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Straight or natural: The best hair products for curly hair – Edmonton Journal

Posted By on February 19, 2021

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Aveda is a 100 per cent vegan answer to many hair problems

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Im an Ashkenazi Jew with the curls to prove it. When I go to the salon, I get booked for a double-lengthed appointment as my locks dont play nicely. Over many years, my hairdresser and I have experimented to find the best product/regimen for my loud and proud curls. And the answer is, Aveda.

Before going into specific products Ive been taught to use, lets explore Aveda. I had no idea about the rich history of the founder, company and products. Ive only associated Aveda with spa-smelling stores and pricey (worth the investment) products.

Horst Rechelbacher is the founder of Aveda.

Rechelbacher was born in Austria. He started working at a salon when he was 14. By 17, he was a stylist at a prestigious salon in Rome. By 20, he won the European Hairstyling Championship and used this recognition as a catalyst to head to the American market.

Still in his 20s, Rechelbacher opened his own salon, Horst & Friends. Before he was even 30, he experienced burnout. His mother, who was a herbalist, treated his condition using natural remedies. He also started a meditation and yoga practice.

Rechelbacher went to a retreat in India and was introduced to Ayurveda, an alternative Indian medicine practice. He integrated Ayurveda into his lifestyle and business, including the belief that individual beauty is directly linked to the beauty of the world around us.

In India, Rechelbacher met Shiv Nath Tandon with whom he developed his first Clove Shampoo. This collaboration, along with doctors in Ayurveda, led to the founding of Aveda in 1978.

Aveda develops products with the whole person in mind, as this leads to greater balance and well-being. They consider the effects of their products on the mind, body and emotions, not just the skin or hair.

I mean, Im just one user of their products, but mission successful. My mind, body, soul and hair feel taken care of when I use their products.

I have thick curly (like a very unruly wave with some ringlets) hair, but my best friend who lives by these products has stop-her-in-her-tracks stunning ringlets. Both she and my hairdresser have trained me to use two products for my hair, be curly style-prep and be curly curl enhancer.

This is a terrible photo of my hair (the brunette below) but look at my best friends perfected locks.

This is a must-have. Its the pre-style foundation that detangles, moisturizes and defines curls by sealing the cuticles. Whether Im wearing my hair curly or straight, this product is my foundation as it tames the frizz. You just need a small amount of this product.

The product uses a wheat protein and organic aloe blend. It expands when applied to wet hair and retracts when the hair dries, leaving a defined curl or wave. Two of its ingredients are organic baobab and babassu oil which help seal, soften and moisturize hair.

This product gives me a headstart when I straighten my hair, as Im dealing with already tamed tresses. I also like to believe that Im burning some of the product off and not directly putting 450 degrees of heat on my hair.

When I know Im going to straighten my hair, I let it dry in a low and tight French braid. This way the hair that is closest to my scalp doesnt have a chance to curl too much and Im more successful with the straightening iron.

When Im in the Caribbean, my hair dries like a dream without any product. When Im in Canada, if my hair dries without product, my similarity to Medusa (visually ) is uncanny.

Avedas curl enhancer makes a mess make sense. I use a much larger dollop of this product as its responsible for adding more definition to my curls/waves and much-needed shine.

Aveda recommends twisting large sections of hair into tight coils and securing the ends to your scalp using large butterfly clips. They recommend covering your head with a fine hair net to avoid flyaways and frizz and then blow-dry on high heat with a diffuser. I put a bunch of the product in from scalp to roots and let the air do its thing.

I look forward to trying more Aveda products, as it does wonders for my hair (and well-being the products smell oh so good).

If youre curious, Rechelbacher wrote about his holistic approach to beauty and health in his guide called, Aveda Rituals: A Daily Guide to Natural Beauty and Health.

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Straight or natural: The best hair products for curly hair - Edmonton Journal

Children are increasingly the casualties of COVID – Ynetnews

Posted By on February 19, 2021

Sarit Sapir was a 16-year-old high school student, basketball player and healthy, happy young person.

And then three days before a family wedding in September last year, Sarit told her mother she was not feeling well. Her mother immediately took her to the doctor to be tested for COVID-19.

The doctor told her there was no need for a test as Sarit had no coronavirus symptoms, and the family went to the wedding with 100 or so other people.


16-year-old Sarit Sapir is still suffering from the after-effects of COVID

(Photo: Jonathan Blum)

But Sarit was infected with the virus. She then infected her mother and sent dozens of wedding guests into quarantine.

"It was terrible," Sarit's mother says.

"We were both sick in bed but in separate rooms because our symptoms were different and the doctor was worried that we had different variants of COVID-19, so he insisted we remain apart. We spent the Jewish New Year on the phone to each other," she says.

Sarit was in bed for a month because her symptoms persisted. Even after she was cleared to emerge from quarantine, she found it hard to return to school; she was weak and breathless.

"I'm an athlete," Sarit says. "I'm used to two-hour training sessions. But when I tried to go for a run I nearly fainted."


Elementary school children wear masks in class in Givatayim

(Photo: Amit Huber)

After finding her daughter practically passing out one day with dizziness and shortness of breath, Sarit's mother took her to Schneider Children's Medical Center in Petah Tikva to be examined by physicians specializing in post-COVID symptoms in kids.

"They did multiple tests," her mother says. "They found she had a deficiency in vitamins and minerals and her lungs unable to oxidize properly. But at least we found we were not alone - there were many other kids with similar problems."

Sarit's health challenges persist to this day.

Health officials have warned coronavirus cabinet members of a surge in virus cases in children. Even Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed concern.

"The public does not understand," Netanyahu told ministers recently. "We will see many young people die. Mass contagion will cause serious illness and death to the younger population."

Health Ministry data shows that in November 2020, there were 400 cases of coronavirus in Israeli children under the age of two. By February 2021, that number had risen to 5,800. Reports coming out of other countries with high contagion rates point to the same phenomenon.


