.9506291&lon=-84.5168781&z=19&l=0&m=b

The August 20, 1915, Final Burial Location of an Embalmed Leo M. Frank: Glendale, Queens, NYC

Multifunctional, zoomable, and modern aerial maps of the approximate location of the Leo M. Frank burial site, interred on August 20, 1915: http://toolserver.org/~geohack/geohack.php?pagename=Leo_Frank&params=40.694_N_-73.882_E_

Reflections of One Hundred Years on the Lynching of Leo M. Frank, August 17, 1915: at 7:17 a.m.

The Jewish Hollywood Freak Show Version

For the Jews, Leo Frank Revisionists, and Leo Frank Partisans (known collectively as Frankites), who keep churning out lies, dishonest propaganda, and rewriting history in an effort to quench their collective and insatiable Jewish egomania, PRESENTS: The melodramatic, Hollywood, and dramatized version of the Leo Frank lynch party invitation. The invitation should be read out loud by a big fat booger-eating hillbilly farmer in manure-stained overalls, with rotting, blackened, and missing teeth, a pitch fork in one hand, and a torch in the other, saying something like this (please use an exaggerated and very slow Southern accent and drawl while speaking out loud):

Hear Yee, hear Yee. You iz invited to the anti-Jooish Leo Frank lynch party. Come August 16th and 17th, dusk to dawn! Dont be late or you will be left behind. Pre-party meet up at high noon August 16, secret location point in Marietta to be announced later. Tailgate party leaving for Milledgeville Prison leaves at high noon. Good ole boy round up in Milledgeville. Kickoff at 10:00 p.m. at the gates of the Milledgeville Prison. After the abduction of the de-horned Jew, there will be a moonlight Model-T tailgate party to the final destination near Marietta at the Fork of Freys Gin. Final party preparations at sunrise, 7:00 a.m., is the main event, so BE THERE or BE SQUARE. No cussing. No alcohol. This is a dry party after all, though we will be serving moonshine and Coca-Cola at the after party. Proper dress is required. Please bring your clean white sheets and robes. Special after party location at Stone Mountain with bonfire and cross burning to be announced before we leave Freys Gin. We still need torches, rope, small table, and peanut butter. Please RSVP to both Tom Watson and Hugh Dorsey.

The Southern Perspective

For Southerners, the August 17, 1915, lynching of Leo Frank was not a Jewish Hollywood freak show, nor was it about what Elaine Marie Alphin claims were Southern opinions about innocent Jewish blood being more worthy than guilty negro blood to pay for a dead girl. Despite more than one hundred years of Jewish propaganda flat out lying to the public by misrepresenting the truth, with books, dramatized works, and treatments like the Jewish fictionalized docudrama, People vs Leo Frank, 2009, the Jewish propaganda miniseries, Murder of Mary Phagan, 1987, and the Jewish Broadway musical, Parade, which all paint the picture of the Leo Frank trial and lynching to be a vast anti-Jewish conspiracy and the ultimate bamboozling of the entire United States Legal System by a semi-literate bumbling Negro janitor named Jim Conley.

For Southerners and the elite men who carried out the judge and jurys collective thirteen-man unanimous verdict guilty as charged, with no recommendation of mercy, signed and delivered properly fulfilled, the lynching was a painfully somber and terribly depressing event that reminded the party of fathers of an unchangeable truth about the unnecessary and tragic loss of a child. Its irreversible.

The lynching of Leo Max Frank was no Jewsmedia booger-eating hillbilly affair by a mob of drunken revelers and redneck yahoos whipped up on a moments notice into an alcohol-fueled frenzy of outrage and revenge. It was, instead, an extrajudicial execution done with the slow careful planning and cold calculating bureaucratic manners of the most powerful, educated, and prominent men in the State of Georgia.

At 7:10 a.m. on August 17, 1915, Leo Frank was hoisted onto a small table by four men, two on either side of him to ensure he was steady. One of the lynchers, a former state judge, read aloud a statement for all the lynch party members present to hear.