A teenager receiving the coronavirus vaccine in Givatayim, near Tel Aviv

"There is no doubt that the British variant of COVID-19 is 'partial' to children and the contagion rate among them is higher than we've seen with earlier variants," says Prof. Eli Somekh, head of pediatrics at the Mayanei Hayeshua Hospital in Bnei Brak.

Most hospitals have already opened dedicated pediatric COVID wards in response to the rising numbers of infected children. The Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem has also opened a dedicated pediatric intensive care unit.

The vast majority of the hundreds of thousands of children infected by the virus in recent months have suffered mild symptoms and recovered. But because so many children fell ill, the number of those suffering from post-COVID complications is on the rise.

In addition to the symptoms reported by adults who have recovered from the virus of shortness of breath, hair loss, brain fog, memory loss and fatigue, children who have had COVID have become increasingly ill from what has been temporarily named "a mysterious multi-systemic inflammatory syndrome."

There have already been dozens of reported cases in Israel, while in the UK nearly 100 children have been hospitalized so far.

Not much is known about this syndrome and it is believed to appear in only 1% of children who contact the virus. But as so many children have been infected by coronavirus, the number of those who have the syndrome is also on the rise.

The children with this syndrome present with a high and persistent fever, stomach pains and difficulty breathing. Some report dry and chapped lips, swollen glands and a rash.

These children require hospitalization and must often be placed on ventilators and medication for cardiac and blood system problems.


A child is tested for coronavirus in Jerusalem

(Photo: AP)

"We are now seeing more and more of these children," says Dr. Josef Benari, head of the pediatric ICU at Rambam Healthcare Campus in Haifa.

"They arrive at the hospitals every day. We have had 50 to 60 of these cases who were treated in intensive care units, while others who were not at risk of heart failure were cared for in regular pediatric wards," he says.

The first case of this kind in Israel was detected in April 2020, when two children were hospitalized at Rambam. One of them, an 11-year old girl quickly went into heart failure and had to be connected to an ECMO machine providing her with heart and lung support.

"There are patients under the age of seven in other hospitals," Benari says, warning that even babies have been found to suffer from the syndrome.

"This is a multi-system life-threatening inflammatory illness that we treat with steroids, though some studies suggest other medications. Happily, the prognosis is often good, and the children recover if the disease is diagnosed early," he says.


Dr. Joseph Benari, head of Pediatric Intensive Care at the Rambam Healthcare Campus in Haifa

(Photo: Gil Nehushtan)

There are currently 50 children being treated for what is now called long-COVID at the Sneider's children hospital after a rise in numbers identified during the third wave of the virus.

"We have children waiting for months to be treated here," says Dr. Liat Ashkenazi-Hoffnung, who heads the outpatients department at Schneider.

"We still understand very little about this phenomenon and are in the early stages of studying it. It is the only virus we know that causes such a reaction in children and I hope we will know more in the coming months," she says.

"There is no doubt that this illness affects the neurological and blood systems," says Ashkenazi-Hoffnung. "Many of the children arrive for treatment after suffering from symptoms for months."


A pediatric coronavirus ward at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem

(Photo: Hadassah)

Most of the children develop the syndrome up to eight weeks after recovering from COVID, but Ashkenazi-Hoffnung recommends that families wait at least six weeks before seeking further treatment, to ensure that symptoms are not related to an active virus and would subside after recovery.

"We have limited tools to cure the children," she says. "We give them inhalers to help their breathing, anti-inflammatory medication or iron supplements."

The most important thing, Ashkenazi-Hoffnung says, is to reassure children that they have a genuine medical issue and are not alone.

"We have to tell the children this is not all in their heads. We tell them other children who are as smart and talented as they are suffering from the same thing too."

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Children are increasingly the casualties of COVID - Ynetnews

Action urged over Bristol academic who called to ‘end Zionism as an ideology’ – Jewish News

Posted By on February 19, 2021

Jewish students have demanded action from Bristol University after one of its professors called for an end to Zionism and attacked the universitys Jewish Society.

Sociology professor David Millers remarks are the latest in a string of incidents which have seen formal complaints by Jewish community groups and students lodged with the university.

Speaking at a Building the Campaign for Free Speech rally online at the weekend, Miller labelled Zionism the enemy.

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The enemy that we face here is Zionism, and the imperial policies of the Israeli state, he said.

[There] is an onslaught by the Israeli government on the left globally. He also claimed there was an attempt by the Israeli government to impose their will all over the world.

Its a question of how do we defeat the ideology of Zionism in practice? he added. How do we make sure Zionism has ended essentially? The aim of this is to end Zionism as a functioning ideology of the world.

The universitys Jewish Society say their members have now been abused after being singled out as part of the UJS which is a direct member of the World Zionist Organisation.

For a member of staff to abuse his position and launch a personal attack on our JSoc President is unjustifiable, said the society. Prof. Millers words led to our President being targeted for abuse online.

We will not sit by in silence and allow this hatred to be spread by representatives of our university towards Jewish students.

The Union of Jewish Students has condemned the university for two years of inaction over Professor Miller, saying it was another example of students being targeted for for their imagined part of his global Zionist conspiracy fantasy.

This is not the first time that this has happened and until appropriate action is taken, sadly, we believe, it will not be the last, said a UJS spokesperson.

How many more times must Jewish students be made to feel unsafe and uncomfortable within their own university community?

Sabrina Miller, a student at the University, told Jewish News that the universitys bureaucratic response to complaints was the most draining thing.

David Miller

A good first start would be for the university to communicate with the wider Jewish body about the complaint, she said. For them to have a level of transparency and updates about the complaint and a recognition that they need to take it seriously.

Professor Miller was suspended by the Labour Party after claiming leader Sir Keir Starmer took money from the Zionist movement.

He later quit the party, alleging targeted harassment.

A Bristol spokesman said university officials would now meet with the Jewish Society over the comments, which have caused upset.

We would urge anyone who feels that they have been discriminated against or subject to hate speech or harassment, to contact our support services so we can offer appropriate help and support, he said.

Miller told Jewish News he believed there is a censorship campaign by a foreign regime targeting Britains universities, political parties and public institutions to shut down criticism of it. He also denied singling out the Jewish Society.

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Action urged over Bristol academic who called to 'end Zionism as an ideology' - Jewish News

Anti-Semitism accusations used in attempt to prevent Ken Loach speaking at Oxford University – WSWS

Posted By on February 19, 2021

The attempt to prevent the globally respected veteran British film director Ken Loach from speaking at Oxford University on charges of anti-Semitism is a filthy slander campaign.

The witch-hunt is being scaled up against any left comment or criticism of Israeli war crimes, with the aim of curtailing free speech and democratic rights. Although the event went ahead, it presages future restrictions.

The 84-year-old director had been invited to discuss aspects of his career at a virtual event organised by St Peters College, where he studied, and The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH). Such recognition of an eminent director is hardly unexpected, but the universitys Jewish Society (JSoc) and the Board of Deputies (BoD) of British Jews immediately called for the event to be cancelled. JSoc President Samuel Benjamin said the event was deeply disappointing, and organised at the expense of the welfare of Jewish students in Oxford. JSoc called continuing with the event a decision which we condemn.

BoD President Marie van der Zyl argued against the university giving Loach any platform. She called it entirely unacceptable that an Oxford college would not conduct its due diligence and allow Ken Loach to address students This event should not take place.

The charges of anti-Semitism against Loach are both long discredited and made in bad faith. The demands for cancellation centred on the International Holocaust Remembrance Association (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism. The definition and listed examples, which largely focus on Israel, provide a pretext for condemning principled opposition to the Israeli state, its criminal oppression of the Palestinians and the nationalist ideology of Zionism.

The insistence that Zionism is the legitimate and indeed unchallengeable political voice of the Jewish people, and the claim that anti-Zionism is anti-Jewish and most often a form of left anti-Semitism, became the basis of a witch-hunt of supporters of Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Party by the Blairite right. Loach was vocal against that witch-hunt. In 2018, he called for the deselection of Labour MPs who had joined Conservatives and Unionists at an anti-Corbyn rally organised by the BoD.

Oxford, like most British universities, did not initially adopt the IHRA definition. Last October, however, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson threatened institutions with regulatory action, possibly including suspending funding streams, unless they adopted it. Oxford fell in line in December.

Loach, wrote JSoc, had on numerous occasions made remarks that are antisemitic under the IHRA definition.

A letter from the campaign group Artists for Palestine, protesting the McCarthyite campaign against the director, was signed by dozens of artists, including Mike Leigh, Roger Waters, Mark Rylance, Samuel West, and Ahdaf Soueif. They wrote, If any further evidence were needed to demonstrate how a vaguely worded definition is being deployed to silence critics of Israeli policy towards Palestiniansthen this is it.

The St Peters student body, the Junior Common Room (JCR), passed a motion accusing Loach of a history of blatant anti-Semitism, describing him as a known apologist for anti-Semitism. They called on students to boycott this event by a noted anti-Semite. Other JCRs have since followed suit.

Professor Judith Buchanan, master of the college, said the events organisers had not foreseen controversy. Despite a protestation that Neither St Peters College nor TORCH nor the university believes that no-platforming is the way to pursue goals of a free and open academic community, she apologised in an email to Jewish students for having caused hurt [and] made mistakes. She was reported to have said she was truly sorry for allowing Loach to speak at the event.

Van der Zyl outlined the political thrust. Higher education institutions have a duty of care to their students, which must include a zero tolerance policy to antisemitism and those who minimise or deny it.

This is the crux. Every attempt to outline Loachs anti-Semitism under the IHRA definition demonstrates that his alleged offence is criticism of Zionism. Each one points primarily to his involvement with Jim Allens play Perdition in 1987.

The play, which owed much to the trial of Dr Rudolf Kastner in Israel in 1953, explored the extent to which Zionism, as a nationalist tendency, found accommodations with fascism as a means towards building an Israeli state in Palestine. The Royal Court asked advice of prominent pro-Zionist academics eager to denounce the play as historically inaccurate, leading artistic director Max Stafford-Clark to withdraw his support. Loach asked why he had spoken only to Zionist historians and activists about a play to which they were politically hostile?

online meeting: Saturday, February 20, 2pm GMT

No to the reopening of unsafe schools! For a European-wide political strike!

The socialist Allen, for daring to attack Zionism, was also denounced as anti-Semitic. Facing threats to the theatres funding, Stafford-Clark withdrew the play 48 hours before opening. It was 12 years before it was performed.

Perdition has been universally mentioned as the source of anti-Semitism charges against Loach. The right-wing Daily Telegraph devoted a whole piece to attacking the play following the St Peters event.

In 1987, Loach had pleaded for an opportunity to stage at least a reading of the play to disprove the allegations. As we noted in 1999, the play is quite explicit on the difference between Zionism and Judaism, anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, and bristles with the agonies of the Holocaust, agonies which some of the plays wilder critics in 1987 would have had one believe Allen was denying.

And not just then. Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard, ostensibly defending Loachs right to free speech, casually described Perdition as notoriously anti-Semitic. Actress Tracy-Anne Oberman said it was a horrible play that uses truly horrible racist language above and beyond whats acceptable to make a political point.

Oberman, who was prominent in the anti-Corbyn witch-hunt, was most explicit about the real reasons for the hostility to Perdition . The play was written as a political weapon, she said. When you look at that period of history and say there was a collaboration between Zionist Jews to kill their own people in order to establish the state of Israel you are attempting to delegitimise the state of Israel.