First, the judge read the verdict of the jury, originally delivered on August 25, 1913, which included no recommendation of mercy, and then he read the death sentence prescribing hanging ordered by the Judge Leonard Strickland Roan (deceased), which was originally delivered August 26, 1913. Finally, he read the short and abridged versions of the decisions from the higher appeals courts (1913 to 1915).

Because many of the lynchers were fathers with young sons and daughters, even with the lynching of Leo Frank fulfilled to serve the verdict and death sentence sustained by the entire United States Legal System, they knew with Leos flawless execution, Mary Phagan could never be brought back, a little girl lost in the spring of her life. There was something very unsatisfying about the whole event, despite the perceived illusion of legitimacy.

Leo Frank and Racial Awakening to the Jewish Question

For many people, black and white alike, the Leo Frank case was a powerful racial awakening about the fanatical tribalism historically and genetically innate in Jews, because the lynching wasnt actually about bigotry, prejudice, media frenzies, or anti-Semitism. Those pejoratives were then and are today false accusations. The slanders come from members of the cultural terrorist religion of Judaism, the historical enemies of Gentile Western Civilization, forever living dysfunctionally and antagonistically within Gentile nations, and doing so in a parasite-host or virus-host paradigm.

For those who identify with being racially awake European-Americans, Christians, or Southerners, the lynching was really about delivering justice to a frustrated and violent sexual predator, a man whose wealthy and powerful tribal and racial kinsmen enabled him to nearly escape the verdict of the judge, jury, and majority decisions of every level of the United States Legal System.

Rosser, Brandon, Slaton, and Phillips

Always conveniently omitted by Leo Frank partisans is the fact Governor John M. Slaton was part owner of the law firm providing Frank a legal defense dream team. Also conveniently omitted, Slaton commuted his own law clients death sentence to life in prison. The commutation made many people who were never anti-Semitic think differently about Jews when they discovered how much money was raised nationally by Jews in defense of Leo Frank. That Jews would pay a governor to commute the death sentence of a child rapist revealed how much innate hate Jews had for non-Jews. Never in the history of the human race has any group of people invested more time, money, and energy in trying to free a man who pounded in the face of a little thirteen-year-old girl with his fists, before savagely raping and strangling her.

For many other people who considered Jews to be white, it was an awakening that perhaps Jews are different and not really white, even though they look white. It revealed to others that Jews are the most tribal, ethnocentric, and racially conscious group of people in the world, even to the extreme of defending a child rapist and convicted murderer who essentially made an incriminating statement at his own trial on August 18, 1913 (see the Leo Frank Murder Incriminating Statement, August 18, 1913).

For anti-Semites, the former Governor John M. Slaton was a man who sold out the people of Georgia and the Constitution of the United States of America for thirty shekels of Jewish silver.

What REALLY Happened on Confederate Memorial Day within the National Pencil Company at 12:02 p.m., Saturday, April 26, 1913?

In the shuttered and virtually empty National Pencil Factory on Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday, April 26, 1913, Mary Phagan tripped into the building lobby on the ground floor at noon and climbed the fourteen-foot stairway that had a platform part of the way up, and upon her arrival on the second floor, she walked toward the inner office of Leo Frank. She called out to collect her pay and asked Leo if the Metal had arrived yet. Marys question was referring to the brass that came in sheets that were processed into small eraser holders, which were wrapped around and partially hanging off the ends of individual final production pencils, before she inserted erasers into their empty casing using her knurling machine. She had toiled upon this machine for nearly eleven hours a day for the last thirteen months prior to her murder.

Even though Leo Frank knew the answer was, No, not yet, to the question Mary Phagan had posed to him, he instead tricked and inveigled her, immediately coaxing her to go with him to the metal room by saying, I dont know, (Harry Scott, BOE, August, 1913), to see if Mary would have her job back on Monday morning, April 28, 1913.

In the Metal Room

Using the little thirteen-year-old Irish girls job as a species of sexual coercion, there inside the metal room, the two of them completely alone, with the metal room door securely locked behind them, Leo Frank tested Mary as he had more girls than we will ever know. Leo Frank made his aggressive sexual advance unmistakeable, but this time it was unlike his more cautious lascivious pedophile pestering reported by nineteen fellow preteen and teenaged girl NPCo employees at the July 28 to August 26, 1913, murder trial.