Even Perdition s critics struggle to make such charges stick. The Jewish Chronicle admits that it accused some Zionists of collaborating with the Nazis (emphasis added)not all, as is implied.

In a letter predating the IHRA definition, Loach noted that the charge of anti-Semitism is the time-honoured way to deflect anti-Zionist arguments. He has commented that the latest false accusations against him are recycled on the basis of persistent misrepresentation and distortion. As he has noted before, The taint of anti-Semitism is toxic To portray myself as anti-Semitic simply because I add my voice to those who denounce the plight of the Palestinians is grotesque.

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Anti-Semitism accusations used in attempt to prevent Ken Loach speaking at Oxford University - WSWS

Attack on the Synagogue in Spokane and the rise of Anti-Semitism – Bulletin

Posted By on February 19, 2021

On Feb. 8, Temple Beth Shalom in Spokane was desecrated. Swastikas and a white supremacist symbol were spray painted in red on the Temple and the Holocaust memorial. Once again, Jewish people were the targets of a hate crime.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, anti-Semitism is defined as the belief or behavior hostile toward Jews just because they are Jewish. This has been manifested through stereotyped views, religious teachings that declare Jews as inferior and political efforts to isolate, oppress or injure Jews.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, released its annual Report on Hate Crimes stating that in 2019, 60.3% of religious-based offenses were against Jewish Americans. According to this document, the percentage of religious-biased offenses against Jewish Americans never sank below 51% over the 23-year period. The average was 75%.

The Holocaust was not the beginning of anti-Semitism. Hostility toward Jews dates to the beginning of Jewish history, with some calling it the oldest form of hate. Jewish history is a tale of exile, persecution, assimilation and genocide.

As Holocaust education is not a requirement in the United States, many children are raised with a misunderstanding of Jewish history. Holocaust denial and other re-tellings of history like the false claim that Jews controlled the banks push anti-Semitic beliefs onto children from a young age.

Moreover, Jewish stereotypes have run rampant throughout history and have permeated mainstream culture. In the media, Jews have only been represented in one of three ways: the overbearing Jewish mother, the frugal Jew and the Jewish-American princess.

Even today, Jewish representation in the media is inadequate. Its easy to point out which character is Jewish, as they are typically portrayed with a big nose, and as wealthy, stingy and /or neurotic. An example of this is the sitcom New Girl, where the majority of jokes directed at Schmidt, one of the shows main characters, revolve around his Jewish appearance.

Its not hard to have a sitcom starring Jewish characters without ridiculing Jewish faith and culture. Seinfeld is considered to be the most Jewish sitcom, yet it has very few obvious references to actual Jewish practices. Similarly, three of the six main characters in Friends are Jewish, but their characters personalities dont revolve around Judaism.

Recently, anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism have been increasingly interconnected with one another. You can be anti-Zionist without being anti-Semitic at the same time. Criticizing Israel does not make someone anti-Semitic, but their intent and manner in delivering the message can say otherwise.

When discussing Zionism, there are ways to determine whether it is anti-Zionism or anti-Semitism. Specifically targeting Israel while ignoring worse actions by other countries, likening Israel to Nazi Germany, and attacking Israels existence rather than individual government policies are actions that are likened more to anti-Semitism than anti-Zionism.

White supremacists shouted Jews will not replace us! at the Unite the Right Rallies. At the recent riots at the Capitol, white supremacists wore shirts saying Camp Auschwitz, a reference to the deadliest concentration camp in the Holocaust. And still people claim anti-Semitism isnt an issue.

Anti-Semitism is inescapable even on Gonzagas campus. Statements from GUs administration exclude their Jewish students when addressing anti-Semitic hate crimes, choosing only to address the Spokane Jewish community.

With growing anti-Semitism in recent years, being Jewish is exhausting. It feels like every other day theres a new story about a synagogue vandalized with white supremacy symbols, haunting graffiti found on the streets and slurs being shouted as Jews try to go about their lives.

Having Jewish Bulldogs on campus has made dealing with that hate so much easier. Even if I cant attend a meeting, I know there is a safe space for me on campus to process the frustrations and fears that recent attacks have left. It is a space free of microaggressions and comments that are just a joke, a space that reminds me how special Judaism and Jewish culture is.

Hearing about an anti-Jewish hate crime is a knife through the heart every time. As Jews are increasingly targeted, it is disturbing and disheartening to hear people denying the effects of anti-Semitism. Now more than ever it is imperative that anti-Semitism is addressed and Jews are included in activism. Our safety depends on it.

Sydney Fluker is a staff writer. Follow her on Twitter at @sydneymfluker.

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Attack on the Synagogue in Spokane and the rise of Anti-Semitism - Bulletin

MPs tell Bristol it is giving ‘green light to anti-Jewish incitement’ – The Tab

Posted By on February 19, 2021

Professor David Miller has in our opinion been inciting hatred against Jewish students on your campus.

A group of MPs has slammed the University of Bristol today, saying in a letter to Vice Chancellor Hugh Brady: For every day that thisgoes unaddressed, you will be giving a green light to anti-Jewish incitement.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism wrote to Brady: Professor Miller brings public shame to your institution and his comments are dangerous, adding that they wrote to the university two years ago about Miller, but said: The lack of action since has been palpable.

The group is composed of MPs from all parties, including Labour, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, the SNP, and Plaid Cymru.

Miller has also been heavily criticised by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Bristol SU, the Union of Jewish Students, the Community Security Trust, Labour Against Antisemitism, Bristol staff, students, alumni, leading figures in the UK, among others.

Bristol University said in a statement today that it cannot unilaterally fire staff members due to employment law, but told The Bristol Tab: We do not endorse the comments made by Professor Miller about our Jewish students. We are proud of our students for their independence and individual contributions to the University and wider society.

MPs said in the letter that in their opinion, Miller has been inciting hatred against Jewish students on your campus, noting that he directly targeted students in his recent remarks.

On Thursday, Miller replied to a request for comment from The Bristol Tab, which the APPG described as including accusations of dual loyalty, conspiracy, subterfuge, dishonesty, racism and a global network with Israel pulling the strings, focussed on Bristol universitys Jewish student society.

They have requested an urgent meeting with VC Hugh Brady, adding that they want to make clear the cross-party consensus on the requirement for you to take appropriate action to address this disturbing behaviour.

Thangam Debonnaire, MP for Bristol West, also condemned Miller, telling The Bristol Tab:There is absolutely no place for antisemitism in our universities, our city or anywhere and it must be dealt with.

Ive spoken to members of the Jewish Society and others and Ill be meeting with University authorities as soon as possible to discuss the situation.

On Saturday, Miller launched an attack calling for the the end of Zionism as well as claiming Its fundamental to Zionism to encourage Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism too. He went on to criticise Jewish student groups, with Bristol JSoc targeted by Miller, leading to the president of Bristol JSoc being targeted for abuse online.

Millers recent comments come after two years of complaints made against the professor. He was widely condemned in 2019 when images emerged of presentation slides from his lectures claiming Zionist movements (parts of) as being one of the five pillars of Islamophobia.

He said in a statement to The Bristol Tab on Thursday that Zionism is a racist, violent, imperialist ideology premised on ethnic cleansing, endemically anti-Arab and Islamophobic ideology, and said It has no place in any society.

He claimed that the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) is obliged to silence critics of Zionism or the State of Israel on British campuses. He also said that the Bristol JSoc, alongside all Jewish Societies and the UJS, are engaged in a campaign of censorship which renders Arab and Muslim students, as well as anti-Zionist Jewish students, particularly unsafe.

Bristol JSoc and the UJS are organising an online rally on Wednesday to pressure the university into dealing with antisemitism on campus.

Featured image: Harrys Place / YouTube

Leading Jewish organisation slams Bristol Uni for continued employment of David Miller

Anti-Semitism is unacceptable: Bristol SU back JSoc after comments made by lecturer

Bristol Uni Law lecturer under fire from Islamic Society over Islamophobic remarks

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MPs tell Bristol it is giving 'green light to anti-Jewish incitement' - The Tab

Pressure mounts on Bristol Uni over academic accused of ‘antisemitic tropes’ – Jewish News

Posted By on February 19, 2021

Pressure is mounting on Bristol University to take action against a professor accused of using countless antisemitic tropes in a response to complaints made by the Jewish society.

Sociology lecturer David Miller has doubled down on remarks made earlier this week, when he called to end Zionism as a functioning ideology, branding it the enemy.

His comments are the latest in a string of incidents which have led to formal complaints by Jewish community groups and students lodged with the university.

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Acampaign was also launched to have him removed from his post, which has had more than 1,000 signatures.

Asked by student publication The Tab about his remarks, professor Miller again went on the offensive, branding Zionism a racist, violent, imperialist ideology premised on ethnic cleansing which has no place in any society.

He accused Bristol Jewish society (Jsoc) of operating under the auspices of the Union of Jewish Students (UJS), an Israel lobby group which is constitutionally bound to promoting Israel.

Miller claimed Jewish students run a campaign of censorship and that Bristol Jsoc have consistently attacked me with a campaign of manufactured hysteria for two years, attempting to have me sacked.


The campaign reached new heights of absurdity when a Zionist activist pretended to be a student in one of my classes for which she was not registered, expressly for the purpose of political surveillance. This is an age-old Israel lobby tactic imported from the US, where academics are routinely harassed for teaching about Zionism and its effects.

He claimed the campaign is directed by the State of Israel and that the Jewish state and its advocates deserve the same treatment.

His comments led to accusations of antisemitism by author and campaigner Dave Rich, who tweeted: Count the antisemitic tropes: dual loyalty, conspiracy, subterfuge, dishonesty, racism, a global network with Israel pulling the strings. Prof Miller isnt speaking about some mythical Elder of Zion but about and to actual Jewish students at his own Bristol University.

Mark Gardner, Chief Executive of the Community Security Trust said: Bristol Universitys disgrace gets worse by the day, in not taking action against Miller. They are failing in their most basic duty of care to all students, whether Jewish or not.

Thangam Debbonaire, MP for Bristol West told Jewish News:There is absolutely no place for antisemitism in our universities, our city or anywhere and it must be dealt with. Ive spoken to members of the Jewish Society and others and Ill be meeting with University authorities as soon as possible to discuss the situation.

A spokesperson for the Union of Jewish students branded his comments ridiculous and baseless.

On Tuesday Bristol University Student Union released a statement saying it is deeply concerned and will always support students who call for action against discrimination on our campus. Antisemitism is unacceptable.

It said: We are committed to upholding the IHRA definition of Antisemitism and will continue to combat discrimination on campus.

A spokesperson for the University of Bristol said: We have received a significant number of calls for Professor David Miller to be dismissed.

UK law requires that we, like all employers, act in accordance with our internal procedures and the ACAS code of conduct. Any action which we might take as an employer is a private matter. We are under obligations of confidentiality in relation to all of our students and staff, which we will continue to comply with.

We are speaking to JSoc, Bristol SU and UCU about how we can address students concerns swiftly, ensuring that we also protect the rights of our staff.

We do not endorse the comments made by Professor Miller about our Jewish students. We are proud of our students for their independence and individual contributions to the University and wider society.

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Pressure mounts on Bristol Uni over academic accused of 'antisemitic tropes' - Jewish News

The Charedi Rabbi Who Changed His Mind On Zionism: An Interview With Rabbi Moshe Lichtman – The Jewish Press –

Posted By on February 19, 2021

Last month marked the 76th yahrzeit of Rabbi Yissachar Shlomo Teichtal, author of Eim HaBanim Semeicha, who was murdered while being transported from Auschwitz to Mauthhausen.