Scorned, Frustrated, and Spurned

Now securely entrapped in the metal room at 12:03 p.m. on April 26, 1913, the thirteen-year-old Mary Phagan flat out refused for the final time the sexual propositions of the creepy bug-eyed bespectacled Jewish whoremonger with urine-brown stained teeth, telling him to take his filthy hands off her, but this time there was nowhere to run or hide from the spurned and embittered superintendent in the locked metal room. It was rape with no escape.

The little thirteen-year-old girl who had spurned the sexual advances of her boss for so long was about to get a little lesson from an infatuated, resentful, unsated, and frustrated little man who had grown tired of the little girls rejection.

A Heart-Pounding Moment of Terror

The situation took a wrong turn in these heart-pounding moments because the 411 and 120 lbs. Mary Phagan (Kean, 1987) was trapped (Brief of Evidence, Bolt Lock, States Exhibit A, 1913). Leo Frank, at 58 (Leo Frank passport application, 1908) nearly nine inches taller than her and 150 lbs. of solid lean muscle from years of college tennis and basketball (Cornell Yearbooks, 1902 to 1906), could now have his way with her and turn her out in that tantalizingly violent, ancient, and brutal way millions of young boys and girls of every race, religion, and creed throughout human history, in every corner of the world, have been so disturbingly turned out with such extreme cruelty. This scene was perhaps not necessarily so uncommon in early 20th century Atlanta as one is naturally repulsed to think. Many Jewish and Gentile Southern historians noted the brothels were often filled with former mill and factory girls not all of them voluntarily. Sometimes it required a little violence.

Detailed historical descriptions of the process of how white slavers converted young white girls into prostitutes had somewhat similar descriptions over the centuries. A girl was typically locked in a room, beaten unmercifully, and gang raped turned out. The rest was easy after that: lock her in a room while paying clients took their turns one after the other using the girl. After such a rough start for many of these girls, turning tricks became a normal way for these girls to make money, though most became STD infected and lived short lives due to the lifestyle of whiskey, drugs, cigarettes, and medical complications. It is nearly impossible for us in a civilized country as the United States to fathom such cruelty that went on in every major city of our nations past. However, this kind of sexual violence still goes on unabated to this day in second and third world countries.

Cherished Southern State Holiday

On that old Southern Confederate Memorial Day, April 26, 1913, given the implications of what happened in the metal room, the most extreme measures would be taken to ensure Mary Phagan could tell no one, for obvious reasons. Leo Frank was a high-profile member of the Jewish community, married into a prominent family, Bnai Brith president since 1912, and general superintendent of the NPCo from 1908 to 1913 with more than one hundred employees. When all things are considered, he really had no choice but to kill her, given the scandal and embarrassment if she lived to tell her parents and police what had happened to her, not to mention the fact that violent rapists were usually castrated with rusty farm tools without using anesthesia before they were lynched, followed by being riddled with bullets before being cut down and burned on a makeshift campfire. There was no mistaking these suppositions in a time when white men were fearless about exacting just punishment for violent pedophile murderers, not like the bitchass feminine coward white men today asexualized by a relentless civilization-murdering Jewsmedia run by the racially conscious members of the cultural terrorist ethno-religion of Judaism.

Saturday, April 26, 1913, 12:03 p.m., Leo Frank Exploded in a Flash of Anger inside the Metal Room

Frustrated by her countless rejections and in a sexually savage and grisly release, like a bucket of rocks falling from the sky, Leo Franks fists delivered a most cruelly violent and sadistic face pounding, slamming the back of little Mary Phagans head against the handle of the bench lathe, entangling it with a bloody tress of Phagans hair, which Robert P. Barret found the following Monday morning on April 28, 1913, and described at the coroners inquest (Coroners Inquest, May, 1913).

After Frank pounded Phagans eye black and blue and slammed her against the lathe handle, she fell unconscious on the floor. Leo Frank yanked up her dress, ripped open her underwear to the seam, delivered an especially degrading and sadistic rape, followed by a fist flexing garoting, as Leo Frank suffocated Mary Phagan. At the same time, Leo Frank reached his own psychosexual religious exultation and epiphany without ejaculating.