To learn more about his life and the famous sefer he penned, The Jewish Press recently spoke with Rabbi Moshe Lichtman, who translated the work into English in 2002. Rabbi Lichtman is also the translator of An Angel Among Men and the author of Eretz Yisrael in the Parashah. Originally from New Jersey, he currently lives in Beit Shemesh, Israel.

The Jewish Press: For those who arent familiar with Rabbi Teichtal, what can you say about him?

Rabbi Lichtman: Rav Teichtal was a renowned gadol in Europe by the age of 24. In my opinion, if he were alive today, there would be no one close to him in Torah scholarship.

He was also a master darshan. I have given many shiurim based on his writings, and listeners are always spellbound. In his generation, he was on par with the Chofetz Chaim. He knew the entire Torah by heart.

Growing up in Hungary, the center of Satmar, he was influenced by the anti-Zionist opinions of the great rabbis around him, naturally adopting their negative outlook regarding the Zionist movement. But yntil the Holocaust, the issue did not concern him at all. He filled his time with learning and halachic writings.

What changed and led him to write Eim HaBanim Semeichah, which argues passionately for making aliyah, which he says will bring Moshiach?

In the Introduction to Eim HaBanim Semeichah, he writes: Now that we have encountered unwanted daysI am unable to delve into ordinary halachic matterssince such study requires clarity of mind. Moreover, the storms of exile which have assaulted us, have banished the students from my yeshiva. I remained alone, isolated with my thoughts over the present-day destruction of the people and communities of Israel. Why has the Lord done this? What is the meaning of this terrible anger?

How do you explain his dramatic turn-around from being a staunch anti-Zionist to an outspoken advocate for mass Aliyah?

I think that all of his life he simply accepted what he had been taught by his teachers. After he went into hiding in Bucharest as a wanted fugitive [from Czechoslovakia], he had time to ponder the question [of Zionism]. In the Introduction to Eim HaBanim Semeichah, he writes: Why has the Lord done this? What is the meaning of this terrible anger?

Having crossed the border illegally, he couldnt walk freely on the streets of the city. But without any books whatsoever, he reviewed the entire Torah with his extraordinary photographic memory and reached the conclusion:

The sole purpose of all the afflictions which smite us in our exile is to arouse us to return to our Holy Land. I intend to publicly express my opinion, to teach and advise our people, the Children of Israel, how to hasten the future Redemption, speedily in our days.

He mentions 15 times in the course of the book that he didnt have any sefarim with him and then goes on the quote the source exactly, or almost exactly not only it comes from the Torah, Tanach, Gemara, Rishonim, or Achronim, but from all the commentaries on them as well.

He writes: The purpose of this work is to raise our Land from the dust and stimulate love and affection for it in the hearts of our Jewish brethren. The essential point is that Hashem is waiting for us to take the initiative, to desire and long for the return to Eretz Yisrael. He does not want us to wait for Him to bring us there.

[W]hen we, on our own volition, truly and with all of our strength, desire and strive to return to the Land, then G-d will complete the work for us beneficially.

How was the book received?

We really dont know. From his own writings, we know that Rav Teichtal would venture out to secret meetings of Jews to give sermons about his great revelation, and to urge them to find ways to escape the coming doom.

With a heavy heart, he bemoans the fact that when he requested to speak at these underground meetings and prayer gatherings, he was told not to talk about Eretz Yisrael.

From what he writes in the books introduction, we can assume that few people heeded his impassioned warning and call: Those who have a predisposition on this matter will not see the truth and will not concede to our words. All the evidence in the world will not affect them, for they are smitten with blindness and their inner biases cause them to deny even things which are as clear as day.

Who amongst us is greater than the Spies? The Torah testifies that they were proper individuals. Nonetheless, since they were influenced by their desire for authority, and thus, they rejected the desirable Land and led others astray, causing this bitter exile, as Chazal explain. The same holds true in our times, even among rabbis, Rebbes, and chassidim.

In another place in Eim Habanim Semeicha, he writes, I know that the humble ones who separate themselves from the building effort do so for the sake of heaven. They fear that they and their children may be harmed by joining people whose ways have strayed from the path of the Torah.

Behold, we can say about such people that although their intentions are acceptable, their actions are not, for many reasons. All Jews must be united in order to fulfill the positive commandment of the Torah of building and settling the Land. Therefore, do as you are commanded!

Further, no harm will come to a Jew who participates in this great and exceedingly lofty mitzvah. On the contrary, if a large number of Orthodox Jews join in, they will enhance the sanctity of the Land, as I previously cited in the name of the holy Rebbe of Gur and the Ramban. Since we are commanded to build the Land and raise it from the dust, it is forbidden to be overly pious and undermine this endeavor, G-d forbid.

I heard that not all of Rav Teichtals family was happy when the book was republished in Israel in 1983.

I understand from the publisher, Rabbi Danny Cohen, that there was a family dispute on ideological lines. One of the rabbis sons belonged to the Lubavitch community in New York, and he didnt want the book to be published in Israel.

After the Holocaust, the book was published in Hebrew in America in a limited edition, which, I have heard, was bought out almost in its entirety by some religious group opposed to Zionism, which proceeded to burn all of the copies but I cannot vouch for the accuracy of that report.

In any event, one of the sons living in Israel, Menachem, felt less antagonistic toward Medinat Yisrael and asked the Rebbe of Chabad what to do. The Rebbe replied that Rav Teichtal was a tzaddik, not a Zionist in the pejorative use of the term, and that the book was a legitimate Torah study about Eretz Yisrael.

So the son gave his permission on the condition that a letter from him would be included at the beginning of the book, explaining that his father was not a Zionist, but rather wrote the treatise out of his great love for the Holy Land.

As in interesting side note, one of Rav Teichtals great-grandsons, a Chabad chassid, is the chief rabbi of Berlin, actively engaged in revitalizing the Jewish community of Germany. I cant help but wonder if he has ever studied his great-grandfathers book.

How did Rav Teichtal die?

When the Final Solution of the Nazis finally reached Hungary, Rav Teichtal tried to flee with his family back to Czechoslovakia, hoping the situation was better there. They were captured and sent to Auschwitz. Then, as the Russian armies drew close to the extermination camp, the Nazis transported the inmates deeper into Germany.

During the train ride to Mauthausen, guards threw crusty chunks of bread to their captives. When a Ukrainian prisoner grabbed a piece out of the hand of an old and starving Jew, Rav Teichtal protested. Others Jews warned him to mind his own business, but he demanded that the thief return the bread. A student, who was in the cattle car as well, says that Ukrainian prisoners and a Nazi guard beat Rabbi Teichtal to death.

Do you have any indication how readers of the English translation have reacted to it?

Baruch Hashem! The response has been fantastic. I have received many letters of thanks, including testimonials from people who made aliyah after having read the book. Rav Teichtals style is amazing in its combination of passion, Torah erudition, and unrelenting truth. His Torah greatness and honesty jump out from the pages.

I am certain that thousands of people have been inspired and awakened by the clearly-presented discussions and scholarly proofs in the book which emphasize the vital nature and centrality of Jewish Life in the Land of Israel.

In my opinion, with the world upheaval that corona has caused, and with ever-increasing anti-Semitism, the message of the book is just as real today. After reading Eim HaBanim Semeicha, you cannot return to being the same person unless your head is filled with denial and the need to guard yourself from the truth.

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The Charedi Rabbi Who Changed His Mind On Zionism: An Interview With Rabbi Moshe Lichtman - The Jewish Press -

I’m tired of waiting for my uni to act against conspiratorial hatred – Jewish News

Posted By on February 19, 2021

Professor David Miller has terrified Jewish students for years. Its time for the university to take action.

The last 24 hours has been a whirlwind for Jewish students at the University of Bristol (UOB). In a video released last week David Miller, a sociology Professor at the University of Bristol, called for an end of Zionism. His comments have shaken all Jews and Jewish allies at Bristol.

Since this video was released Miller has doubled down on his comments. In a statement sent to reporters at The Tab Bristol, Miller declared Zionism a racist, violent, imperialist ideology premised on ethnic cleansing. He suggested that Bristol JSoc had manufactured hysteria and our campaign again his had rendered Arab and Muslim students unsafe. He further claims our lobby tactics are directed by the State of Israel.

As a Jewish UOB student I am appalled and saddened by this. I can personally reassure David Miller that my complaints have not been manufactured by campus-based lobby groups. As cool as it would be to be a secret Israeli operative, I can assure Miller that myself and the rest of the JSoc committee are ordinary students and we are not on the payroll of Mossad. I spend most nights writing essays, watching Ru Pauls Drag Race and doodling. Exciting I know!

Two years ago Bristol JSoc launched a complaint against Miller after a Jewish student came forward and described their experiences in his classroom (on the condition of anonymity).

I was one of the only Jewish students in David Millers class. Honestly it was scary because he is a teacher so people believed the anti-Semitism he was spreading. I was scared because I am one voice and felt I couldnt stand up to him or tell him what he was saying was wrong.

In Millers Harms of the Powerfulmodule he claimed the Zionist movement (parts of) were pillars of islamophobia. He also attempted to link various British Jewish organisations to the state of Israel. As a Jewish student, this conspiratorial spiders web of arrows and organisationswas grimly reminiscent of antsemitic tropes where Jews are accused of having unique power and influence over political affairs.

Since then Miller has faced no repercussions for his comments. Jewish students have felt ignored and neglected by the University of Bristol. I have watched with frustration as the University has failed us time and time again. .

I am tired of waiting for the University to act. Instead of working on my dissertation like any normal third year I have spent the best part of this week dealing with racists because the University of Bristol is too slow to act.

I have decided to take a definitive stand against Miller. Yesterday I started a petition calling for his dismissal. Right now the petition has 1100+ signatures but it needs your help. The Jewish community is beautiful and resourceful. If the university refuses to take action and protect its students, then it is up to us Jews to make a stand. Please lend us your support and sign this petition.

Sabrina is a Jewish student at the University of Bristol, and the Opinion Editor of the Bristol student paper. She's previously been featured in The Telegraph, The Whip and TechRound

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I'm tired of waiting for my uni to act against conspiratorial hatred - Jewish News

LETTERS: Wise up, CA progressives; Hooray for Dr. Fauci; etc. – The Jewish News of Northern California

Posted By on February 19, 2021

Wise up, CA progressives

I agree with Oakland City Council member Dan Kalb that having two out of the five questions that the Progressive Delegates Network asked Democratic Party delegate candidates focus on Israel was overkill (California progressives get pushback on Zionism litmus test, Feb. 9).

Of the myriad issues that the party should be considering, attitudes toward Israel and Palestinians are far less important than indicated by the 40 percent represented in the questionnaire.

More critical, however, is the continued effort to conflate two separate issues, being pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian. It is time to move beyond thinking that to be pro-Palestinian one must, for example, also support the BDS movement and right of return. Palestinians must have a state of their own in the West Bank and Gaza, and Israel must accept its responsibility to end the conditions that Palestinians suffer each day.

However, BDS clearly has not been an effective advocacy tool, and right of return simply will never happen. There are better ways of building a just and lasting two-state peace in the Middle East. Creating a faulty litmus test for would-be Democratic delegates is counterproductive.

Personally, as a member of J Street, I advocate for meaningful measures to build support in the U.S. Congress for a pro-Palestinian as well as a pro-Israel foreign policy. I think that with the Democratic Party in Washington now in the leadership role, we can make real progress. We dont need the red-herring litmus test that the so-called Progressive Delegates Network was offering.