It wasnt enough what Leo Frank had done to her; the soul-disfiguring moment was that after having his personal pet Negro Jim Conley dump her out of the elevator in the basement, Leo Frank ordered the Step-and-Fetch-it (gone with the wind) to drag her from the entry of the basement elevator shaft all the way to the cellar furnace in the rear of the factory with the intimation of cremating her in the oven and destroying the evidence. The Pet Negro Jim Conley refused to stuff her in the oven chamber after he dragged her in front of it. Police later noted it would have been a difficult fit.

Leo Franks Orders, Defile the Corpse Beyond Recognition

At the behest of Leo M. Frank, Mary Phagan was dragged by her arms, face down, across the hard dirt floor of the basement from the elevator shaft to the cellar oven staging area 150 feet away. Her face was grated over the hard dirt floor and cinders, yet defense and prosecution doctors noted NO BLOOD came from the cuts, gashes, and slashes on her face from the dragging, proving she likely did not die in the basement. After dumping Phagan on a sawdust mound, Jim Conley reverently crossed her hands over her breast. It was another behavior clue that modern criminologists would describe as indicating Jim Conley likely did not kill the girl.

Forensic Evidence Reviewed One Hundred Years Later

Dragging Mary Phagans 411 and 120 lbs. body by the arms face down caused her once pretty face to grate over the hard dirt floor. It thus led her dead face to be pocked, cut, and scratched from the hard cinders, and because the scratches on her face didnt bleed, the physicians who gave Mary Phagan an autopsy believed she had been killed earlier and likely on a different floor. The fact her face did not bleed at all from the dragging scratches became part of the indisputable evidence she was likely not killed in the basement. This forensic evidence went hand in hand with the evidence the police discovered when they first went down to the basement April 27, 1913, and noticed drag marks starting from the entry of the basement elevator doorway. Without Jim Conley knowing about the evidence of the drag marks, his final affidavit corroborated what the police already knew.

The Ultimate Plot Within Plot Thickens

Once Leo Max Frank and his roustabout Jim Conley were back up in Leo Franks second-floor office lighting sulfur matches, smoking fags, and ruminating, Leo Frank formulated one of the most outrageously botched intrigues in history, with Jim Conley attempting to scapegoat the bludgeoning, rape, and strangulation of Mary Phagan on an innocent and honest dark old Negro, the night watchman (night witch) named Newt Lee. An old night watchman security guard who had yet to arrive at the factory, but was due there at 4:00 p.m., instead of his usual 5:00 p.m.

One allegation by the factory sweeper Jim Conley is during their late noon conversation after the body of Mary Phagan was dumped in the basement and before Leo Frank left the factory at 1:20 p.m. for dinner (lunch), Leo Frank looked up at the ceiling and said to Jim Conley, Why should I hang? I know wealthy people in Brooklyn.

The Scapegoat: Newt Lee

Thus Leo Frank plotted to get the hard-working night security guard, the innocent Negro Newt Lee indicted, convicted, and lynched, after Frank himself had bludgeoned, raped, and strangled the little girl to brain-damaged death. It was a most shocking fabrication of evidence formulated by Leo Frank to draw suspicion on Lee. It would require murder notes written in someones handwriting other than himself. Leo knew Jim Conley could write, and Leo would ask him to affirm what he already knew, You can write, Jim.

For anti-Semites, the Plot was another case of a Jew committing a crime and trying to blame it on the Goyim. The pattern reminds Christians of the Jews plotting to blame their instigated crucifixion of the Jewish rebel named Jesus Christ on the Romans.

How Low Can You Go? Death Row

Only the best Hollywood writers high on crack, LSD, meth, schrooms, and the finest eugenically bred California Kush could dream up a murder case as twisted, bizarre, perverted, far out, wacky, freaky, creepy, and unusual as this one, especially given the principle, a clean cut Ivy League educated Jew from Brooklyn serving as Bnai Brith president and superintendent of a very successful manufacturing plant, the National Pencil Factory. Many people simply cannot believe Leo Frank would murder because he was clean cut and well educated.

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