Jon KaufmanOakland

I grew up in the Bronx, in the Amalgamated Housing Cooperative, fairly close to the Stella Doro bakery (Why American Jews love Stella Doro cookies, Feb. 5 print edition).

When the wind was blowing in the right direction, you could smell the cookies baking. Stella Doro also had a restaurant in a building next to the bakery. Our family used to go there frequently for Sunday dinner. My mother often got lasagna, and I typically ordered the fried, breaded shrimp with spaghetti (for some unexplained reason, kosher did not come into play in restaurants).

This was gourmet heaven for an 8-year-old Bronx boy.

There were only two choices for dessert: spumoni or tortoni. But there was always a plate of cookies for the whole table. My mother would bring home the leftovers. As far as I know, you can still get Stella Doro Breakfast Treats and Swiss Fudge at Safeway.

Dr. Robert GolombBerkeley

The First Amendment is invariably cited to justify what is always termed legitimate criticism of Israel, no matter how untrue and/or hateful the verbiage may be.

However, even Bari Weiss and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, women of great intelligence and impeccable integrity, are incapable of presenting any legitimate criticism of Palestinians or Islam (Commonwealth Club event goes forward, despite CAIR criticism of anti-Muslim speakers, Feb. 12).

An impenetrable deflector shield of victimhood sanctity protects these entities.

Criticism of Palestinians or Islam is and apparently always will be anti-Muslim, racist and/or Islamophobic.

Julia LutchDavis

Kudos to Dr. Anthony Fauci for receiving a $1 million prize this week from Israels Dan David Foundation for his lifelong work in vaccine development (Fauci wins $1 million Israeli prize, Feb. 16).

In its statement, the foundation said he was receiving this award, among other reasons, for courageously defending science in the face of uninformed opposition during the challenging Covid crisis, a direct reference to his turbulent days under Trump as he tried to uphold the work of science, as opposed to the divisive politicking going on all around him.

In opposing anti-mask and anti-distancing in Trumps many unsafe gatherings over the last year, and therefore ostensibly sidelined, Fauci stood his ground against the anti-scientists as the U.S. continued to witness the highest death rates in the world.

Not only did he receive this prestigious award, but he is now once again fully recognized under the Biden government for the important work he continues to do on behalf of all of us.

Mazel tov, Dr. Fauci!

Yvonne BoxermanPalo Alto

I want to commend you on the addition of Gabe Stutman to your staff.

As someone who had been engaged as a journalist many years ago, I am most impressed by the quality of his reporting on controversial issues, his journalistic high standards and excellent writing style. He is a true professional in the best sense of the word.

Ruhama LipowWalnut Creek

For 70-plus years, Jews who believe in things like protecting the environment, health care for everybody, equality under the law, etc. have been able to call themselves progressives even when they turn their backs on Israels human rights violations against Palestinians (Progressive with some strings attached, Feb. 12).

But now, the times they are a-changin.

Now there are organizations like the Progressive Delegates Network that expect progressives to be consistent in their beliefs in order to win an endorsement.

Is it too much to ask of a candidate for public office that they support the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, freedom of speech in all matters and for everyone? And what about the rights of refugees to return to their homeland if they so choose? Is that also not a basic human right that all candidates should support, especially if they call themselves progressives?

There was not a single word about Israel or Palestine in the Progressive Delegates Networks questionnaire for (people seeking to become delegates for the California Democratic Party). There were only two general statements about protecting freedom of speech and the rights of refugees.

Organizations have the right to establish their own criteria for endorsement. If candidates dont agree with the criteria, they can seek endorsements elsewhere. That is their right.

Lois PearlmanGuerneville

The Torah teaches us that leaders are not perfect.

Noah saved the world but in his old age became a drunkard and debased himself. Jacob, also known as Israel, our namesake, deceived his father (that he was Esau) and tricked his uncle/employer Lavan out of his sheep (causing the lambs to be born speckled and spotted after making a deal to get the speckled and spotted ones).

Aaron was the first Kohen Gadol (high priest), but before that he fashioned the golden calf. Even Moses, in a fit of frustration during the 40 years in the desert, disobeyed Gods instruction and was forbidden to lead the Jews into Israel.

Yet, despite their flaws, all these forefathers remain eternally to be invoked and honored for their accomplishments.

The idea that the school board would strip school names honoring such accomplished leaders as Washington, Hamilton, Madison (my elementary school) and Lincoln shows a failure to understand the importance of true leadership (S.F. school board approves plan to rename 44 schools, including Feinstein and Sutro, Jan. 27).

It teaches a bad lesson to our kids and to the public and degrades the whole city.

Alan TitusSan Francisco

Politicians quoting the Old Testament has come back into fashion (Joe Bidens inauguration was replete with anxiety, and a lot of it was Jewish, Jan. 21).

The roots of American exceptionalism rhetoric began in Colonial times, when our Founding Fathers often spoke of our country as the American Zion and the 13 [sic] colonies as the tribes of Israel who were chosen by HaShem to be a light unto the world. That ended with the Civil War.

Some of the uptick in Old Testament quoting is a good sign, but some is dangerous in that it represents a mischaracterization of HaShem and Mosaic law as authoritarian and universal. The question is why now?

I think that American politicians across the spectrum turn to biblical authoritarianism to fill the void when there is little political consensus. Politicians argue that a cause or action is justified on moral grounds or a higher authority. It is a sign of a liberal democracy under stress. One road to fascism goes through biblical authoritarianism.

In other cases, citing a verse from the Old Testament can be viewed as a heartfelt expression of religious faith by our political leaders. I liked all the faith talk during the inauguration. I get a kick out of three former presidents wishing Joe Biden Godspeed on national TV.

I even gave our newly elected president the benefit of the doubt when he cited Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, a time to every purpose under Heaven, to signify that HaShem had a hand in his win.

Larry AbramsMonterey County

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LETTERS: Wise up, CA progressives; Hooray for Dr. Fauci; etc. - The Jewish News of Northern California

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